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Teacher Allegedly Cuts Off ECD Pupil's Hair In A Suspected Satanism Case

Teacher Allegedly Cuts Off ECD Pupil's Hair In A Suspected Satanism Case

A Bulawayo-based family is indignant after their four-year-old daughter’s hair was shaved off at pre-school on 18 February this year under unclear circumstances.

The family eventually took the matter to court after they failed to resolve the issue amicably with the teacher responsible.

ZBC News reported sources as saying the matter was dismissed on lack of merit. Said the ECD learner’s parent:

I contacted the teacher on the very night on a Friday, however, she did not respond. I even called her and that is when she answered and said she was busy.

I contacted the school head, who said we should sit down and discuss the issue.

All l wanted was to find out what happened to my baby and if her hair was cut the braid would still be at school.

The teacher, through her lawyer, has written to the four-year-old girl’s mother threatening to file a defamation lawsuit at the High Court.

When contacted for comment by ZBC News, the school Head, Mavis Mlilo professed ignorance over the matter. She said:

I do not know anything about that l was not there. Well, l cannot comment on that; l am just a school head. Listen, go and get answers from the parents who told you.

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dty 1 month ago

bulawayo inogara ichibura zvinyowani zvega-zvega. chii chirikuitika?

Tk 1 month ago

078 ths dsnt need a rocket scientist for u to knw its satanism. Wt else could it b & tht ****ic teacher shld b thrubbed

mama Bee 1 month ago

haa ndokunonzi kujairira mubereki ndotanga kumamisa head ndopedzisira na teacher wacho.ndovaroyi ivava vanoridii bvudzi mwana ozokura ava rombe kana **** remandiriri izvo akapedzerwa kare kachiri kadiki

bvanyangu 1 month ago

this teacher should not be arrogant achibvundziwa.
zvinorovesa izvozvo dai ari umwe mubereki.

😀😀😀😀 1 month ago

braid so mean to say iro rega braid Hari donhi ere hapana case ukaona pane ZBC chete maybe pane ☝️

Jinx 1 month ago

The hair was supposedly cut on Feb 18, we in April, saka hapana apa.
I assume the kid is still alive. Some stories though

Tge Boy 1 month ago

Don't worry God is incontrol.


078 1 month ago

ndepapi pataurwa nezvesatanism 1 month ago

masata ayo ngavanamate mwari vanoita kuda kwavo hazvibatsire chinhu

ngoni 1 month ago

the parents of this child must.never take this issue lying down they must visit a good reputable man of God if theyre believers and get the child delivered.
bvudzi remunhu muiri wake so the teacher has captured the child. she will use her.body the way she.wants.
That child delivered.
shame ndirini taisvikisana kwamvura yakacheka makumbo.
mishonga thats why even the case was thrown out ku court but watching Kkkk she has the nerve.
i wish i could follow this case.until the.end.kuroya masikati.machena.
please Pindula give these parents my phone #
if you can si they can get in touch with me i am a.child advocate.
Vanhu vanojaira.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Ummm ZBC news is tasteless

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Nyika yashata, may the Lord protect our children.

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