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Swiss Diplomat Says Zimbabwe Needs To Implement Policies That Help Attract Investment

Swiss Diplomat Says Zimbabwe Needs To Implement Policies That Help Attract Investment

Outgoing Swiss ambassador to Zimbabwe, Niculin Jager Friday called on authorities to implement policies that help attract investment into the country.

Speaking at the Swiss National Day, Jager said the cordial relations between the two countries had benefitted the business. NewsDay cites Jager as saying:

The cordial environment has in turn provided a good opportunity for our two countries to deal with a variety of topics.

Zimbabwe has been declared open for business and Switzerland wants to be part of this ongoing development, supporting that agenda of Zimbabwe as it improves.

The implementation of a consistent legal framework from taxation  to investments in agriculture and industry will be key.

From January 2023, we will see Zimbabwe becoming a priority country for Switzerland’s co-operation and development strategy working in the domains of food security, health social protection and governance.

Switzerland continues to be a dependable partner to Zimbabwe’s democratisation and development agenda and we  continue  to support  initiatives such as devolution that aims to bring governance closer to the people  and enhance their participation in daily political processes.

In 2017, President  Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that Zimbabwe was Open for Business, the mantra his administration is using to date.

Critics, however, said meaningful action was lacking on the part of the government to back the rhetoric.

Some of the critics, the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) recently cited the government’s suspension of bank loan facilities and an immediate reversal of the decision as constituting policy inconsistency which had the potential of scaring potential investors away.

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The High Priest 2 weeks ago

what does FDI represent

Noatro 2 weeks ago

Foreign Direct Investment

Dr Pussy 2 weeks ago

The Zimbabwean gvt is just a joke. Its been a joke for close to 2 decades. They dont take advice frm anyone, they continue to fail in managing the country s resources. All they talk about are Visions, Vision 2030,NDS 1, NDS 2, ZIMASSET.Visions without brains.

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

The mantra "Zimbabwe is open for business" has become obsolete. It is now "Zimbabwe is open for corruption".




ABSA 2 weeks ago

they cannot implement those policies coz they are criminals,corruption is in their DNA

zanu 2 weeks ago

Zanu ine eerror, it opens for bbusiness as a propaganda for the benefit of their elites not for the majority

Joe Brownn 2 weeks ago

They're are wasting time the Swiss because we don't have have a gvt here, all we've are terrorists in charge of country's affairs.


Dezveko 2 weeks ago

Ndochokwadi ichi kwete kuswera tichiti open for business while closing recommendations.

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