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"Teachers Paid Five Times Less Than Other Civil Servants"

Teachers have grudgingly welcomed the upward review of public sector workers’ USD allowances to US$200 from US$175.

The new salary regime was tabled on Tuesday during a meeting of the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC).

The government also pledged to continue paying the annual bonus, a 13th cheque, in foreign currency as was done last year but the full details of that payment are yet to be revealed.

Secretary-General of the Association of School Heads Munyaradzi Majoni said they welcomed the increment but they want teachers’ salaries and allowances to be at par with the rest of the civil service. He said:

Any increment is welcome though we are still lagging behind when compared to other Government departments.

Education is paid five times less than nurses and other civil servants.

Our allowances are too low and the allowances should be the same for all civil servants But we welcome the increment.

The chairperson of the National Association of Primary Schools, Cynthia Khumalo, said the increment is better than nothing. She said:

We appreciate the increment but we want the authorities to look further into the issue because 25 per cent will not change anything. It is difficult to accept but at least the increment is better than nothing.

We want the money to be reviewed to US$540 because we once earned that money sometime back during the dollarisation era.

Zimbabwe Teachers’ Union (ZIMTA) secretary-general Goodwill Taderera said:

The money is not adequate or to our expectations. When the minister promised us an increment, we had higher expectations.

We want social dialogue to prevail so that we can address our concerns to the Government.

The outcome of Tuesday’s NJNC meeting was confirmed by Apex Council chairperson Cecelia Alexander. She said:

The employer offered an increase of 25 per cent on the USD$100 to make it US$125 and maintained the USD$75 COVID-19 allowance to make the total US dollar package US$200 with effect from September 1, 2022.

The workers acknowledged the increase but chose to wait for specific modalities on how this is going to be implemented

The employer did not offer or table any increase on the Zimbabwe dollar salary and the workers demanded that this be also reviewed without fail.

In the end, the Government side asked for time out to consult.

| The Herald

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John Chibadura 1 week ago

Ndaimboimba kuti chii zviya inini,kana one nziyo yandichiri kuziva

Tintin 1 week ago


@Jonso Chibadura 1 week ago

ndiwe wakamba pamamonya ipapo

Chipoko chaQueen 1 week ago

Rairai vana venyu kuty mateacher haasi kubhadharwa

@John Chikabudura 1 week ago

sandiwe wekuimba "MUGOVE" here iwe?

I 1 week ago

Sandiwe wakaimba hupenyu mutoro??? 🤐🤐🤐

O_O 1 week ago

$75 is a COVID-19 allowance!! Meaning it may be scrapped once COVID is gone? Arthur Marara once said "a salary is an evaluation of how much you are worth" . I am not sure of how much they get in Rtgs but if we convert it to USD and add 200 yotanga kutambira kuma 350/400 then varikungochemawo nhando

O_O 1 week ago

I am sure you can differentiate between a O and a 0. How about i call you an imbecile for clearly ignoring the fact that i said i am not sure of their salaries.? You did point out that the Rtgs won't be worth $50. That's what you should have wrote.

leave a comment 1 week ago

@00 wataura zero sezita some research before u leave a comment.kubvunza hakuna kushata.maharaTGS avanopihwa ahasvike usd50.

the_analyser 1 week ago

how can teachers demand their allowances to be at par with other civil servants. it's impossible because every sector has its own sector specific allowance which differentiates it from the other sector.

Zuze 1 week ago

@the_analyser sector should get a maximum of RTGS 50 per month

Citizen raPep naChamisa 1 week ago

Most countries don’t appreciate teachers and that’s a common trend,but muno I think vakuzvinyanya. Even North Korea chaiyo ine dictatorship isingaonese vanhu TV except News dzavo itori nebetter education.because educated citizens means a woke nation even in the event of am emergency war.
Most European countries even teach kids Programming 👨🏻‍💻as early as 6 years .South Africa chaiyo yatinoti ine ma**** their public schools are similar to our so called private schools and cheaper too🤦‍♂️.


the_analyser 1 week ago

teachers should have discipline towards finances, the majority of them fall prey to loans agents and zero deposit schemes offered to civil servants. that's why any salary increment doesn't make a change to them because they will be having many running loans and deductions

@ the analyser 1 week ago

that's a point😏

Tintin 1 week ago

bvepfepfe 🤔🤔🤔

Dzungu Rina Analyser 1 week ago

Mark's for @@the_analyser

Waffle and Off topic

ME 1 week ago

They are fools because they have so many fragemented useless unions which decieve them.

Inini 1 week ago

Zvenyu muri kurambira Gold Coin
muchitungamirwa neZANU kumarinda.

Asi uri we Teachers4ED?

pk 1 week ago

mateacher svinurayi. mukushandiswa naMajongwe uyo.
plus svagai zvinobhadhara. kune vamuri kutovharira panze anoda basa iroro nemari yamuri kuti ishoma. tokuudzayi kangani kuti hachibhadhare chibasa ichi

Tintin 1 week ago

your ****ity knows no bounds.

kp 1 week ago

Majongwe ari nani panaChris Mutsvangwa

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