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Suspected Thief Assaulted To Death

Suspected Thief Assaulted To Death

Six men have appeared in court on charges of murder after they allegedly assaulted a suspected thief to death.

The court heard that the accused caught the deceased stealing from their colleague’s car in Epworth, Harare and assaulted him.

After realising that the now deceased was badly injured, Elfas and Ernest Mapwanya, Tafadzwa Mafoshoro, Shamiso Madhishi, Trevor Matambudziko and Philani Nkala, allegedly dumped him close to a clinic.

The court heard that the now deceased was taken home by a “Good Samaritan” where he was later found dead.

The six were remanded in custody, ZBC News reported.

In a different case, a 23-year-old man appeared before the courts on charges of theft of a firearm after stealing his uncle’s gun.

Lewis Hlahla was remanded in custody when he appeared in court this Monday.

It is alleged that the accused visited his 78-year-old uncle who stays alone and stole the gun from the gun cabinet.

He was arrested after his uncle realised the gun was missing after the accused had left the house.

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The Taliban 1 month ago

was later found by good Samaritan and where he was later found dead..........
but it is said the deceased was dumped close to the clinic how logical is it that to be taken home instead of taking him to the clinic close by some reportings so leave a lot to be desired

1 month ago

What time does our clinics close

The Taliban 1 month ago

clinics don't close wangu it's 27/7

Zigo 1 month ago

Ko kana angari manheru clinic yavhara,ko iwe wakadii kumu endesa kuchipatara

The Taliban 1 month ago

asi urigweja awuzivi kuti clinic ne police it's 24/7 ndaneta nekudzidzisa vavhu vakuru vaksuta sewe so vakakurira ku ma reserver asiba ma clinics

Tintin 1 month ago

mbavha ine ngozi here?

Kule Kule 1 month ago

kwavhunzwa kuti mbavha ine ngozi here? kududzira kuti munhu ne mbavha zvakatosiyana

Ndlangamandla 1 month ago

asi iwewe urimbava here wangu

Tintin 1 month ago

kubvunza kusaziva but thanks for the reply.

🍆 1 month ago

mbavha haasi munhu here, usaite kunge munhu weZanu

1 month ago

1 month ago



NHUBU 1 month ago

dai mbavha dzose dzichiziwa kuti kuba kunourayisa kudai,

Tintin 1 month ago

dzinoziva...hundururani chete.all this can be solved by industrialization of the nation.vanhu vaende kumabasa Vasa foswe into these desperate situations.7 lives destroyed needlessly.

Abc 1 month ago

Maclinic anovhara omuno muzimb. hameno kwamunogara kwaasinga vharwi.Na430pm ndipo patinovhara.

@ the Taliban 1 month ago

kasi uri e recently graduated nurse aid handiti.

The Taliban 1 month ago

kkkk ask those who know , clinics don't close , there is a team on standby vakuru vangu, who attend to such emergencies

MR POLITICIAN 1 month ago

yes maclinics anovhara na4:30pm bt panenge pachitori na nurse anenge ari pastandby manheru iwayo

Nurse 1 month ago

Nurse iyeye wepa standby anenge achipenga zvekuti dhuu. "Unoti tinorara nguvayi, munemari here yekukwira taxi yangu kuenda kuhospital?"

Good Samaritan 1 month ago

That i didn't know that is why I took him home

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Law has no shot cut, report to the police a save yourselves from jail bars

CCC 1 month ago

maclinic anovhara asi panowana vanosara kuitira venhumbu etc

@me 1 month ago

Mbavha dzawandisa. Nyahuni high school.... 4 laptops stolen today

OG 1 month ago

I think thers is different between clinic and hospital clinic inovara but hospitals hadzivhari

nurse 1 month ago

havanvurire mbavha vanovhurira venhumbu nemaaccident

j 1 month ago

mbava ngairowe kana zviita touraya😀😀

Johnny Walker 1 month ago

hakusisina mabasa vhurai macompany vanhu vaende kumabasa

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