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Teachers Condemn ZANU PF For Forcing Learners To Attend Rallies

Teachers Condemn ZANU PF For Forcing Learners To Attend Rallies

Teachers’ unions have criticised ZANU PF for disrupting learning in schools by forcing learners to attend rallies, holding political gatherings at school premises and using school buses to transport supporters to rallies.

This comes after pupils at Chaminuka Primary School in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza, were on Wednesday forced to attend a ZANU campaign rally that was addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure told NewsDay that they are preparing a court challenge, seeking an order barring political parties from using schools as campaign bases. Said Masaraure:

We do not want politicians in our schools. Our schools should never be abused in terms of private political beings.

In 2017, we reported the case of political interference to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission.

We are glad that at some point we had this commission issuing a damning report on ZANU PF condemning the abuse of schools, condemning the abuse of properties, condemning the dragging of learners and teachers to political rallies.

Zimbabwe National Teachers Union (ZNTU) president Manuel Nyawo also said the holding of political rallies at schools “is not ideal”. He said:

It is not ideal for politicians to hold rallies on school premises because we have always called for the depoliticisation of learning institutions.

We are not politicians and schools are not political grounds for politicians and, therefore, we appeal to these politicians to stay away from using school premises as rallying points for politics.

Learners have already lost precious learning time as the start of the first term was delayed by a month due to COVID-19.

When schools eventually reopened on 7 February, teachers went on a strike demanding a pay rise, further disrupting learning.

Top Harare lawyer Thabani Mpofu chided ZANU PF PF top officials for alleged hypocrisy by disrupting learning at schools in poor suburbs while their children enrolled at elite schools do not experience such disruptions. He tweeted:

Does it not bother you that these children have not been attending school because you were not prepared to pay their teachers?

Now you require them to fritter away their precious school time listening to rubbish.

Does this happen kuvana venyu (to your children)? You even “close” maSowe (church gathering). Hamunyari (You have no shame).

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hkd 1 month ago

musoro bhangu

mwendas 1 month ago

this platform should encourage mature exchange of thouhts not abusive statements.
teachers should not use vukgar language that they use. Mashoko ekutuka should be censored please
Seyi muchiita semakadakwa nechikokiyana?

Vax 1 month ago

Mnokuvadzisa vana makanganwa chegore Riya paWHTE CITY stadium Byo.

**** 1 month ago

Ngavasiyane nevana vechikoro ,,,,,cz zvemaRallies avo hazvinei nevana

ZRP 1 month ago



rovambira 1 month ago

may i remind teachers that God will judge .
vamwe ingori mob psychology but mumhu ave
oga anozotanga kufunga.
Let me advise you teachers nyaya yakatopera
gvt has senior citizens to look after, disabled
people, zvakawanda zvinoda mari, stop being .

rovambira 1 month ago

ma teacher anosiya vana vari voga.hezvo term yapera mari yama parents kuendera mahara saka ari kuwuraya vana ndiyani.?
Better vana kuenda ku.rally. Ipo wakapihwa mari yakanaka kuendeserwa vana ku school mahara munodeyiko?
you're on Nelson's payroll takanzwa mumwe akurotomoka mu parliament ku England about how they're working with teachers. let me write what i want to put down. Nekuwanda kwamakaita ma teacher are those salaries manageable
tibvireyi zvedu why don't you look for other jobs.

Wekunyanya 1 month ago

@Rovambira uti mha ta wanzwa,teacher wawakaona achibhadharirwa fees yemwana wake ndiani?Muromo uzere madhot

JC Form IV 1 month ago

Dai pasina maticha dai usingagone kunyora zvawaita izvi.

Education is investment. Teachers are important, more important than politicians. This government's priorities are topsy turvy.

