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Tapiwa Freddy Trial Set For January 2022

Tapiwa Freddy Trial Set For January 2022

The rape trial of Harare-based pastor, Tapiwa Freddy, has been set for the 6th of January 2022.

The founder and leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries appeared in court for his routine remand this Monday.

Prosecutors told the court that they are prepared to commence the trial on the 6th of January 2022 after carrying out further investigations.

Freddy (39), is facing allegations of raping a 33-year-old Harare woman on several occasions.

The self-styled prophet was arrested last month on allegations of raping the woman after promising to assist her with the upkeep of her child.

The court heard that three months after the death of the complainant’s husband in 2020, Freddy proposed love to the woman but she spurned her advances as she was still mourning her husband as per traditional protocols.

Some time in November 2020, Freddy reportedly visited the complainant’s rural home to see her child.

On his return, Freddy allegedly raped the complainant and instructed her to consider him as her new husband, threatening to cast a spell over her if she resisted.

Prosecutors further alleged that sometime in August this year, Freddy took her victim to Moja Shopping Centre in Mbare.

He reportedly physically abused the woman, who is physically challenged and nearly overran her following a heated argument.

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Chikandamina 5 months ago

Ruru wakadzi ndokupa mamhepo,chikomana ndachipinde sa gumbura.

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 5 months ago

Battle of 🍑vs🍌. I doubt that this guy🍌 will win. Varume muchademba why that thing ever grew on you.
Mese you enjoy but comrade motokumbira first kunyange makanyenga mukadiwa kana kubvisira roora. Kutoti, "Mai mwana nhasi ndikudawoka kumboluma, zvinoitao here?" Kutozvirereka comrade kkk. Kana varamba zvavharana. Motonotsvagao anobvuma kunze uko kkkk

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 5 months ago

Ndinofunga kuti haurevi nhemha ipapa. Kukakisana chete kwava kuda kuitwa apa. Vaidanana ava...fake tsano ndovanenge vakakonzeresa nekuda kudyawo nesinhi remushandidzani wavo.

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

These charges were concocted, why was Rutendo extorting money from Freddy lest she tells Freddy's wife and the World about the affair? Rutendo's phone was confisticated when the police arrested her for extorting and Rutendo's lawyers wrote to the police demanding that they return the phone one then wonders what is Rutendo masking? Truth of the matter is Rutendo was having an affair with Freddy and when Freddy decided to have her arrested for extortion, she concocted rape charges like what many women do but that phone has evidence of the affair they were having. There's no case here I hope Rutendo gets hit with a countercharge of perjury.


Sajendi Mheja(Rtred) 5 months ago

Definition of RAPE: Rape is having sexual intercourse, with a woman, without her consent.

Essential elements;
1.Having sexual intercourse
2.With a woman
3.Without her consent

Once the three are met, a docket is compiled, zvoenda kwa Prosecutor.

Chapwititi Kestombela 5 months ago

Ruru's phone is the one that will exonerate Freddy, an affair was there but now that things turned sour it's now rape. What do you call accepting US$2 500 from someone who isn't your friend? That engineer guy who pretended to be Ruru's brother kkkkkkk. They should have accepted that it was over in secret like the way they started their affair. They want to use the courts to settle their stupid scores. If it was rape why is she in possession of the Mercedes Benz from Freddy? Some of these laws need to be revisited an adjusted a little bit. Why report rape now when in actual fact it happened a long time ago when the two were happy together? How the hell do you even tell your rapist the location of your rural home? Be adults and sort your issues alone. It's going to affect both of you forever

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

I strongly believe Rutendo is concocting the rape charge to get back at Freddy who had her arrested for extortion. Rape is a sensitive subject but it must also be noted that some women concoct rape charges to get back at men or to get rid of them. And I strongly believe that's the case with Rutendo

Tete 5 months ago

Having an affair does not mean sexual consent. If you force yourself on your girlfried at any given time, without her agreeing to it(even if wakamboluma before), its rape. Also assisting someone in cash or kind (not that kind), is not an invitiation to have sex without her consent. Madhodha, ensure the woman has agreed to have sex before you do it, or else unopinda muchizarira, madhongi achingokuma.

Jojo 5 months ago

T Freddy ndaona anyura ngaambopfeka spiritual spectacles nguva ichipo

John tonaz 5 months ago

Hauna kuona gumbura achifirakoo here. Koo munyaradzi kereke haako here.. vese vane Mari ivavooo. If they want you unopindaamooo

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 5 months ago

Tinenge tikuona zvimwe chete @Jojo.

SK 5 months ago

I doubt it,Freddy haanyure he'll just bribe his way out of his troubles. If you have enough money in Zimbabwe, you'll never see the inside of a prison.

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Is it necessary kuti iite makore maviri case iyi 😅

Gidza 5 months ago

Yatengwa ne ZBC manje. Chegore rino tichanzwirira.

E Buri 5 months ago

rega ndimbo pinda toyaz

Vax 5 months ago

Kkkkk Ruru ka!!!!!

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