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Tatelicious Finally Finds Accommodation After Being Evicted From Sweden Mansion

Tatelicious Finally Finds Accommodation After Being Evicted From Sweden Mansion

Social media personality Tatelicious, real name Tatenda Karigambe-Sandberg, finally got accommodation after being kicked out of her mansion in Sweden.

Tatelicious was homeless and had nowhere else to go after the Swedish police authority booted her out from the mansion her former husband had gifted her.

Three days ago, Tatelicious wrote on Facebook that an eviction was imminent after ex-husband, Richard Sandberg, who took out a mortgage to acquire the house, auctioned it.

Tatelicious said she only managed to leave with her handbag and ended up sleeping at the train station. She then cried out for help from fellow Zimbabweans. She posted on Facebook:

Zimbabweans get me out of this country, I have had enough

Please I can leave all my property in Sweden, I don’t care.

But I need to get out with my dogs.

They have been with me for 5 years and they are my family

I can’t commit suicide NEVER !!

I slept In the train station and rang the social service in Härnösand and they said they can’t help me.

I can’t continue this rough sleeping, it’s killing me.

When the police kicked me out of my house they never gave me a chance to take my HIV medicine.

It’s not good for me to not be taking my ARVs

Sweden is not for me

Please help me, I have to leave.

Taura App owner, Clyde Makusha, came to her rescue and offered to assist her with accommodation. Taking to Facebook,  Tatelicious thanked Clyde Makusha:

Accommodation found, Thank you VaMakusha Taura App Boss.

Ndakutofona kune imbwa so that I take my dogs.

Mr Makusha said I can’t sleep mu Train Station

Thank you Boss

Meanwhile, Olinda Chapel and Nash Paints owner Tinashe Mutarisi also came through for Tatelicious and sent her money. Tatelicious wrote on Facebook:

Thank you VaMutarisi 1000 US dollars.

You are the best love.

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