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Teachers To Be Paid Based On Experience, Qualifications

Teachers To Be Paid Based On Experience, Qualifications

The Government has started paying teachers’ salaries based on their seniority and qualifications, a cabinet minister has said.

Speaking during an interview with State media on Monday, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima said $160 million had been set aside for the exercise. Said Mavima:

The decompression of salaries was part of the package that was authorised by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa following engagements with unions.

I am not sure about the time frame but it appears that it may be backdated to about 2015.

Teachers will now be graded and paid according to seniority and those who have upgraded their qualifications over the past years will also be awarded.

I know that the Ministry of Finance has set aside $160 million for the exercise which will be effected immediately.

We are simply recognising the contribution that people are making to the public service as we cannot continue treating those who have assumed positions with the rest, they have to be differentiated.

I am sure the exercise may cost a little more than what has been allocated, but since Government is committed, I am sure additional resources will be availed for it to be effectively implemented.

The announcement comes after teachers and school heads downed tools when schools opened on 7 February citing incapacitation.

The educators were asking for the restoration of their pre-2018 US dollar salaries of up to US$540 per month.

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