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Suspension Of PSL Matches Necessary, Says Jere

Suspension Of PSL Matches Necessary, Says Jere

Premier Soccer League (PSL) chairman Farai Jere on Wednesday said that it was necessary to shelve domestic topflight matches due to recurring violence and hooliganism at stadia.

On Monday, 16 May, PSL announced the suspension of all league matches following crowd trouble during a match between Highlanders and Dynamos at Barbourfields Stadium on Sunday, 15 May.

Jere said all football stakeholders will meet to find solutions to the problem of violence and hooliganism at football matches.

The PSL leadership is on Friday expected to host a meeting that will be attended by security officials including the Zimbabwe Republic Police, club security officers and marshals as well as stadium owners. Said, Jere:

The decision which we’ve made is premised on the fact that if you look at what happened at Barbourfields, it happened just two weeks after what happened at Mandava.

We are looking at a situation which is a crisis in our own view after we had sat down and analysed all the factors which are there and some video evidence which is there.

We actually need all stakeholders to sit down and come up with a solution before we move forward.

This happened just two weeks before another derby, CAPS/Dynamos match, which is also another high profile game coming up.

We then decided to have all stakeholders sit in one room this weekend, to see if all of us are aligned and playing their part.

We have to ask questions like are you playing your part as the security guard, marshals, referees and as PSL and see if there’s any need for reinforcement because we don’t want these same problems to keep happening.

These decisions where a lot of people are saying we just fine people and clubs and move on, that has been done for several years and it has not stopped this.

So this is quite a unique decision, which is proper and which is going to come up with a solution to the current problem which we have.

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Drobga 1 month ago

So a replay can do also neutral venue sakubva .

bvanyangu 1 month ago

why suspend all the teams when the rest are not guilty? what's so special about Highlanders and Dynamos?
if those two are problem causers deal with those two only, chete.
bhora haringamisiwi nemapendzi anoda kushandura mutambo kuuita hondo dzavo dzembanje.

fan 1 month ago

@bvanyangu they is no way Dembare or Bosso get suspended

dembare is owned by Tagwirei

2Bosso owned by Obert Mupofu

so these teams are not jus ordinary teams some powerful political elites have shares in those companies .so it had been discussed that whats the way forward the elites passed these resolutions

suspend all psl teams

Tagwirei invested a lot in Dembare all executive got news Rides,He is refurbishing the mbare Stadia which is a Dembare home ground so masmall teams ayo arikufira mhosva dzavatenzi

bvanyangu 1 month ago

solution is to ban both these teams and i can assure our game of football in Zimbabwe will improve.
we dont need hooliganists and tribalists in soccer.
to hell with those.

Asalif 1 month ago

how many days, weeks, months, years do you need to heal and find solutions . and you are the owner of time that it can wait for you to do what you want that is why I say some administrators are incompetent

kelly 1 month ago

aaaaaaaaaa police reacted according to their earnings. vanofirei sevanohora


ABSA 1 month ago

Some Politicians vanema shares kuDynamos that is Why they don't want to Ban Dynamos itself

Farai Jere 1 month ago

l wanted to save my team from relegation. l wanted time to find solutions as caps united football club

Looomz 1 month ago

police didn't react but if it was Bosso there were going to throw teargas and beat fans just what they did in Zvishavane beating everyone wearing black and white some of victims never attended the game but we're just walking or drinking in their resort centres and leisure

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

The solution to hooliganism at football stadia is pretty simple, we all know the problem clubs : Just ban Dynamos FC and Highlanders FC.....simpuru

Ospina 1 month ago

Dynamos fans Ku uproot ma goal post this is football not ruby😂

Bright 1 month ago

These two teams ummmm dzinokonzeresa idzi hilanders yakazviita fti kumandava uko chingodziitai kti dzisatambe oly bcz ummm

Asalif 1 month ago

I knew you will raise that point so have the audacity to do violence because you are the league's most contributor in gate takings my foot your, your teams are the most poorest in the league how many times do you even fail to raise money for affiliation fees, player licenses, player signing on free, salaries all those costs because you act in disorderly manner you threaten admin and technical dept as a citizen we need peace I vote for your suspension or ban then go do your tribal wars outside sports period period

Kleemo klemz 1 month ago

siyazi vele you are always against iBosso if Justice is to be done and will be done suspend and fine the team whose fans threw missiles,assaulted the refree and uprooted the goalpost and give Bosso 3 points it's not difficult to call a spade a spade it happened when the same fans threw missiles when Bosso scored during indepence cup but was swept under the carpet don't complicate things and just suspend the culprits PSL knows that suspending Bosso and Dembare the moneys of gate takings will vanish calls Bosso leads in gate takings

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