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Susan Mutami Reveals More Details In Alleged Sexual Abuse By Mnangagwa

Susan Mutami Reveals More Details In Alleged Sexual Abuse By Mnangagwa

Australia-based Zimbabwean socialite Susan Mutami on Friday repeated her claims that she was sexually abused by President Emmerson Mnangagwa several times from the time she was only 15 and in Form Three.

Mutami further claimed she was sexually abused by Mnangagwa’s political ally Owen “Mudha” Ncube.

She narrated claims of abuse by Mnangagwa mainly in Shona in a four-hour Twitter Spaces that she hosted on Friday.

Twitter Spaces is a feature on the microblogging site that allows users to have live open and unfiltered audio discussions or any and every topic and conversation.

It was listened to by more than 13 000 audience members, an audience enough to fill an average small stadium in Zimbabwe, such as White City, Sakubva or Mucheke, reported The NewsHawks. Said Mutami:

I met Mnangagwa during a sports gala, where he was a guest of honour. He was driving a green Jeep and greeted me as his niece. I did not want to humiliate him, so I played along.

He then said ‘when you close schools come to the party office and see me. Just say you want to see sekuru when you get there’.

Mutami said she did not visit him during those holidays, only to later meet him by chance. She said:

In 2004 when I was in Form 3, I bumped into him again at Wimpy in Kwekwe. He asked why I didn’t come to see him.

He went further to ask if my fees had been paid in full view of all people who were there.

He gave me two million dollars in bearers’ cheques, which at the time was what teachers were earning. He was in the company of his long-serving aide, Temias Shumba.

. . . The next time that I met him, he was in a car and he showed me his privates and asked me if I knew what it was.

He said ‘chinonzi chinhu chadaddy’ (this is daddy’s stuff). We were in the car; he used to drive himself so he asked me to touch his penis. It was the third time I was meeting him.

In 2004, during the second term holidays, we bumped into each other again. Those who know Mnangagwa know that he used to hang out at Golden Mile Hotel with the likes of July Moyo.

He took me to Golden Mile Hotel. I was so innocent at the time and did not think he would do anything to harm me.

That is when he slept with me. I did not tell anyone. He actually raped me because I did not consent to it.

He insisted that he would only do it once or twice. He did exactly that and the next thing I had blood all over.

He said you are now a grown woman you can no longer play with boys because you will fall pregnant.

Mutami said she didn’t speak about the abuse for many years as she feared being judged and retribution. She said:

All of Mnangagwa’s colleagues like July Moyo and security aides knew of the abuse.

Mutami said that when her father died in a car accident on 24 May 2005 when she was in Form 4.

She said her mother then enrolled at Morgenster to upgrade her nursing qualifications, while her siblings enrolled at boarding schools.

Now that she was left alone, Mnangagwa offered to pay her fees and asked her to move to his Sherwood Farm in Kwekwe, she claimed.

Mutami said at the farm, Mnangagwa continued to sexually abuse her, although he was allegedly also in a sexual relationship with his accountant, who was also staying at the farm. She said:

[First Lady] Auxillia [Mnangagwa] did not like the fact that ED was helping me with school fees and I didn’t tell her that there was something going on.

So she was so mean and rude. One day she spilled water onto the bed where I slept with the maid at 2 AM, and she asked us to wake up and clean the house at that time and we woke up to do that with the maid.

She once beat me up asking who between ED and Shumba (his aide) I was sleeping with. I was in so much fear and I couldn’t say anything.

She brought out a gun and told me that she was once a CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and could kill me. I was only 16.

Mutami said the sexual abuse continued even after she had left the country for Australia. She said:

Whenever I came back from Australia, ED would book me at Meikles. The first time (upon my return) he wanted to sleep with me, I asked for protection because of the grapevine of his HIV infection.

He left the room unhappy after asking me where I got the audacity to ask him for protection.

