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Suspected State Security Agents Bomb Gukurahundi Memorial Plaques, Again

Suspected State Security Agents Bomb Gukurahundi Memorial Plaques, Again

Suspected state security agents bombed Gukurahundi memorial plaques at the Bhalangwe mass graves site, Matabeleland South province, overnight Tuesday.

The plaques, aimed at remembering the victims, were erected by pressure group, Ibetshu Likazulu.

Its coordinator Mbuso Fuzwayo confirmed the development which follows similar destructions last year.

Fuzwayo said he received calls from local villagers on Tuesday informing him of the incident. Fuzwayo told

As I speak right now, I am in Bhalagwe. Unknown people used explosives to bomb the plaques. We have already made a formal report to the police.

There has been concern over theft and vandalism of Gukurahundi memorial plaques.

Suspected state security agents have been accused of stealing Gukurahundi memorial plaques erected by Ibetshu Likazulu in Silobela and Bhalagwe in memory of thousands of people who were killed during the atrocities.

The plaques were erected in memory of thousands of people killed by the North Korean trained Fifth Brigade in the Midlands and Matebeleland provinces just after independence.

Commenting on the development, oppopsition MDC Allince said the continued destruction of Gukururahundi plagues and cites is a cause for concern. Added the party:

The regime in Harare cannot treat people in this manner and expect continued silence. The past must be resolved.

An MDC Alliance Govt will formulate a comprehensive programme of Transitional Justice (TJ) and National Healing (NH).

Our programme will be based on: i. Victim-centred approach, and ii. Comprehensive, inclusive, consultative participation of all stakeholders, particularly survivors and victims.

We emphasize the duty of the State to apologise for all atrocities. We further call for truth telling and justice, compensation and reparations in the spirit of national healing and reconciliation.

The party added that its programme will be based on the Victim-centred approach, and will be comprehensive, inclusive, adding that there shall be consultative participation of all stakeholders, particularly survivors and victims.

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Game tatengesa 5 months ago


Gushungo 5 months ago


ED My President 5 months ago

You see the problem with this issue is like there are people trying so hard to put a bad name to HE President ED Mnangagwa so much, whilst they forget the law will catch up with them. Every time something happens all fingers point to Zanu Pf dont you ask yourself why, It could be that the same guy who built the structures could be the one causing chaos trying so hard to cause civil unrest within the matebele society. Stop pointing fingers at us, we are as innocent as you.

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Good thing I don't know what that means @Nduweni ­čĄş­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśş

Gundwane Ndiweni 5 months ago

Typical shona response. You people love Zanu too much, you pretend to hate it mdidi yenu

Bright 5 months ago

Asi ummmmm

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