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Stunner Speaks After Being Found Not Guilty Of Domestic Violence

Stunner Speaks After Being Found Not Guilty Of Domestic Violence

Local hip-hop artist, Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme has released a statement after a Harare magistrate found him not guilty of domestic violence charges that were being levelled against him. He was being accused of assaulting his wife Dyonne Tafirenyika (23), in a dispute over a cellphone. In a statement seen by Pindula News, he said the accusations were fabricated to tarnish his image. Reads the statement:


On Friday, July 15, Desmond Chideme was acquitted/found not guilty of domestic violence and/or assault at the Harare Magistrate’s Court.


The ruling, though a cause for celebration is bittersweet as it ends a regrettable chapter in my life. I would like to make the following known, and for the public record. I am innocent, and it has now been proven. The allegations against me, as has now been proven in court, were wholly false, completely fabricated, and engineered to tarnish my image, take my voice away, lower my esteem in the eyes of the public, impact my income, and punish me for raising legitimate concerns about my marriage, which has now rightly ceased.

While I was distraught at the beginning, I found comfort in reflection. I realised quite quickly that I was not alone, that many men are subject to malicious persecution by prosecution.

Being arraigned before a criminal court is undesirable for most men, who choose instead to settle or plead guilty and receive a fine. Several women in this country are weaponizing the judicial system knowing men do not have a voice anymore, and that men, bent on protecting their family, often opt out of the brutal arena that is a criminal trial.

I experienced this first hand as false allegations were plastered all over social media. I was hamstrung – unable to respond as my case was sub judice. I swore that this had to change. That I would not live on my knees.

I made the choice to not fight in the court of public opinion, but to fight in the court of law, where the argument is not emotion but fact, truth, and law.

This fight came at great cost, but I believe in making right by history and vindication. I did not assault the mother of my child, and history and the justice system will have it on record forever – that I am innocent.

I made the choice to prove my innocence, whatever the cost, not for me, but for every male victim of malicious allegations out there.

Lastly, I would like to thank my lawyers, D Mthombeni and partners for their tireless work to clear my name and all those that believe in due process, those that did not rush to wild conclusions, and those that knew in their hearts of hearts, that I am many things but not an abusive man.

My focus going forward is on my career and my business and being a perfect father to my children.


Desmond Chideme

Pindula News

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ho 1 month ago

oh not young stuner 😂🤣

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Dear Stunner. Failure of the prosecution to prove the State's case beyond reasonable doubt does not mean that you did not commit the offence. Either, the state bungled somehow, did not have credible witnesses, the complainant was inconsistent in her evidence or there was no medical affidavit proving that there was an assault. So your lawyer might have latched onto any of these procedural technicalities, thus securing your acquittal. I remember you cried in court but now you want to show false bravado. In any case, it was your lawyer who did the fighting for you. Now get ready to pay maintenance for your child in US Dollars.

parasite 1 month ago

You are not guilty in the eyes of the law but what about in the eyes of the Lord?

Zvazvanga zvingori 1 month ago

The men who believe in ED,ndozvamunoita nhai kurova hanzvadzi dzedu pamadiro,wobva wamurambira kuri sei wakanoreporter uri Duzman Dezmond.Uchaiona nyaya yacho

bvananguy 1 month ago

failing to prove a case in court is no excuse, it means there was no case.

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Inini zvangu ndichiri kumudoubter Desmond uyu

mama Bee 1 month ago

Mwari ndiye anoziva chokwadi uroore vezera rako iwe


As I Am 1 month ago

Women are now using the system to get revenge against men and to make things worse most men are in jail because of lies. If the court fond Stunner not guilty bravo to the court system

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