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Striking Teachers Receive Suspension Notices

Striking Teachers Receive Suspension Notices

Teachers who have been on strike since the 2022 first term started on 7 February started receiving their suspension notices on Friday.

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) confirmed that its members have started receiving suspension letters.

In a statement yesterday, ZIMTA president Richard Gundane said the union will make all efforts to protect the interests of its members. Said Gundane:

We further request that those of our members who have been served with suspension letters or those who are not our members but have been served with suspension letters and want to join us forthwith, must without delay send their suspension letters to their respective Provincial Executive Officers who in turn will forward such letters and where applicable membership forms without delay to Head Office.

We urge our members to remain calm during this period as we make all efforts to advance and protect their interests. Believe in us.

This came as the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC), which comprises Government and civil servants’ representative body, the Apex Council convened in Harare on Friday.

The meeting was called to deliberate further on the Treasury offer on conditions of service for public sector workers.

The Treasury this week announced a 20 per cent salary increase for all civil servants including part of the salary converted to US$100 cash, as well as school fees allowance among other non-monetary benefits.

Civil servants are however pushing for the restoration of their pre-2018 salaries that were pegged at US$540 per month.

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3 months ago

💪💪💪Very Muscular 3 months ago

Mirai muone kunoenda nyaya musangowawata

The Terraces 3 months ago

Since the matter is now with the Courts the Suspensions are null and void. HHandizvo here izvi

Sponono 3 months ago

Pamberi ne zanu pf

Pamberi nekubatana

Pasi na ccc


3 months ago

Tkt 3 months ago

@Patiekays iwe benzi iwe, wakambo ona chinopiwa umwe mwana vamwe vachi nyimwa hr, uite mushe iwe

Gaffer 3 months ago

Usatukwe vamwe iwe vagabond

Patiekays 3 months ago

Zvimwe tingataure hedu 540 yuwesi zviroto, aad the government will never bow down to such an amount, the government knows this will trigger unrest in all the other civil servants departments.....

Mark 3 months ago

Neniwo coz haaa chokwadi chataurwa apa

Leigh Seania 3 months ago

Uyu ndimkoma vangu chero pasina pic hukama hwanhuwirira apa...

Kilimanjarooo 3 months ago

Viva ZIMTA but hamusimi here makaenda kuno tengesa mamembers enyu,when,you,were called alone for the meeting? What now is this?

Anyway, i believe you have since discovered kuti hapana zvamaka ita though i had backed you initialy that was before i had analyzed the outcome whereas i shot back khonapho khonapho

Represent your members fairly not rushing into putting signatures

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