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Suspected Measles Outbreak Hits Apostolic Sect’s Shrine

Suspected Measles Outbreak Hits Apostolic Sect’s Shrine

A number of children fell ill exhibiting symptoms of measles at an apostolic sect’s shrine in Zhombe recently.

Midlands Provincial Medical Director, Mary Muchekeza declined to comment on the matter but local authorities in Kwekwe said they were aware of the reports.

Kwekwe Mayor, Future Titora said investigations were ongoing, but the city has not recorded any cases. She said:

As a city, we have not recorded any cases of measles or measles outbreak. However, we gathered that the outbreak occurred in Zhombe at an apostolic sect’s shrine and investigations are in progress to establish the veracity of the rumours.

As a city, we don’t have any outbreak so there is no need for residents to panic.

A few months ago, a measles outbreak in Mutasa District, Manicaland Province, killed a number of children and the majority of the victims were in villages populated by apostolic sect adherents.

Most apostolic sect members shun immunisation of their children against child killer diseases.


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g 1 month ago

these sects should just be banned

Gwedu 1 month ago

They preach poverty, they promote poverty, they encourage poverty, they manipulate people, they abuse children and women as especially girl child, they promote STIs, the promote non illiteracy, they lie to people that they depend on them, they affect people mentally and emotionally, they trigger psychological problems they can't solve, they violate constitution and Human rights, they promite unhygienic practices, they practice rituals and black magic. ...These white garment churches needs serious intervention before it's too late. Rights are violated under the pretext of religion. Speaking in fake tongued above all,....these are liers, killers, abusers NO. We clact now they are used by zanu to vote for them but killing generations

Complaint 1 month ago

Pindula mukwane mukuisa photo rekwaMwazha kuti zvadii avo vanobaisa vana nekuenda kuclinic isai rekwaMarange inga munaro wani vaina ED isai iroro

sugar boy 1 month ago

apa ndopasina zvechitendero.apa vanotambura hi**** kuchikoro havaendi aaaaaa

mutadz 1 month ago

asi maface a ED asaurayisa vana so

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