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Teacher Unions Urge ZIMSEC To Take Examinations Seriously

Teacher Unions Urge ZIMSEC To Take Examinations Seriously

Teacher unions have urged the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) to protect the credibility of public examinations after 588 people were arrested over examination paper leakages this year.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZTA) secretary-general Goodwill Taderera said ZIMSEC should pay its staff meaningful salaries so that they won’t be tempted to leak examination papers. Said Taderera:

Indeed, we have heard of the examination leaks and over 500 people were arrested, which means that all our examinations lose their integrity and credibility.

The widespread leaks mean that they fall far too short of the expected international standards. We do not support the leaks.

ZIMSEC must begin to take the examination process seriously, it must try to pay people well so that they do not leak the examination papers.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure claimed that some examination markers have recommended the nullification of the 2022 ZIMSEC ordinary level examinations due to “widespread” leakages. He said:

The teachers, who are marking the examinations, have advised us that the situation is a disaster.

The examiners have actually advised Zimsec to nullify the results. To deal with this, we need to set up a team to investigate what went wrong. As unions, we are ready to assist with investigations.

Remedial action will be recommended after thorough investigations, and we recommend that these examinations be nullified.

Last week, ZIMSEC deputy director Farai Zisengwe said A” Level results will be out in early January, but it did not specify when the “O” Level examination results would be out.

He also said three subjects were leaked, including Mathematics, English Papers 1 and 2 and Combined Sciences Papers 1 to 3.

Zisengwe was appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Education. | NewsDay

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

It is clear that those who were arrested did so to feed their families because sanctions that were called for by the CCC president and his deputy have eroded their hard earned salaries.

👥 1 month ago

ZIMSEC will be wrong if they say they should be rewrite exams,
1) why not punish those cought teaching only and spare innocent candidates, who didn't do nothing at all.If they are some candidates who were cought cheating why not severely punish them only.
2)Most students will be physically emotionally depressed,for this rewrite.
Those cought cheating should be suspended for setting for exams for 5 years or so and they should consider the innocent students also

jonso 1 month ago

isikhiwa bakithi

Zimsec suspect 1 month ago

Did u pass your zimsec english exam or it was also leaked to u. U should consider re-writing comrade

👤 1 month ago

because of one or two misspelled words... liyizinja zabantu

1 month ago

umdlwane nguwe

👤 1 month ago

wena ungumgaxha womdlwane thambo lezihlalo 🤣🤣🤣

Qeen,s.Language 1 month ago

Charamba chirungu wadii kushandisa mutauro waunogona

PTK 1 month ago

Mapapers aya aibuda zvse question paper nemarkking scheme yacho so it simply means zimsec staff leaked the exams. Why abusing learners ndiani angaramba kureviser paper given the opportunity

5 1 month ago

machiavelli unenge wakafa pfungwa iwe your reasoning capacity is long dead.uri chikorobho chezanu pf chaicho

@No name 1 month ago

Next time write in shona or your mother language zvinobvumidzwa futi


Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Haaaa ngavarege vapase mhani still akuna zvokuita munyika at least akapasa Ogara pane kuchemberera kuchikoro uchinyorera for nothing

zwelonke 1 month ago

this is ****

zwelonke 1 month ago

this is ****

zwelonke 1 month ago

this is ****

kkkk 1 month ago

zimsec is funny so. They ask everyone sitting for an exam the same question word for word They get the same answer word for word and they start complaining kkkk ndikanyatsomira chaizvo muccourt ye rewrite e havaihwine because the same question getting the same answer alone won't be reason for rewrite
joking hangu

Sabuku 1 month ago

Ukamira mu Court maSabuku ndimo mauno hwinha

ZTA SG . 1 month ago

ZTA SG unenge wakazvarwa maziso ako asina kusvinura sembwanana. So you encourage exam paper leakage bcoz of poor salaries. Wake up mhani iwe. Salary inonzi inokwana is how much. Pay them usd200000.00 / month and ask if they want an increase the answer is a yes saka vanorega here ku leaker exam papers. Vano setter maexams, printers, those who deliver from Zimsec etc ndivo vanokonzeresa cheating haisi nyaya ye salary. Pamwe SG vari kudawo kuwedzerwa pay yavo. There is no money which is enough. Haigutwe mari Mr ZTA SG

Putin 1 month ago

Each and every year ever since abandoning Cambridge examinations papers are leaking , What guarantees Zimsec that if there is a rewrite exams won't leak ? What security measures have they put in place ?

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