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Teacher Accused Of Spanking Pupil To Death

Teacher Accused Of Spanking Pupil To Death

An Agriculture teacher at Mhakwe Secondary School in Chimanimani District is in trouble after he allegedly spanked a 15-year-old learner resulting in his death a few days later.

The teacher, Farai Mandikutse, allegedly spanked Tongai Chirongwe with a broom over unwritten notes.

Following the beating, the teenager started vomiting and discharging blood from his mouth, nose, and faecal matter.

He died on 6 July and the matter was only reported to the police on 20 December.

The pupil suffered from haemophilia and he died at Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital.

Hemophilia is usually an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly.

The father of the pupil, Japhet Chirongwe, told The Manica Post that he had warned all school teachers against beating the child because of his chronic illness. Said Chirongwe:

When I enrolled my child at the school, I produced all his hospital cards that proved that he suffered from haemophilia and that they should not beat him as any silly mistake would kill him.

They had the hospital cards, but Mandikuse beat him with a broom resulting in the deterioration of his health. They killed my son.

When my son came back home that day, he told us that Mandikutse had spanked him with a broom on his back.

There was evidence of blood clotting on his back. He started vomiting blood, while some of it was coming out through his nose and we rushed him to Biriiri Mission Hospital where he was transferred to Mutambara Mission Hospital.

It was at Mutambara Mission Hospital where he vomited blood clots that filled a five-litre bucket.

The hospital referred us to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital where he later died.

He [Mandikutse] confessed to beating the child with a broom. Tongai’s classmates also confirmed this.

He paid US$1 as matendandava (admission of guilty) and promised to pay US$200 later. He is now refusing to compensate us for the funeral expenses.

He said no post-mortem was performed on his son’s body as he had no money for the procedure.

The matter came to light at Acting Chief Saurombe’s court recently after it had been transferred from Chief Muusha’s court.

Mandikutse allegedly reneged on an agreement with the Chirongwe family to compensate the family for the expenses incurred during Tongai’s funeral.

Speaking during a recent court session, Mandikutse said he will not pay the money. He said:

I will not pay that money. I will take the police route and report the matter as extortion. I no longer want to appear before this court.

Manicaland Provincial Education Director, Edward Shumba said the report about the incident is yet to reach his office.

In Zimbabwe, corporal punishment is illegal. It was outlawed in 2017 through a High Court ruling that declared Article 60(2) (c) of the Educational Act unconstitutional.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson for Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, said the teacher will be charged with murder or culpable homicide depending on the investigations once a report is made. He said:

It is sad that no such report was made to the police. However, the police will look into it.

The fact that the child in question was already buried will not deter us as we will approach the relevant authorities and apply for permission to exhume the body so that we ascertain the real cause of the boy’s death.

His parents should not be afraid of the post-mortem costs as the State will cater for that.

It is actually shocking that a police report was never made in such a horrendous matter.

If indeed one’s death was a result of an assault, a murder charge is sufficient.

We, however, urge parents and community members to report such matters to the police and not conceal them.

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

This is controversial I'm now switching to Zanu Pf Academics4ED. No one in his right state of mind will vote for Chamisa it is suicide. I'm sick and tired of supporting a party of weaklings who constantly lie and complain. They have also abandoned Job Sikhala not a single day did Chamisa go and visit him, only to lie that he was refused access to see him.

@Machiavelli 1 month ago

nhai @ Machiavelli dzirimo here?? wakanyatsokwana here?....zvawacommenter apa zviripindirana papi nenyaya iyi.. zvinongoratidza kuti uri**** topic imwe yacho Soo.

1 month ago

Obviously not our articulate Machiavelli. Machiavelli never pouts slogans. He deals with facts and deductive logic.

Chiweti 1 month ago

Mmmmh. Haaa pakaipa. Mateacher haafane kurova vana. This is just too much. Haa kana. Anotoda 50 years in jail. You can't beat someone to death. This is just wrong

@Chiweti 1 month ago

This student was not beaten to death per se he had a condition/desease which later manifested at home This could or couldn't have been caused by the bitting I think the police inspector jumped the gun by mentioning murder because even if the bleeding was later caused by the bitting he can only be charged with culpable homicide only after the results of the post moterm

Zhara 1 month ago

True. The Police Spokesperson's comments are unprofessional and inappropriate. The matter has not yet been reported, and might not be reported to the police, but he is already saying, "the teacher will be charged with murder or culpable homicide". On what does he base his comments when his office has no official knowledge other than comments from the social media? Justice must indeed take its course and responsible officers must speak and act with impartiality to avoid raising emotions.

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