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Teachers Stick To No-Contract No-Invigilation Principle As ZIMSEC Exams Start Monday

Teachers Stick To No-Contract No-Invigilation Principle As ZIMSEC Exams Start Monday

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has maintained its position that its members shall not invigilate in the ZIMSEC examinations if the government has not given them invigilation contracts.

The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) examinations are scheduled to start on Monday, the day teachers are meeting with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to discuss invigilation contracts. Said PTUZ on Sunday:

ZIMSEC exams start tomorrow, 29 Nov 2021. There is also a meeting between Unions and @MoPSEZim, and an invigilation allowance is one of 10+ issues to be discussed therein. Just so we are clear: our members will not invigilate as long as there is no invigilation contract offered.

On 19 November, PTUZ wrote to the Public Service Commission notifying the commission that its “members will no longer be able to invigilate examinations run by ZIMSEC and HEXCO.” Added the Union:

The no-contract no-invigilation principle has already kicked into action.

There is confusion as to who should be paying the allowances after ZIMSEC said teachers are paid by the Public Service Commission.

The Minister of Public Service, Professor Paul Mavhima was recently quoted as saying it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to create contracts between ZIMSEC and teachers in relation to invigilation.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has hinted that it will engage “anyone” to invigilate if teachers pull out.

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Saviour 5 months ago

Ma teachers makutibhowa imi, kana bada renyu risingabhadhare please try something hamuna kubatirwa pfuti kuti murambe muripo

Conquring. 5 months ago

Vana kutonyora varikutozonyora zve

Vakaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfunwa vakamusvora

Chapwititi 5 months ago

ZIMSEC,ngaite mushe,they must pay teachers invigillation allowances.Saka maexminations ngaasabhandarwa

Makaz 5 months ago

Iwe kut Zimsec ibhadhare mateacher hunge yakwidza registration fee yema exams ,and if they increase the fee you start complaining munonyatsodei nhai mazimbabweans??????

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