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SuperSport United Striker Kuda Mahachi Claims The Boy Is Not His Son

SuperSport United Striker Kuda Mahachi Claims The Boy Is Not His Son

Suspended SuperSport United star Kuda Mahachi has claimed that the boy he allegedly abused is not his son.

The Zimbabwe Warriors winger claimed that he carried out secret DNA paternity tests, which proved that 4-year-old Diego is not his.

He accused his ex-wife, Maritha Ndlovu, of having sired the child during an adulterous relationship with a cross-border courier/transporter locally known as oMalayitsha. 

The Zimbabwe Warriors forward was suspended by SuperSport United FC following reports that he scalded Diego with boiling water, allegations he denies. He alleges the 4-year-old boy was assaulted by goblins. 

Diego sustained injuries which resulted in his right foot being amputated.

Mahachi is also alleged to have smuggled the minor back into Zimbabwe through another malayitsha to avoid facing justice in South Africa.

In the letter addressed to Maritha on May 9, Mahachi’s lawyers Tanaka Law Chambers, said:

Our client further advises us that you were angered again by the fact that he took a child you alleged was his for DNA test, and the test revealed that the child was not his and confirmed that the child belonged to one of the malayitshas that our client used to ferry groceries to you. Equally, we are advised that for a number of years, our client has been maintaining this child. 

Speaking to the Sunday World, Maritha said Mahachi was crazy. She said:

He is mad. When I saw the letter, I was shocked. The child is his.

I have never cheated on him with a malayitsha. Those allegations are laughable.

Mahachi is also facing allegations of domestic violence after Marita filed a case at Norkem Park police station in Kempton Park, South Africa.

According to Maritha, Mahachi broke her hand and assaulted her following a domestic dispute when they were still together.

However, Mahachi’s lawyers are claiming that all the charges are frivolous. They accused Maritha of plotting to tarnish the SuperSport United star’s image as payback for ending the relationship

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chamisa 4 weeks ago

kuda i don think if you have been to a doot step of a school classrom,even if the child wasnt yours that does noy give you the room to kill him,look at the boy now a leg being amputated achaitei muhupenyu,you are devil himself,i wish if supersport can dump you nd any other football clubs tione kuti tumarands twaunodafa natwo utuwanepi wakushaya chero bond kuno

aaàa 4 weeks ago

kuda ifuza chairo shuwa

Tuchel 4 weeks ago

Handina kumboona fuza rakadai ini.Nyaya iripo ndeyemupisi wemwana.Kwete zvimwe zvese zvekuhumana izvi.Diego akapiswa nani?Simple.Zvoķuti hee magoblins, hee ndivanasister,hee mwana haasi wangu hatinei nazvo zvese izvi.Kwana Mahachi.

mama Bee 4 weeks ago

saka ndozvawakadirira mwana mvura nekuti haasi wako?

Tinashe Mugabe 4 weeks ago

Munechokwadi here VaMahachi

Busymark 4 weeks ago

Kuda you are **** , more than i thot. Is that an excuse to this case😂...Mwana hapana chaanozya ufunge.

🤷 4 weeks ago

what an ****ic man on planet earth


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

I said it ftom the beginning that Mahachi will be left penny less by lawyers 😂 now it means he poured hot on the child after DNA results ncch the guy is so **** to say such in court. its now goblins 😂

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

Kudakwashe Mahachi should also be charged with "human trafficking" because he trafficked Diego back to Zimbabwe.




SC 4 weeks ago

who is the presiding judge over this matter, who is investigating it? this case has gone for too long yet no real story on the table

Imwe Mbeu 4 weeks ago

Tinashe Mugabe would be more than happy to assist.

Bright 4 weeks ago

Don't call him e worriur ngatorambidzwe kutambira nyika kwacho fti

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

I do not believe that Kudakwashe Mahachi engaged really lawyers. These should be Bush Lawyers. Real lawyers would not have have advised him to follow the defence line he is taking. Is Mahachi admitting that he scalded Diego because he is not Diego's biological father Question mark nga ? UUUMM this case is more serious than meets the eye!!!!! I do not believe that Mahachi is telling the truth that he conducted a secret DNA test. In any event, the court shall not accept his secret DNA test results. It is going to order a fresh DNA test, results for which are going to help the court to formulate its judgement as to whether Kudakwashe Mahachi scalded Diego or not. Diego's story is fast developing into fascinating scrpt. I do not think Mahachi still has a football career to talk about in South Africa because the story is being followed up attentively there.




Malema Julious 4 weeks ago

Comrades stop thinking like kids. Here in SA we have agreed not to let that **** brother MAHACHI stay anymore all play soccer. He is totally inhuman, I personally am willing to assist with funds to pay for real DNA tests, but besides the results of that DNA tests, the brother of ours doesn't have any right to scald the young boy. Imagine if someone is suspended from soccer games simply for kicking his own cat, what about this Kudas's case of scalding a small boy like that one? That's the end of his career I tell you.

sekuru waBona 4 weeks ago

@chawabvunza in my opinion kuda lawyers are better than those of the ex wife

the wife is revealing a lot to the public instead of shutting up and letting the lawyers do the talking

she is playing to the gallery and enjoying the support yet case chaiyo is played in the courts not on social media

kuda will win this

Imwe Mbeu 4 weeks ago

Here's a fact Mr, The Bush Lawyer I know (WILLIAM SONBOY CHINEMBIRI from the CSAZ) was better than Kuda's

Actor 4 weeks ago

Abuse is Abuse zvekuti hee haasi mwana wangu hazvishande. urimuroyi kuda.

Murozvi 4 weeks ago

So Kuda is trying to justifying the abuse of the child because of the DNA results? The lawyers are not doing a good job for Mahachi

Murozvi 4 weeks ago

Only DNA authorized by court is admirably

sekuru waBona 4 weeks ago

@murozvi l think nyaya yepaternity yabuda pamaintanence apo hangu

🤔🤔🤔🤔 4 weeks ago

Can you please keep this story behind the Desk now please 🥺

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