Contacted for comment by The NewsHawks on these various and serious allegations, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, said this was mere, gossip. Said Charamba:

We do not deal with rumours at the President’s office. I have nothing more to hide.

More: The NewsHawks

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kule 3 weeks ago

Rine manyanga hariputirwi. I Modus Operandi yevakuru iyi.

m.b.o.r.o 3 weeks ago

kanonyepa kajoki kaChamisa aka

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

Spill the beans Sue

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Ndave kutombodawoo kurara newe Susan. Anyways, these stories are fabrications from a sick mind. Look for sympathy somewhere else you harlot. Only Fadzai Mahere can sympathize with you coz you are both harlots. Pasi ne CCC MDC ne MRP

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

Another fool is denying already 😈

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

Hwiza youmwe i bhiza roumwe 😂😂😂

😂 3 weeks ago

@blue 😂 The truth hurts 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 your hero is mmmm what can I say 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

Brainwashed people are defending already, it's a shame shame, shame on you bootlickers

mother 3 weeks ago

Pindula pliz... tinnyorerewo kut limit of 30yrs recruitment for nursing is too much lower.... Govt ngaitibatsire isvitse pa35 years


Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

kkkk haaaa apa abva azvibatisa ega kuti arikunyepa kkk angati Owen Ncube, Sibusiso Moyo,ED,Themba Mliswa ,Chamisa etc kkkk nyaya yake yakadhakwa uyu iye aitonosangana nemunhu waanenge achiti arikuku raper then you keep going kwaari does that makes sense

Pablo 3 weeks ago

How would ED know whenever she was coming to Zim? What a cooked up stosr?

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

The same he knows that "nyange kudenga hakuna hurumende yakanaka se zano"

3 weeks ago

We need evidence babygirl

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

anayo, ndosaka kusina kana one wavo anoti pweeeh 😂😂

Tambu 3 weeks ago

Chiyi chakayita kuti Kembo Mohadi ayite resign. Anyway lets hear what the man himself has to say "Vasikanad vanobviswa umhandara nevene vavo"

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

I like the way she cooks her story. So fascinating into could be turned into a motion or become a bestseller. What arouses me z how Zanu have been beaten to their own game. Ndozvinoita Zanu kana ichinge ya ini propaganda overdrive. Sue u are a star. These Zanu thugs have been lying for 42 yrs telling us hw Rex was burnt by a candle, Sydney Malunga died of a black dog,how the 3 CCC girls kidnapped themselves,that Pius Jamba naMorebless malovers. Nhasi zvakunzi wakati touch this penis Tafadzwa akupenga hanzi ndiChamisa akutuma heeeee Mahere what what.

@blue 3 weeks ago

The truth 😂 will come out 😂 and you will look like such a fool that you are 😂 😂 😂

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Susan is not a Star, she's a lying hoe. Don't praise such lies from a serpent like her. EDM is going to sue her, ooh Susan, may you never sey foot on Zimbabwean soil again. You hoe!!

Gwedu 3 weeks ago


Help 3 weeks ago

Dzave kubuda.Come 2023 Suzzii all along why were you quiet haticha ziva chokwadii

🔥 3 weeks ago

Were there is smoke there is fire 🔥
The truth shall prevail.

totito 3 weeks ago

Vana Mugwadi, Politician naana Blue vanogona kutsidza kuri E.D.I.O.T. akas.u.r.a. zvinonhuwira se perfume

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Vachiti sika sika naFadzi Mahere pasina maV11.
Iyi one evidence uchanzwa havo defence ichapihwa😝😝😝

Help 3 weeks ago

Dzave kubuda.Spill the beans.Why were you quite all along Sue.Patinozosvika 2023 ummm God prevail.....

