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Teachers "Hope" To Get A Rescue Package Before Schools Open


Teachers have written to the government requesting a meeting over salaries with the hope that they will get a rescue package before schools open for the first term of 2023 on Monday 09 January.

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) said it would deliver a letter to the Public Service Commission (PSC) this Tuesday demanding an urgent meeting to discuss salary issues.

PTUZ president Takavafira Zhou told NewsDay:

We have written a letter today (yesterday) to the PSC requesting an urgent meeting before the end of this week to solve our grievances, and we will deliver it today.

The most important thing is to resolve the issue of salaries and conditions of service because no one can turn up for work using an eroded December salary. We have hinted at getting a rescue package before schools open and it is our hope that they will agree to our pleas.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure said they had resolved to go on strike when schools open next week. He is cited by NewsDay as saying:

(Finance minister) Mthuli Ncube has killed all the hope for a successful opening of schools for the first term of 2023. The teachers remain trapped in the challenges of 2022.

We conducted a strike ballot asking teachers to decide whether they wanted to go back to work under the current salary structure. 99% of the 52 340 teachers who have participated so far are in favour of going on strike.

We are engaging other unions to see if it’s possible to go on a united nationwide strike. If union bureaucrats choose not to participate, we will be engaging in a high impact collective action led from below by the teachers themselves.

Ncube recently said the government had “tried its best” to improve the welfare of teachers and other civil servants given the circumstances.

In a statement, Zimbabwe National Union of School Heads secretary-general Munyaradzi Majoni said educators want to return to work, but need more pay to sustain themselves.

Workers have over the years demanded US$540 or better.

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3 weeks ago

Haa nyaya yematicha yanetsa iyi.

Teacher 3 weeks ago

$200 + RTGS 62 000

soilder 3 weeks ago

200+22 0000

3 weeks ago

I believe it should be all civil servants not teachers alone This business of threatening to engage in industrial action every time schools open is not getting anybody anywhere All civil servants unite !!!!

zimkwacha 3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

What about the ordinary man in the streets who is going to help him out?

Führer 3 weeks ago

Igaro ziva kuti mukuda meeting kuti mudye ma biscuits ne tea yemahara Kuma government office tibvireipo tsikidzi dzana Chamisa.

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Zvinotoda iwewe Hitler anoshamira ndove inomamwa naED Shweeee.

HEZVO 3 weeks ago

Munhu wese anoda mari inobatika ipayi vashandi nema NSSA Pensioner's mari dzinotenga chikafu chinopedzawo mwedzi kwete inotenga sugar ne salt chete ko zvimwe zvinozobhadharwa nechinyi Prisca akati dzvokora achizvifambira pamadiro a Jojina


People 3 weeks ago

Teachers should vote out this disease called ZANU PF, nothing is going to come out of ZANU. Some are now calling themselves teachers4ED the very same teachers who will knocking on loan sharks doors looking for school fees. It's a shame

3 weeks ago

Most of them dont vote, instead they opt for piece jobs @ zec as polling agents and later cry foul wen zanu wins

patriot 3 weeks ago

Just join the Civil servants andTrs for ED movement and enjoy several benefits. You will benefit mining claims, minda , stands, ma tables e vending etc

3 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Moron

3 weeks ago


mlambo naume 3 weeks ago

200 usa hre

sivhuru sevhandi 3 weeks ago

teachers are not the only ones who need a rescue package. every civil servant needs it to school fees , buy uniforms and money for transport. maticha ndimi motishaisa mari nenyaya yenyu yekutaura makazvimirira.

3 weeks ago

As other civil servants wat are u doing. Stop slacking and join the struggle as so called *other civil servants* no one will fix this country for u...instead u are one of bootlickers of the gvt, once these ones who go on strike are suspended, u are the same guys who utter nonsense like *what were they thinking* n some will say, *who do they think they are*...wake up and smell the coffee fellow citizen

g 3 weeks ago

other civil servants dont have the priviledge of collective bargaining nomatter how hard pressed they will be because
1) some like uniformed forces are not allowed, its mutiny
2) some ministries like agriculture, tourism etc are not essential therefore they can simply be fired and replaced.
3) some civil servants like general hands and other supporting staff are recruited based on the basic 5 o levels so they are easily replaced because they dont have any special skills. these also constitute the bulk of the workforce in ministries.
The only solution would be to constitute an independent workers panel not the current politicised one led by cecilia alexander

groundsman 3 weeks ago

wataura chokwadi wena sivhuru sevhandi.Ini ndinodiridza maruva pachikoro ndingatii hanty ndodzingwa vakaswera vanunga umwe mumugwagwa.Rega vakadzidza vatigadzirire

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