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Teachers Were Never Paid US$540 - Mthuli

Teachers Were Never Paid US$540 - Mthuli

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube says teachers were never paid US$540 salaries even under the Government of National Unity, and in fact, they received about US$275.

Addressing parliamentarians on Thursday last week, Ncube maintained that the Government has done a lot to improve the welfare of teachers and other civil servants. Said Ncube:

Coming to salaries, there is also a fallacy and we keep hearing a figure of US$540, but that is not correct because back then, the effective salary was in fact half of that. It was about US$275 and I can prove it.

Nurses have a similar slew of non-monetary benefits as well. Surely, we have really applied our minds and done a lot to support our hardworking civil servants.

I just wanted to debunk the thinking that we have not reached the kind of October 2018 levels of salary because even that figure is actually fallacious.

Teachers and other civil servants have over the past few years been pushing for the restoration of their pre-October 2018 US$540 salaries.

Meanwhile, on Friday the Government released ZWL$2.68 billion towards the payment of tuition fees for teachers’ children.

The money will cover fees for the first and second terms for 103 556 children of some 52 171 teachers from all the 10 provinces.

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