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Sugar Beans Farmers Demand Fair Prices

Sugar Beans Farmers Demand Fair Prices

Sugar beans farmers in Chipinge have threatened to withhold their produce until they get acceptable prices from buyers.

The farmers accuse middlemen of ripping them off, taking advantage of the scarcity of buyers and offering them only US$0.70 per kg.

Farmers in Middle Sabi, Chibuwe and Musikavanhu Irrigation Schemes have started selling their sugar beans but are not happy with the prices being offered by middlemen.

One of the leading producers of sugar beans, Saymore Majuta of Musikavanhu Block Five, said the production of sugar beans is now an expensive venture and farmers need a fair price. He said:

As farmers, we agreed that we will not sell our beans for a song. These middlemen are getting more than what the actual farmer is pocketing and we are saying no to that daylight robbery.

We are looking for serious buyers and we hope to strike a deal soon. Growing sugar beans is now an expensive venture.

Imagine a 50kg bag of top dressing fertiliser is going for US$70 and then someone wants to buy a kilogramme of our produce for less than a dollar.

Chairperson of Middle Sabi Farmers Association, Skumbuzo Thondlana warned middlemen against shortchanging farmers and urged buyers to come up with realistic prices.

Chipinge District Extension Officer, Tapiwa Chagwesha said farmers should form syndicates when selling their cash crops.

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Karimatsenga 1 month ago

It's not fair ngavape vanhu mari dzavo dzinovaitira

ttt 1 month ago

kana usingadii kutenga gara kumba kwete kuda kubira vanhu

Hallmark 1 month ago

Daylight robbery,

acm 1 month ago no gentle man let's be fair.we all want profit.

Mwana waMambo 1 month ago

Mbavha dzezanu dzava kungopinda pese pese dzichibira vanhu. They come as though they want to help, but later on zvinenge zvatova zvekuginyabvura vanhu. Pasi nembavha dzazanu

Sabhuku 1 month ago

matombowana arikuda kukupa USD moda kuComplainer futi, endesai kuGMB munopihwa rtgs mumame

sugar boy 1 month ago

kkkkk havapiwi Hana cent

sugar boy 1 month ago

but guys let's be fair.cup ye beans inoita $ saka anotengesa anenge aihodha nemarii plus transport

Zuze 1 month ago

Cup ye beans is 250/300 grams. 1kg = 3-4 cups.
@Sugar boy usataure zvakadhakwa. Resale @ $1 per cup gives return of $3-4/kg


Sabhuku 1 month ago

Beans kunaka. Beans dzodhura. Beans ngaibhadharwe mari yayo pa munhu. Maibata??? Haisi nyore kushava

Kanye 1 month ago

Sugar beans that are grown without fertilizer taste better,even vegetables some crops don't need it.

. 1 month ago

suger beans, ndo beans beans chaidzo.

Shatrisha 1 month ago

Zvichikonzereswa ne Zanu

Shidha for setekumbe 1 month ago

Haa bhinji kunaka bhinji waiziwa beans beans

You 1 month ago

Ichiri beans here

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