Cart 3 weeks ago

You are not the hourouble Machiavelli why can,t you use your own name

Tintin 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂 new zanu pf slogan 2023 'chinonzi chinhu chadaddy' 😂😂😂pindulians make this popular😂😂😂.zanu pf makanyanya

Totito 3 weeks ago

Chinhu cha Daddy Pfeee

Tintin 3 weeks ago

new zanu pf slogan 'chinonzi chinhu chadaddy'


These details are fascinating and shameful. In my last comment today on this case I asked Mugwadi not to be Spokesperson for this smear criminal case.

Look and listen how Charamba commented on this matter. He said in short he can not comment on rumours.

In actual fact Charamba refused to be drawn into His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa's personal private life. This is a clever way of answering from an experienced spokesperson.

Despite George Charamba saying the story is rumour, this story is no longer rumour because it is being told by the victim.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Pindirai 3 weeks ago

Ummmm God Prevail

3 weeks ago

Kkkkkk chinhu chadaddy 2023 pfeeeeee

Gafa 3 weeks ago

ED achati ekee vakadzi ava ask Kembo naKedha...kkkkk

muzimbo 3 weeks ago

kwahi even mudhara Pomona, Belarus, July moyo vanozviziva, kkkkkkk go Susan go

Tawoking 3 weeks ago

ngapinde hake mukomana🕴🕴🕴🕴


The story is now interesting and fascinating. Citizens are getting the nitty gritty of the love affair. This morning when the story first appeared, I urged Tafadzwa Mugwadi not to act as a proxy as the case was more of criminal that it was political.

Analyse Mugwadi's comment and George Charamba's comment. Charamba said he was not interested in commenting on rumours. This is no longer a rumour because it is now being told by the victim.

In other words George refused to be drawn into His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa's private and personal life. This was clever of him unlike Tafadzwa Mugwadi.

Tafadzwa Mugwadi acted like a lunatic implicating Chamisa, overlooking their own factionalism in ZANU PF.






Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

gweru 3 weeks ago

achenjere kudisappear

Gushungo 3 weeks ago

Iwe Blue unoda kurambira mukuru, asi uri ngochani yake unoziva kuti haaiti zvevakadzi

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

nyange zvakaitika munozo mudii president muma African countries like anana Zimbabwe musina rule of law. kakanzwa neku**** nema dhara mhani kamukadzi aka.

Zuze naZuze 3 weeks ago

Pane ma Hűŕé atichakupai
...m nezvirwere zvacho
Pamberi neZANU ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

Pamberi ne Zanu PF, pasinw the immoral serpents dze CCC. What a poor attempt to tarnish the image of the president. Where's the proof to her stories? She's just one prostitute with PTSD looking for relevance and having strings pulled by Mahere rimwewoo huuere and **** Chamisa. Vote Zanu PF

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Susan unoziva here kuti 🇿🇼ZIMBARE🇿🇼 yaseva nehuku nhasi???

jus a quick one Suzie, please young sister, ask GOD to help you stay away from the dirty game aka politricks...

Comment 3 weeks ago

Yangu ya editiwa zvakare 😂

Help 3 weeks ago

ummm God prevail

Susan 3 weeks ago

My account has been hacked

🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 3 weeks ago

Tell me what can i do
to live in the GLORY
you presence is sweet
please show a sit
i wanna WORSHIP you my LORD 😍😍😍

chris 3 weeks ago

Iwe Jamaica now is not the time,we have serious issues here😁

Jenarari 3 weeks ago

Chinonzi Chinhu ChaDaddy

Crocodile 3 weeks ago

Chinhu chadaddy haa inga zvavo nyika iyi yakaita sei chaizvo yakasekwa namwari here

Observer comic 3 weeks ago

No wonder the scarfman is always seen with mapostori....they love young girls

Malaba 3 weeks ago

Where are the V11s

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

Shame on ED and his subjects they all took turns to abuse a young girl are they not ashamed. Zanu-PF terrorists must fall.

Little_missy 3 weeks ago

Hanzi "his grapevine HIV infections"😲😲😲 hoo nhai......

