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Teachers Resort To In-class Extra Lessons

Teachers Resort To In-class Extra Lessons

Some teachers who are reporting for duty in Manicaland’s public schools are reportedly charging US$1 per day for afternoon extra lessons that are being conducted in the classrooms.

Primary school teachers allegedly ask pupils to bring a dollar every day for afternoon in-class extra lessons when serious learning takes place.

In secondary schools, the teachers are reportedly providing extra lessons at home at an average weekly fee of US$2.50 per student in each subject.

The majority of teachers boycotted classes when schools opened for the 2022 second term on 7 February, demanding the restoration of their pre-October 2018 lessons when they were paid US$540 per month.

Speaking to The Manica Post, Acting Manicaland Provincial Education Director, Richard Gabaza said teachers’ attendance has improved across the province.

On the issue of extra lessons being conducted at schools, Gabaza said he was yet to receive formal reports. He said:

Generally, teacher attendance has greatly improved since the start of the week. We will continue monitoring the situation on the ground as we do not want the students to be disadvantaged.

We have not yet received reports of extra lessons being conducted by the teachers.

It is a cause for concern if indeed it is happening. We will get on the ground and investigate that.

It is unacceptable and once the culprits are caught, they will certainly face the music.

We strongly discourage overburdening our parents and guardians by making them pay extra money on top of what is charged by the school.

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disgruntled 7 months ago

tipeyi number yaGabaza anyone anayo

Tkt 7 months ago

Gabaza just shut up. Instead of pleading with the Gvt to pay enough salaries iwe busy kurwa neva rairidza vacho baba murimbgwa imi

7 months ago

MR NICE 7 months ago

Ndiko kuti vaite forex handiti hamudi kuvapa here

Variku maker

kezi 7 months ago

nyika yakanhokorwa tsoka why pple want to continue ne rtgs iroro radhakwa kudai i think elections must bring a big lesson to this unfair government

Malcolm X 7 months ago

Sad reality learning periods have now been cut to accomodate paying students in this second republic.

Manikiniki 7 months ago

Mthuli Ncube and accomplices, their children attend elite private schools locally or are receiving quality education outside the country, they do not care about the majority. Lets vote out these selfish Zanu pf people come elections. You Vote is your Voice. CCC.


zimbudzi 7 months ago

The people who not feeling pit for the teacher is the gvnt yet parents know who is wrong muroi wedu tese tomuziva asiwo muroi nyarawo padunhu hapana anohwina nenhema

Paivepo 7 months ago

zvirikuitika kwese taneta nazvo and for sure if you don't pay mwana haafundi.

Jenet J 7 months ago

@kezi Finishile

Yellow vote

sweet sixteen 7 months ago

$540 chete chete

sweet sixteen 7 months ago

$540 CCC

sweet sixteen 7 months ago

$540 .....

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