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Teachers, Learners Ready For 2023 First Term - Ndoro

Teachers, Learners Ready For 2023 First Term - Ndoro

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says everything is in place for the commencement of the 2023 first term on 9 January.

Speaking to The Herald on Tuesday, ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said they are expecting more teachers from the Public Service Commission (PSC). Said Ndoro:

It’s all systems go ahead of schools opening on Monday, January 9. Our teachers and learners are ready and all is in place for a safe resumption of classes.

We are expecting to receive more teachers who will be employed by the Public Service Commission to complement the existing staff.

We do not expect any disturbances because we have now adjusted to the new normal.

The COVID-19 protocols put in place to curb the spread of the virus will still be in place so that we have got a safe learning environment in our schools.

Health workers have noted that the upgrade in hygiene and other standards, which includes better school water supplies to fight COVID-19, have also cut many other infections.

Ndoro said schools were now opening on a Monday, a departure from the traditional Tuesdays, as a way of maximising learning time.

National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH) president Cynthia Khumalo implored parents to pay school fees for their children on time. She said:

To parents and guardians, we urge them to pay fees on time so that children get the resources that are required or even to pay in installments, not just to send children to school without paying anything.

To the learners, we urge them to work hard to be successful in their studies. On our part, we will be ready to give our all for the benefit of learners.

In 2022, the start of the first term was delayed by a month as the government tried to manage rising coronavirus infections. | The Herald

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ZANU 3 weeks ago

Free education in 2023

Bhangu 3 weeks ago

Choti ready chakavabhadharira fees here. Kumeso se weti

3 weeks ago

xyz 3 weeks ago


Tr 3 weeks ago

Ana Ndoro munoinda mumaclasses kudzidzisa vana here munoti trs are ready

King 3 weeks ago

what else can he say? mum on poor salaries, slave wages

teacher 3 weeks ago

ndoro uri mugrade Ani kucommision
kwana iwe trs are underpaid


Hersde 3 weeks ago

Ndoro should just record this message and play the recording each time schools close. With tht big potbelly

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