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Teachers Reject ZIMSEC Exams Invigilation Without Payment Of Allowances

Teachers Reject ZIMSEC Exams Invigilation Without Payment Of Allowances

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has written a letter to the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) expressing displeasure over the council’s stance on payment of invigilation allowances to teachers. ZIMSEC had notified the union that payment of teachers is the duty of the Public Service Commission. Pindula News presents PTUZ’s letter to ZIMSEC dated 17 November 2021 addressed to ZIMSEC’s director. 


We acknowledge receipt of your letter today responding to our letter, which we had also copied to other offices. It is therefore commendable that you have chosen to respond timeously to our letter.

However, we would like to express our displeasure with the response, in which your organization tries to wash its hands off the issue of payment for invigilation, choosing instead to engage in semantics. It is not untrue that the issue of payment for ZIMSEC duties has nothing to do with ZIMSEC, and that payment of teachers for your duties lies with their employer, the Public Service Commission. It would seem that both your organization and the PSC want to send teachers from pillar to post in the hope that we will tire of asking on the travesty of free invigilation.

We do remember that in the 2019 meeting you referred to, it was never agreed that payment for invigilation be left at the doorstep of the PSC. Rather ZIMSEC highlighted that it was underfunded and that its parent ministry, MOPSE and the PSC would appeal to Ministry of Finance and Economic Development to improve ZIMSEC’s financial position so that it could in a better position to pay invigilators. The reason why we were meeting with ZIMSEC is because we were aware, as we are still even now, that the running of public examinations is a preserve of ZIMSEC.

It is a fact that you pay item writers, who happen to be teachers, for work they do for your organization. You also pay school heads for examination management, and examiners for marking scripts, although they are also employed by the PSC. We are awake to the fact that ZRP details provide paid services also funded by ZIMSEC.

By copy of this letter, we would like to advise you that since the payment for invigilation is, in your judgement, a matter between ourselves and our employer, our members will only report for invigilation of your work when we finish engaging with the employer.

Yours faithfully

R Majongwe

PTUZ Secretary-General

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Sçøfield 5 months ago

Haa guyz vana ndavanyoreswe ma exams education is the only key for success fgt abt Covid-19

Prefect 5 months ago

Haiwawo tibvireipo. Mazama tichangonyora imi muchivukura.

Tk 5 months ago

Iwe kana usina zvekutaura nyarara ndiani anoda kushandira mahara munhu ane mhuri and needs mupei mari or ngazvivharwe zvikoro zvacho kusvika vagadzirisa system munyika not kudya mari kwavakuita wes now goin to elections mari yemota nyowani dziri worth 100000$usd each and regalia mari yacho inowanika n yekugadzira nyika hamuiwani stop kuba mhani ,,,,N.H.M

Busymark 5 months ago

Enough of this rubbish ..Why don you pay them for the work they wanna do .munhu anoshandawo akasununguka , mateachers you deserve something for sure

Gogodera 6 months ago



Terminator 6 months ago

Let's this system of working for peanut and nhunguru we have kids to take care of let's say no with one voice

FBI 6 months ago


Dury 6 months ago

Simple and strait forward .Also a teacher can be charged for misconduct during exams and fired from teaching while conducting zimsec exams for free

Dury 6 months ago

kkkkk punishment strait ,3 hrs without sitting down .wes u have to arrive at least an hour earlier to check temperature and sit candidates acvordingly.No phones allowed .Scince and bio practicals take literaly whole day if u dont hv enough apparatus.Invigilating private candidates ,risking getting covid

Doroguru 6 months ago

Apa you are not even allowed to sit down while invigilating an exam that stretches for 3 hours🤔🤔

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