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Suspected ZANU PF Activists Detonate Explosives At CCC Rally

Suspected ZANU PF Activists Detonate Explosives At CCC Rally

There was an explosion at the venue where the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa was having its rally this Sunday. reports that the explosion occurred as Chamisa’s motorcade was about to enter Gadzema stadium in Chinhoyi.

The publication reports that suspected ZANU PF activists drove past the venue and detonated explosives sending panic among the gathered crowd.

The loud explosion shook the grounds.

Eyewitnesses said told that “a man in a silver car dropped ‘something’ and a few minutes later it exploded.”

Interim CCC national organiser Amos Chibaya calmed the potentially chaotic situation and told supporters that desperate Zanu-PF activists wanted to destabilise the party’s thank you rally.

The party was having its thank you rally after winning five out of the six local authority by-elections in Chinhoyi’s Ward 2, 3, 8, 12 and 14. Its candidates who won are Patricia Chibaya, Richard Vhitirinyu, Mukudzei Chigumbura, Dyke Makumbi and Chipo Mhlotswa romped to victory.

Th opposition party previously claimed that the ruling ZANU PF was afraid of losing the 2023 elections and was, therefore, resorting to violence to intimidate its supporters.

ZANU PF has in the past denied the allegations that it was assaulting CCC members.

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Citizen raPep naChisa 4 months ago

Yet Sikhala is in prison for inciting violence,not committing violence

Chinoz 4 months ago

Chinhoyi used to be Zanu pf stronghold, now vese vachatira ku UMP.

Yoweeeeee 4 months ago

Zanu will deny & accuse CCC of stage managing the bombing with the advent of the UN conference. Assistant Commissioner Nyathi will tell us that Police believe this is an inside job and Amos Chibaya will be invited to explain what happened. Mike Bimha will exonerate Zanu clearly indicating that his party is a peaceful party that's why the War Veterans conference went on peacefully. George Charamba and Nick Mangwana will tell us that the infighting in CCC is the chief suspect in this bomb. Zanu haipererwe!

pk 4 months ago

wataura chokwadi. Zanu pf kana ichikuda haipotse. bombing was stage managed

Ngwaru Mapundu 4 months ago

Hayiwawo. Feki dzoga. Army, CIO, Police, Air Force. Kwese kune maSniper nema sharp shooter. Kune maCommando ane tactic dzese. Zanu ine mari zhinji yeku haya maSpe****t assassins from over seas. Dai yaida kuuraya Chamisa dai zvakatopera kare.

Ndiyani angaende masikati machena pakazara vanhu kunoita assassination nePetrol bomb apo ari mumotokari yeSilver ine number plate? Kana vada havo vakomana munozonzwa kuti afa neHeart attack ichikwira Mahere. Chenjerai kugofa mumwena werovambira rakazvirarira nemanyepo enyu.

Job Sikhala 4 months ago

don't accuse ZANU PF for that why cz the same explosion took place White City stadium but the ZANU PF people didn't accuse the CCC people or those who belong to Chamisa but now zvaitika kwamuri makuda kutsvaga muroyi kunextdoor tsvagai muroyi mumba menyu imomo kana mashaya mozotibvunza tokuudzai chokwadi

4 months ago

kana uchingomuziva muroyi wacho tauraka,kuda kubvunzwa ndiko kunei.

Citizen raPep naChisa 4 months ago

Iwe Mabasa Sikhala who else has access to an explosive 🧨,haris firecracker🎇 ka iri,either military personnel or maskorokoza,i doubt if it was a dynamite still.

bhuru 4 months ago

ko nhai hama dzanc,,,,, ko akaputisa chinhu ku white city akazonzi ndian..pamwe chakandipotsa

Melody 4 months ago

Bhuru chibaba


dhuterere 4 months ago

Zanu Pf think it monopolizes violence thats the problem if a Nation becomes ungovernable its because of these small acts of banditry that the police chooses to ignore or turn a blind eye cause its perpetrated by untouchable ruling party members.No arrests are made and its utter lawlessness that is tolerated if its done by the ruling party members

Cde 4 months ago

Here goes Mr Small boy and orchestra cry babies again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


ZANU PF boasts of having majority support and yet on the other hand they are clearly terrified of losing 2023 election. The ZRP is folding its hands whilst acts of violence perpetrated by ZANU PF are on the increase.

kniga smerty 4 months ago

@Cde, hupenzi hauendegwi ku chikoro. uudze vamwe vako

Gayigusu 4 months ago

Le asebedlala ngayo manje... bayekele. Badlala ngegeje kuziliwe.

Maparamuro 4 months ago

And you still want people to vote CCC?? M**** chete

4 months ago

Chamisa ngaangosiyana nazvo zvemarally izvi anouraisa vanhu

Kule Kule 4 months ago

pungwe chiwororo muzukuru.

Kule Kule 4 months ago

fambaa muzukuru wangu. takavona zvakawanda nguva ya Simiti. ndozvoita vakagadhiwa gadhiwa

Sorojena 4 months ago

A clear intimidation tactic by Zanu pf. Zanu pf is terrified of losing the polls to a young energetic and well focused Chamisa.

mpukane regiment 4 months ago

the party with the "majority" is petrified of the majority

4 months ago

Zano 4 months ago

ndine jority saka ndinotya ma.jority

XXX 4 months ago

it might be those mining explosives ( mahora)anongoputitswa everywhere these days with gold panners ,

Cmo 4 months ago

Dzungu muchr kuriwanza Zanu PF ndiyo Party yega hre munyka endai motsvaga mari wobaiwa iroriya bhubhubhu


CCC Political Party must expect things of this nature as the Harmonised Elections come closer.

Things like these show that ZANU PF is not sleeping formulating strategies to distabilise CCC political party. The citizens party is urged not to panic, but soldier on.

They should not expect that ZANU PF is going to admit that they are the ones who detonated the device. They will say CCC political party self inflicted itself to blame ZANU PF.

ZANU PF is yawning in the face of defeat. They will do everything in their power to derail CCC political party strategies.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Tozivepiko 4 months ago

Zanu Republic Police (ZRP) are still waiting for word from Mutsvangwa/ Charamba/Mangwana to comment that's if this was not their and the rogue army now filled by the Green Bombers and the so called Criminal Instigators Agency (CIO) handwork.

Job Sikhala 4 months ago

Why is it pazvakaitika kuwhite city ZANU PF isina kuti vavengi vanhu vachamisa now zvakwenyu makuti vanhu veZANU vakatuma aaaah imi tsvaganai pakat penyu ipapo nt kuda kuita interfere nevamwe vanhu

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