🐗 3 weeks ago

but I still can't believe you still danced with the whole camp,I wonder how the whole camp is feeling to discover that the same mine was mined by almost potential miner.
You should have closed the mine for all to mine on it, didn't you know about the mining rights.

bvananguy 3 weeks ago

this woman! phew!!
1) themba mliswa
2) sibusiso moyo the late
3) bombshell, kikikikiki

🐗 3 weeks ago

but still you should have shutted down your mine for every makorokoza not to just dig in

Mazibeka 3 weeks ago

Susan, you are admitting that you are a prostitute. I can see you were coming from a poor family. You ud'sedbottom power to be recognized by all this men. Infacct you used mnangagwa to get the top politician. I guess all these shinanegans were not for free. Wapihwa mari and, support. Now that they do not support you. You are exposing them. You think ccc Wil win already you have shifted goal post. You are a disgrace you two faced ****.

🧑‍✈️ 3 weeks ago

#unfollow hereon here pages

Tete 3 weeks ago

Ko varidzi ve "chinhu chadaddy", vari kuti chiyi vana Auxiliya na Roice.

DaCool 3 weeks ago

that is he is an ****

Susan 3 weeks ago

Joking guys. follow me on twitter

Chris 3 weeks ago

Hello Susana

Kudzanai 3 weeks ago


MuSabatha(SDA) 3 weeks ago

I hate zanu pf to the core. But uyu Susan Mutami is anenge atori worse. We have no business with her line of exs. We all have them, no need to publicise that. If she was wronged or abused those yrs back, why was she silent abt it? Sounds like the T Freddy - Makuti Mubweza scenario. This lady is just a character of loose morals who is just after publicity and fame. Otherwise her allegations and exposures must just be ignored dismissed by any normal preson.

legislator 3 weeks ago

zvanyadzisa , vakomana havarambigwi ava 🤣🤣🤣🤣

i 3 weeks ago

mwana iwe unonyanyonaka zvakadii chaizvo

DaCool 3 weeks ago

ED is an Ediot

SmallHouse 3 weeks ago

Samson akadonhenzwa ne maHure, mumwe arikudonha apa ne Chinhu Chake😁😁😁

Aratiji Yesi 3 weeks ago

Handiti maiti take take naFadzai Mahere musina V11 honai iro V11 against Chidaddy chenyu riri kutotaura rega🤣🤣🤣🤣V11 rava kubwereketa.
Kwahi zvinonaka garwe kana richikwevera dzimwe mhuka mumvura kana iro rodzvanywa mhino roti munoda kuti ndifeme sei?
😂😂😂😂😂Daddy femai nekumanyuwa

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

I cannot dismiss this story, Duggish 4Cups did it at his VP office akawumburudza tuvasikana twaishanda nacho muhofisi, snd ended up leaving office prematurely and in disgrace. Zvekuti Chamisa hee kutii, s just a distraction, this s purely a Zanu pf factional plot based on facts. 4Cups was honest enough and left office like a good boy.

Rumble in the jungle 3 weeks ago

The skeletons are now tumbling out of the cupboard.Dr Stop it was right and we thought she was delusional when she was giving us a hint on what was happening and how the ruling party officials were abusing young girls.Ivo mai vaiziva zvaiitwa nababa bt chose to keep quiet.She is complicit is this matter as well.Ndoohunonzi utsinye uyu.Jst imagine ari mwana wako

gggggg 3 weeks ago

Zvonyadzisa izvi.Guys do not try to defend utsinye hwakadai.Mangwana wako mwana ndiye achadashurwa sinhi.Mwari tibatsirei

vunduka 3 weeks ago

chi ed chine hiv 😉vadara vanopenga ava

dodo 3 weeks ago

hazviko, siyana naED uyo. hausi mhandara hausi

Ricky Tarzen Khenedhy 3 weeks ago

hnt vakatobatirira,ko now vakuzvitaurireyi plus ukunyepa futi

s.b Moyo 3 weeks ago

haaaaa face iyooo takaiita yegandangaa , , , kuita kukachinjanisa kamwana akaaa tese

