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Teachers 'Abandon' Exam Classes Due To Incapacitation

Teachers 'Abandon' Exam Classes Due To Incapacitation

Some unions representing teachers on Monday claimed that their members had failed to report for duty to invigilate the ongoing Ordinary Level and Advanced Level ZIMSEC examinations due to financial incapacitation.

2021 Ordinary and Advanced Level examination candidates resumed writing the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council exams on Monday after a two-week break.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said:

At the moment invigilation is being carried out by headmasters, their deputy heads, senior teachers as well as heads of departments. A majority of teachers remain incapacitated and are at home.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure claimed that some rural schools hired villagers and other members of the public to perform invigilation duties.

However, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro dismissed the claims, saying the unions were clamouring for attention. Said Ndoro:

The truth is it’s totally preposterous to think that villagers can invigilate examinations, or that we have a shortage of teachers.

It is really unfair and is a cry for attention. Exams are progressing well. We have no hitches and we have no complaints.

We are very proud of our education system and our teachers who are doing a great job invigilating.

Schools were scheduled to open for the First Term on 10 January but President Emmerson Mnangagwa directed that they should remain closed indefinitely due to COVID-19.

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Conquring. 7 months ago


Zimyouth 7 months ago

#conquiring unorwara ne ZanuPfmentaitis. Unofanira kurapwa kuti ugone kuwonawo chokwadi.

Timbers 7 months ago

Nhai nhai bvunzo dzipi dziri kunyorwa

B 7 months ago

Imi muri munyika ipi mkubvunza kti ibvunzo dzipi dzikunyorwa

Jeka 7 months ago

Maticha mucha tishungurudza imi munoramba muchingoda mari yei munoti inonhongwa musina kushanda here hurumende yedu iyi yakanaka kwazvo mwedzi uchingopera kwede mari yapinda wozodei .Hakuna company inobhadhara sehurumende zivai izvozvo

Ras lalo 7 months ago

Unka invigilator une zhara

😴 7 months ago

While I am with teachers in their call for better salaries, I think in a way the teachers unions have failed. The leaders have become like pinjisi dzakasimbira kumuromo yet chavazogona kugurunura weeeee dololo.
No strategy and unity pakati pavo and they can't mobilise the people they "claim" to represent to do one uniform thing. Now vanongoita like politicians.
The teachers' grievances will never be addressed as long as these guys continue to use this strategy. And very soon the people (parents and general populace) supportingly and sympathising with them (teachers) will be up in arms against the teachers. This is a lie, vana sat for their exam yesterday.

Samanyika Chaiwo 7 months ago

This conflict between the government and teachers has been ongoing for a long time now. It is now crystal clear to me that the current government does not have the appetite and capacity to address the teacher's needs.

It is therefore in the teacher's interest t o ensure that they play their part in 2023. It is important that they encourage whoever will listen to them to play their part in 2023

Government usually pacifies them during election time by offering them contracts with ZEC then placing them away from their registered poling stations. Pava kuda kuti munhu angofungawo ega kuti is it worth it kupiwa allowance ye2days kana kugadzira nyika wopiwa pay inokukwanira


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