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Taliban Ban Women From Working In NGOs

Taliban Ban Women From Working In NGOs

Afghanistan’s rulers, the Taliban, on Saturday, 24 December ordered all national and international NGOs to stop their women employees from working after “serious complaints” about their dress code.

The spokesperson of the country’s Ministry of Economy told AFP that the ban followed “serious complaints” about women’s dress code.

A notification sent to all NGOs, a copy of which was obtained by AFP and confirmed by a ministry spokesman, read:

There have been serious complaints regarding the non-observance of the Islamic hijab and other rules and regulations pertaining to the work of females in national and international organisations.

The ministry of economy … instructs all organisations to stop females working until further notice.

Saturday’s order came less than a week after the Minister of Higher Education banned women from attending universities.

Since seizing power in August 2021, the Taliban has progressively imposed harsh restrictions on women.

Afghanistan is the only country on the planet where women are not allowed to go to university. | EWN

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Kubandura 1 month ago

The only country, I like it. And it shall forever remain.

@ fake Machiavelli 1 month ago

Do you know where the name Machiavelli was derived from? Uribenzi you don't deserve to have that name. For your own information, In primatology, machiavellian intelligence is the capacity of an organism to be in a successful social maneuvering and political engagement with social groups. The first introduction of this concept came from Frans de Waal's book Chimpanzee Politics (1982), which described social maneuvering while explicitly quoting Machiavelli. Siya our true Machiavelli ashandise zita iroro coz akangwara kupfuura iwe

ndoda 1 month ago

Afghanistan ****

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Ngavauye Kuno tivape mimba neminda
Apana anozombovabvunza futi

X 1 month ago

I think we should take apart old religions like Islam and Christianity, these are the most oppressive religions in the world & they belong in history, look at those fools oppressing their sisters, wifes, daughters & mother's, do you know kuti according to the Christian bible there is no female angel, the Bible teaches a slave owner how to take care of their slaves & we let our children read that book, as I have said before we need to create a new religion one that is in sync with the current social & technological advancement, one religion for everyone on Earth, this will be very important it will help us stop many forms of discrimination and oppression, it will help on ensuring global peace

Palmer 1 month ago

Religion is division

Fimbasy 🧠 1 month ago

In old times employees were called slaves, the bible never encouraged harsh treatment on anyone and if you let your mouth curse the word of God you are in real trouble

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo bt team remaTaliban iri are devils. And l wonder when ranking Happy countries, Zimbabwe is close to the countries like Afghanistan 🤔🤔🤔

Guka 1 month ago

Don’t be lied to thiz guys are fighting for freedom

John chibadura 1 month ago

Fighting current government which are responsible for poor living in Africa


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