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Teacher Jailed 3 Years For Drug Possession

Teacher Jailed 3 Years For Drug Possession

A teacher at Eaglesvale in Harare was sentenced to four years in prison following her conviction for illegal possession of a dangerous drug called Khat.

The teacher, Cecelia Chimhau was convicted after a full trial by Harare magistrate, Taurai Manuwere.

Chimhau was jointly charged with her husband, Byron Chimhau, who is also a teacher at Chiriseri Secondary School.

However, the husband was acquitted.

Chimhau was initially sentenced to four years in prison but one year was suspended on the condition she doesn’t commit a similar offence, in the next five years.

Prosecutor Sheila Mupindu told the court that on 17 December 2021, Chimhau imported the dangerous drug under the pretext that it was moringa (a shrub believed to have many benefits whose uses range from health and beauty to helping prevent and cure diseases).

Police detectives received information that Chimhau had imported a dangerous drug and went to Zimpost Harare Central Sorting Office where the parcel was.

The police collected a sample and it was confirmed that it was, indeed, khat.

The court further heard that Cecelia sent her husband, Byron, to collect the parcel.

Upon arrival, Byron was advised by a ZIMRA official that the parcel wasn’t moringa but was, in fact, khat.

This led to the arrest and prosecution of the couple.

Khat is a leafy green plant containing stimulant drugs. It is illegal to possess, give away or sell the drug.

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Anony 2 weeks ago

khat moringa unenge waiswa kozodo

twabam 2 weeks ago

Vanhu vanotonga nyaya ngavakwane. Vanga vawana kupi ma machines acho ano tester ... ko kana wanga uri muzumbani.

GVT 2 weeks ago

Vakatesta nekusvuta vobva vadhakwa nayo vakawanepi machine yacho.

Me 2 weeks ago

Good news

Dzedzi 2 weeks ago

Trying to supplement a meagre salary, my question still stands, Y was a drug coming thru Zimpost ?

teacher 2 weeks ago

zimpost is a courier agent same as swift or DHL


totito 2 weeks ago

Vakadzi kana madhiri avo akafaya, vanozoda kutaurisa kuti vana mayi nhingi vepanext door vandione. Hezvo vakatengeswa nevavanoita guhwa navo. Bhora pasi girls,

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

I also feel that the sentence was a bit too harsh. The fact that it was not proved that she was a peddler is emmaterial because they were charged with mere "possession". There are many muringa trees here in Zimbabwe. There is no reason for anybody to import it. These two knew that they were importing Khat drug, but used muringa as a smokescreen only. Here her husband was acquitted because he may have argued that he was just a messenger who did not know the parcel's contents. The wife failed to escape jail because she was the actual importer.


VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

that's a business redu sezanu PF anobuda soon will be there for you

The Adjudicator 2 weeks ago

The sentence was too hash considering the drug cld be mistaken for moringa and it was never asserted for what purpose she intended to use the moringa for and weather she was into drug peddling.
Ipai mateacher mari mhani

Blabber 2 weeks ago

Were you present at their trial?😂😂

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