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Teachers Say They're "Ready To Listen To A Realistic Salary Offer"

Teachers Say They're

Teachers’ unions have said they’re ready to listen to a realistic salary offer by the government. A statement seen by Pindula News states that teachers are also planning to down tools if the government does not table any offer by the end of September 2022. Reads the statement dated 25 September 2022:

Dear Members

This note serves to inform you, as well as the Public Service Commission, and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, that members of FOZEU (ARTUZ, EUZ, PTUZ and PEUZ) will not be able to report for work from 26 September.

The latest offer by government to civil servants, a paltry $25 for the USD component only, is not enough to offset the herculian economic challenges facing our members. It is a known fact that our members were incapacitated before receiving their salaries, and remain incapacitated even after receiving the inconsequential salaries and the promised increment.

We are calling on government to treat our situation with urgency and call for a realistic, all-inclusive meeting before the end of this coming week. We are also ready to listen to a realistic offer for our pauperized members.

If government has not tabled a realistic offer by the end of this month, we will take more robust action.

Yours faithfully

ARTUZ – Robson Chere +263 775643192

EUZ – Tapedza Zhou +263 773612250

PEUZ – Wilson Makanyaire +263 773013406

PTUZ – Raymond Majongwe +263 782702836

Pindula News

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