* The US$15 billion that "walked away" from treasury.
* The unauthorised $3 billion that disappeared in the name of Command Agriculture
* The US$5 billion Treasury Bills to Sakunda Holdings
* The controversial $88 million for Mbudzi Interchange

These are only examples of looting profligacy that could have benefitted the Education an Health sectors of Zimbabwe. But lo behold these are lining individual pockets and you have the temerity to tell us the government has no money

Nincompoop, son of no good
Kana washaya zvekutaura Frida muridzo

Concerned Citizen 1 month ago

yes agree with you
children should not participate in political rallies but... hang on a second... its their right to know at an early age how Zanu PF lies during election campaigns

what they are doing will work against them and propel opposition parties to greater heights

C trial's 1 month ago

We are going to school for learning not rallies

C 1 month ago

We as learners

continued 1 month ago

Zanu pf ichatonga kusvika narini.Nelson kumiramira wakarwa hondo here? Makapihwa simba rekutonga matowns makatadza saka modeyi, kundotora vachena kuzotonga ino nyika
futi. Tinodzokera kuhondo mukomana, hazvife zvakaitika. Takatambura nhasi wotikokera futi sanctions...mwari havakupe simba ndizvo zvakasaka Tsvangirai asatonga nyika ino.
Usatsamwisa mwari. Kutengerwa bulletproof car, zanu pf will never kill you.
God wants you to see the glory and blessings in this country under the Zanu pf leadership...its coming, Zimbabwe will be a Dubai of Africa our Prophet Major 1 prophecied and it will come to pass in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

@ continue. Not under this leadership

ndini mwendas 1 month ago

I filly.upport kuenda kuma ....please let me put my thoughts down unhindered.
this happen all the time. i hope this platform is non partisan.
1) Children must know where we are coming from, where we are going, and the ideology of the ruling party.

you **** 1 month ago

children should know how to solve equations not shout propaganda

Vbyz Kartel 1 month ago

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ka party kedu aka ke ZANU pf chitsotsi choga.

Venom 1 month ago

Vana vePrimary munovadii kumarally enyu imi ****

ED 1 month ago

aida kuti number iwande

Emmanuel Chikwenza 1 month ago

Vana kuchikoro zvematongero enyika ndezve vane right yekuvhota chete

Gabarinocheka 1 month ago

I advocate for. a law that criminalizes the presence of school kids at a political gathering.

citizen 1 month ago

@Pindula fan thank you fir your view abt improvement my question is what value does t add to have a profile,username as far as commentary section is concerned

Pindula Fan 1 month ago

Special request

We (or I) would like to see the following improvements:
One username (though identity protected)
One comment per headline
Prof pic
Comment filter (remove vilgar,tribalist comments)
Reader reactions (eg like, dislike etc)
++++ Many More News ...

I'm a developer can contact me

Zvimbazi 1 month ago


You work at Pindula i know this 100%.

Urikudhomoka ndikukuona hako

❎☝️ 1 month ago

You can develop your own App and include those program functionalities. Thank You

🍋🍌🍋🍌🍋 1 month ago


Mzingaye Ndlovu 1 month ago

Our children suppose to be in classroom not in rallies. I support teachers thumps up guys.

Di Genius 1 month ago

Zimsec yakunyorwa marally here avakuitisa vana aya

Mark 1 month ago

@Tkt and @Goldie and many others

For the past week or so I've steadily noticed that there seems to be a faction that is very much against the Bush Lawyer for some unknown reason. Can you please all stop it?

I find it embarrassing that most of you would stoop so low as to verbally assault, mimick him incorrectly and dare insult a person who freely gives analysis based on the understanding of the law. As far as I'm concerned, not one of you who attack the Bush Lawyer have said anything logical since the day this platform was created. The saddest thing is that while you guys may argue that he is too old to be using the platform, I find it very disgusting that you actually find the time to insult an old man simply because you don't like what he said.
He mainly gives off analysis and stays out of your way yet you feel entitled to insult him. I feel so disappointed knowing that we have grown men and women who act irrationally when something they don't like is said.

Please... if anyone doesn't like The Bush Lawyer's analysis just type @Mark then tell me directly what don't you like about it because it's now becoming out of hand. Insult me personally and tell me what you hate about The Bush Lawyer, leave the old man alone

Mhazi of Silobela 1 month ago

@Mark. there is a group of individuals who are in the habit of stealing identities and posting uneducated comments. I believe the bush lawyer was one of the victims, just observe the language and see there's a difference.

Visit Silobela
Vote CCC

DaCool 1 month ago

Wena Zimbazo why acting immature yeee .Are u learned person vele haaa nxa mani

factos 1 month ago

true imagine attending to these zombie creatures namely ED and Chiwenga 😂😂😂😂😂😂

they want to cause our children nightmares

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