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Susan Mutami Says Revealing Alleged Rape Has Unburdened Her

Susan Mutami Says Revealing Alleged Rape Has Unburdened Her

Australian-based Zimbabwean health worker and socialite Susan Mutami said that she has lifted a huge burden off her shoulders by revealing her alleged sexual abuse by President Emmerson Mnangagwa when she was a minor.

In a statement released on 28 July, Mutami thanked those who had shown her their support since she went public about the alleged abuse, adding that nobody will stop her from seeking justice. Mutami wrote:

Beyond me reporting my rape case to the nearest Police Station in my country of Residence, this issue assumes a life of its own which compels me to allow due process to take its own course.

I have taken a huge burden off my shoulders by sharing publicly my ordeal and am very grateful for the empathy and sympathies coming from across the globe, your tears and messages of solidarity have been very consoling and I continue to appreciate your messages of encouragement to stand up to Executive abuse and abuse of the powerful.

I finally mastered my courage on behalf of the girl child and other grown females who may not gather similar courage to share their ordeals at the hands of the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

I can’t censure anyone on social media from debating further, even countering my story on behalf of the powerful but I can assure you no one will stop me from completing the journey of seeking justice I have embarked on, neither the passage of time nor the powers that be in Zimbabwe, this is my story, my ordeal, my experience, and am the witness in the case of my abuser, the President of Zimbabwe. Beyond this let the law take its own course.

Susan Vivian Mutami

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sssssss 2 months ago

law this is your responsibility,do your job, dont judge fake

Addy 2 months ago

justice will be saved

Chris 2 months ago

We all know the courts works with evidence,without that l'm afraid they is no case here.

Dzakutsaku 2 months ago

Oda kuti ape iwe evidence yacho saani. That will be done in the court of law bambo!

nobuyer 2 months ago

mutami is one brave women in the world kashoma kuti vanhu vanosangana nenyaya dzakadai vetaire

Tops 2 months ago

Uyu munhu anoda zvinhu akakura ari ****. Ayirara nemadhara kuti ararame kalife kepamusoro.ana temba muliswa wese ahikwirana navo kusvika pakuendeswa kunze kwenyika nebe.che rake izvezvi akutibhohwa nenyaya dzerape.rape ipi yakaitika used your **** to get to were you are..and now you are using it to tarnish a man's reputation.i don't like ED and never will but this girl is an attention seeking ****..

Nobuyer 2 months ago

President of country not supposed to doing like that ngaende Ku prison

🏹🏹🏹🏹 2 months ago

@mutami you are an ass hole

Gold coins 2 months ago

ko iwe uri chii


Imwe Mbeu 2 months ago

Ko zvekuti Daddy varikuda kutaura something about this ishuwa here 🤔

Maparamuro 2 months ago

Gvt is planning to pay vana mujibha nana chimbwido. Vanachimbwido vese were **** slaves. Every village that hosted ma cdes during the war has kids some who were never claimed by their fathers but the mothers know it's cde so and so.
Political commissariate got all the virgins vaizotevera mumas**** vaiwana vapedza basa. ****ual abuse was always there muma cdes even in those camps in Mozambique. Vana chimbwido deserve more compensation.
Am not surprised Idhi never stopped even today he still does it

ssssss 2 months ago

No this is impossible... why susan asumudza nyaya yake after a long period of time. You cant succeed whilst fighting against the president because he is protected by the law Article 29 established in 1961 as mentioned above by the secret lawyer. l lawyer Mushonga give a concern that susan does not have a clearly evidence, it is very poor to stand for her case accusing the president. You must have a proof to compile a full docket

Stallion 2 months ago

I don't doubt this situation because pane akambonzi I will give you two options navakuru Ava jumping from a tower through the window or sitting on a hot plate abatwa ane musikana wavo munhuka zvinoyitika but chokwadi chichabuda pachena

sssss 2 months ago

She must think and draft before she act because this is not a joke, she will be ended up jailed

Tinohodhesa Chepakati 2 months ago

Ok, rape case tainzwa.
Ko vamwe vese vakakuita waibhadharwa here? Thats my question.

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

IIIDHII is now a fugitive, and Zanu will soon disown him

Gule Wamkulu 2 months ago

Taneta nenyaya ya **** wamkulu.
What was her notice for sleeping with so many

👮 2 months ago

The short arm of abuse will catch up to you by the long arm of the law.

Mnhanga 2 months ago

ED should be arrested

Mr Politician 2 months ago

you vagabond Mutami make sure you are supposed to win this case if you fail he is going to report to the police for deformation of character n u will pay him don't ,wakamboona vanhu vachimhanya spectators they sing n praise the last person instead of the first one why cz they want want to put the stadia in 🔥 n the mom moment you realizes that w
asiiwa it was too late for you to pull out of the race ndizvo zvauchaita when your story backfired back to you n unenge wakukumbira ruregerewo for tarnishing the image of ED Mnangagwa

Girlchild 2 months ago

Iwe politician, EedHii hawumuzivi zvachose. Ever wondered why he never won elections in the Kwekwe constituency. Its because he is a known **** predator who pounces on underage children, especially nherera. Mwana wako is next.

Axe killer 2 months ago



Susan Mutami's satisfaction is in the fact that she has come out in the open about her ordeal. In other words she has released the pressure she has been suffering from.

Whether she receives justice or not, that is secondary. The purpose of reporting was to release the pressure from her mind.

I will give this case 20% chances of success. She should have report immediately although she was afraid of the accused who held a ministerial position in government. Investigators can no longer find scientific evidence on both the complainant and the alleged accused.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

wajali 2 months ago

rape is 1 v 1 others are supporters of evidence like those who were told after the incident
if you had ****ual intercourse with a woman you will not succeed in denying that she will tell you the whole act and embarrass you
so ndezvavaviri

Kkresident 2 months ago

The accused is a known rapist, murderer, extotionist, looter, invader, rigger, thief, fraudster, polygamist and all the other acts of darkness.

Muntuza 2 months ago

Hapana, hapana war vet risina kumbo raper mukadzi during war time. That habit persisted its now done in offices. That compulsive ****ual disorder can be cured though, if they come in the open.. Kudos to Susan who had managed to pluck up courage by opening up the gist of the matter that kept eating through her conscious. Mohadi had been doing it, he got exposed, and threw the towel in disgrace like a good sinner who admits that he sinned

Junior 2 months ago

Rape is a very delicate subject , but i would not love to view this as not an attempt to taint the image of our beloved leader i simply will not have it

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