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Teacher Unions Demand Scrapping Of GEMS

Teacher Unions Demand Scrapping Of GEMS

Unions representing teachers have demanded the scrapping of the Government Employees Mutual Savings Fund (GEMS), arguing it is not benefiting their members.

GEMS was set up by Cabinet in March 2020 with the government saying it would provide $100 million in seed capital to improve the welfare of civil servants.

Under GEMS, civil servants are subjected to 2.5% monthly wage deductions to support the loan scheme.

But Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) president Obert Masaraure said the government is still making the deductions from teachers who opted out of GEMS. Masaraure said:

The scheme was unilaterally imposed on workers. Teachers opted out but were surprised to realise that deductions continued and are still being done.

Those who have sought loans from GEMS have been denied because they are said to be earning too little to qualify. So they qualify to contribute but don’t qualify to access the loans.

We are aware that fat cats in the civil service are benefitting from the contributions of the underpaid junior civil servants.

We have clear instructions from teachers to call for the scrapping of the fraud called GEMS.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that teachers will not suffer this prejudice in 2023.

Educators Unions of Zimbabwe (EUZ) secretary-general Tapedza Zhou said:

This level of abuse at the hands of an arrogant employer is unparalleled and should never be seen again.

Once the scheme has been dissolved, we demand both an audit and an apology for the abuse of workers’ funds.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said:

It’s a deduction that does not help workers and no one has benefitted from the so-called loan fund. It is, therefore, a liability to employees.

Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) general secretary Goodwill Taderera said:

We have always said nothing for us, without and we think there has to be a way of getting back to the drawing board, because the board currently running that scheme does not include civil servants. As civil servants, we must be involved.

The government said that GEMS is a scheme that seeks to create wealth during and after the termination of civil servants’ employment. | NewsDay

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Hercules 3 weeks ago

It is a pyramid scheme just like Teachers 4ED no one is going to benefit. F o, o, l, I, s, h teachers calling themselves teachers for ED while scavenging to survive. This country is full of so called educated people who can't think beyond leftovers.

Vesto 3 weeks ago

Of course it is a Ponzi Scheme to facilitate looting by the connected few. Typical of all ZANU initiatives.

Chinhu chavo ichi

Vesto 3 weeks ago

Vote MDC for president Dougie Mwonzora 2023

Vesto 3 weeks ago

@fake Vesto haunyare here kubhejera bhiza rine mimba? Nzvonyora wako akavhoterwa naBertha, mwana wake chaiye anenge agona.

Nzvonyora is a dead horse

George Madiro 3 weeks ago

On one hand NAAS and this thing called GEM all the projects for a few individuals and nothing for the rest of us.

Vaye vaye 3 weeks ago

Its not surprising that those who "qualified" for the loans accessed the loans and never bothered to pay back a single kobo. Its just another heist

Patriot 3 weeks ago

Why are they rejecting cheap loans from the Gvt. Mozoti hurumende haitipe ma benefits imi muchiaramba kudai.

Fred 3 weeks ago

This imbecile called Patriot you think people are rejecting loans. Wht planet are you from people tried to access these loans and got nothing

3 weeks ago

@ Fred, feel pity for @patriot.
Kumwe kuzvara hunya ndove.


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