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Subscribe To DStv If You Are Not Happy With ZBC, Says Minister

Subscribe To DStv If You Are Not Happy With ZBC, Says Minister

Deputy information minister Kindness Paradza said that the government has licensed new television broadcasters and those not happy with ZBC could always switch channels.

Paradza was responding to Harare East MP, Tendai Biti (CCC), who had said ZBC was failing to comply with the Constitutional obligation for impartiality and diversity of views in its news coverage.

But Paradza argued that the government has liberalised the airwaves by licensing two television channels, 3KV and ZTN Prime, as well as Tanzanian satellite broadcasting company Azam TV. Said Paradza:

We have given licences to six competitors and two of those privately owned national, commercial television stations are on air.

We have 3KTV, ZTN News which is on air and we also have another from East Africa which is already on the market here. That is why we have these media reforms and they are working.

On top of the six national commercial radios and television stations, we also have given out licences to 14 community radio stations, and 7 campus radio stations and these community radio stations are language based.

3KV is owned by Jester Media Services Group while ZTN Prime is owned by Zimbabwe Newspapers and both channels are only available to DStv subscribers.

Azam TV is similar to DStv in the sense that both are subscription television companies owned by foreigners which demand payments in foreign currency.

Challenged by Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent) on the absence of balance in news coverage, Paradza said:

The good thing is that we now have a variety of outlets. If you are not happy with ZBC there is 3KTV, ZTN and there are online publications that is print media, and there is electronic media.

Hon. Mliswa, you want different views on ZBC, it is not only on ZBC, even in newspapers.

No one is denied access to ZBC, as a journalist myself it is about the quality of the news, it is what we are calling newsworthy or not newsworthy that is the bottom line.

So, if you are shouting and so forth, it is not news and you will not see yourself on television.


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Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Then please don't force us to pay ZBC licenses

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Vote ccc If you are not happy with Zanu. minister

Myself 3 weeks ago

I Zim yethu leyi ungan kusesithenjini ay

Matange 3 weeks ago


Dr Ders 3 weeks ago

This fool does not know tht ZBC is funded by us taxpayers. He thinks its ZANU PF property

napiri 3 weeks ago

Chokwadi ndingaone 3ktv inobhohwa seztv ini ndabhadhara 20$,ndotosarudza kuona s.a .b.c

ZimCitizen 3 weeks ago

We are waiting for Reuben Barwe aka ZBC to comment on the abuse of Susan Mutani by the powers that be

zimcitizen 3 weeks ago

Ichokwadi ichocho, waita hako Zuze

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Unochembera zvisati zvaitika izvozvo.
DeadBC is not likely to run this story.
The consolation is that 13,000 people listened in on Twitter, and more are now getting the news via other electronic media

As for DeadBC, you will get grey hairs before anything critical of ZANU gets aired

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

uyazi lelilizwe lilodwa emhlabeni jikelele, yikho ngaze ngathi ngelinye ilanga khonapha ku PINDULA, IZIMBAMBWE kungathi yiyo yodwa ilizwe okuthiwa yi Africa 😂

indlela esisokola ngayo langendlela abanye abanothe ngayo akuhambisani lakanjani, yazi tholukuthi umuntu ongakhoni ukubala lokubhala engadlali ibhola unothe ukwedlula abalama PHD 😂


Doug 3 weeks ago

Even the poor who can only afford zbc should be respected and be given balanced reports. There is no need for anyone to feel abused because he or she is too poor to afford pay TV.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Tell me
what can i do
to live in the GLORY
you presence is sweet
show me where to sit
i wanna WORSHIP you my LORD

me 3 weeks ago


Z. B. C 3 weeks ago

Zanupf Bootlicker's Club
🐓 🍭.

Crocodile 3 weeks ago

Minister achitaura zvakadhakwa kudaro kutaridza kuti vanhu havana hanya nevana veZimbabwe apa kunetsera naradio license nxaaa kurwara njere chaiko

Mwana waMambo 3 weeks ago

Nonsense paradza. Kuzonzi kindness, hazvitare chiro nehunhu hwako uhwo. Benzi

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

anaKindness Paradzayi kkkkk confusion yegayega

Bona Mugabe 3 weeks ago

ndosaka takatenga tuma open view kkkkkkkkkk

Rundofa 3 weeks ago

Paradzayi chiparadza zanu from inside..kkkkindness ummmm.

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