s.b moyo 3 weeks ago

kaiita kutenderedza skongoo kumadhara iwawoo vachiurayana vegaaa

musvirist 3 weeks ago

haasi kunyepa rape inogona yakaitwa ngatisarambira munhu ,munhu munhu anozviita

musvirist 3 weeks ago

akazviita kudya chinhu chemwana

Handizi John Chibadura 3 weeks ago

Handisapote zanu kana ed wacho but how did you keep on "bumping" into ed???

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Tripple C ne Dembare zvadadisa this weekend 😂

Alpha 3 weeks ago

Usatinzwe mwanasikana menge manyeperana muchifunga kuti mobuda bhobho pasi newe nevakutuma

e 3 weeks ago


povv 3 weeks ago

mwana uyu arikuda kuedza kunyatsotii

Chris 3 weeks ago

126 comments and counting 👀

Oops 3 weeks ago

Oops, Seems my country needs a saviour. Else maybe this wench is talking **** just to defame our honour.

Chibwe tedza 3 weeks ago

Trababulus mabhunu musamurambire uyo akarova stonyie yemwana n all thoz those dharas .

Pamusikana one moodya muri vangani ?. Saka why not them .
They must go to hell

doc wekwa zvimba 3 weeks ago

look what happened to R,KELLY

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Kungoti hatisi kuAmerica. Dai kwenge kuri kuAmerica, vamwe vakuru taiti vagarira nhanzva. Dai vapinda paChimbetu

Bangwela 3 weeks ago

susan futi. Saka wakauraya vanhu vakawanda ne **** kkk

Zuze 3 weeks ago

... nemukondombera?

Zvakanzi naBaba Harare,
"Mazuvano kune Corona, A.I.D.S. haiuraye,
Famba mudhara..."

Dude 3 weeks ago

Susan was prostituting and she knows it ,

Mazibeka 3 weeks ago

Susan trapped Ed with her lies of being disadvangeed, not having anyone to send her to school, akaeoendeswa ka kuschool Kuya akapa sa here ? No haana kwake aingoda kujwirwa no kupihwa mari, she thought kuti Ed Wil make her his second wife, ko paigara kupurazi mai vake vaiti arii mwana ane15years, suzie kadzimwe nhema dzako dzogumbura. You are so daring, at such a tender age wakanogarapamba peumwe mukadzi uchirara nemurume wake. Auxillia has gone through a lot. Suzie urigindagoria, getegete, garinya risina machira, even the way you are attacking the president shows kuti wavemhuka yemusango. Chiara chaicho. You are full of Roth, bitterness because no one married pavarume vawaitengesera,. You thought the moment you start talking the president will give youvharamuromo. Susan you are broke. You failed to get money from Temba now you are destroying his uncle. May they never give you anything you two-faced ****. I resent your character. Juga dzako idzi dzakadhakwa. Let me warn whoever you are dinning with, they will regret ever having dealings with you because you are a chameleon, before they know it you will be singing another tune. Watch out for the sounds of amad woman.

XYZ 3 weeks ago

Mazibeka apenga samia Sorobhi.
Do I understand from the last 2 posts by Mai sorobhi that Temba is Susan's handler?
Is that why Temba said he dated Susan to obtain intelligence?

Nyaya yacho yakora muto. Heavy soup.

Mazibeka 3 weeks ago

Temba Bata imbwa yako iriku**** paruvanze

wasu 3 weeks ago

honhai ndosaka team risingabve muzvikoro nhai chionai manje

nyemba 2 weeks ago

ummmm that is why Temba akakudzinga apa wakunyepa kuti une matwins na ED maidanana waizobvirei Australia muchisangana kana wanga usingadi ****i ka**** une mishonga iwe wakaromba kambwa kemunhu

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