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Stop Unwarranted Price Increases, Mnangagwa Implores Business

Stop Unwarranted Price Increases, Mnangagwa Implores Business

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged businesses to desist from unwarranted price increases by taking advantage of global inflationary pressures.

Speaking while commissioning the US$20 million state-of-the-art Highland Park Shopping Mall in Harare on Wednesday, Mnangagwa said:

I wish to urge the business community to remain ethical in their conduct in the wake of emerging global inflationary pressures affecting our economic environment.

The unwarranted price increases we have witnessed from some manufacturers and retailers must stop.

The development of shopping malls such as Highland Park provides scope for increased production by our local manufacturing sector.

In this regard, I exhort the retail sector to strengthen its linkages with the productive sectors of our economy so that we promote a culture of manufacturing in Zimbabwe in order to ensure our consumers can buy locally produced goods.

The first phase of the Highland Park Shopping Mall will be occupied by 23 retail shops comprising South African retail giant, Pick n Pay and many other small and medium enterprises.

The project reportedly created employment for over 450 locals during the construction phase.

The President added that the project will contribute to Harare’s endeavour to attain smart city status. He said:

This particular project, which is along one of the development corridors designated by the City of Harare, will contribute to the city’s quest to attain smart city status.

It is undoubtedly a key initiative by the private sector, which complements Government efforts in increasing our stock of infrastructure as well as uplifting the standard of living for our populace, through increased employment opportunities.

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Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I want to thank His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa for imploring and reminding manufacturerrs and retailers that they should stop increasing prices unnecessarily. However, this is not the first time I have heard His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa imploring business people to stop increasing their prices unnecessarily. I recommend that it is high time His Excellency, the President, takes further action because him as a listening President he has listened to the grumblings of the people. Therefore, further action is now required.




xxx 1 month ago

it wil not be surprising to find out that Ed and his friends are share holders of companies ari kumusoro kwese supply chain.

gmhgv 1 month ago

zvagara ndizvo

Mmmm 1 month ago

"unnecessary price increases"
Viability is a fact of life for business so price increases are not an unnecessary measure.
Government created the inflationary inviroment so he must fix the economy first.

Da Truth 1 month ago

Precaution measure number 1 . Let's fire Muthuli Ncube .And see

GODINI 🏬 1 month ago

but kodwa akengibuze when will we see Byo development that will see the mall of godini project being serious taken.
And kanti vele litsho ukuthi Harare is the only place that requires development ngiyazidlulela nje ngiyabuza 🤔🤔🤔

Da Truth 1 month ago

@Godini my friend relax , sleep well and rest .Harare Vic falls are the only places developing in zimbabwe bcz tinogare Harare isu mbinga dze Zanupf and amakhiwa onge Aya buys lemali e Falls .Bayadhlela baya natha khonapho e Falls .Ungakhali 2023 around the corner bro . Masvingo 👻 town ,Mutare ,Gweru , BULAWAYO zero hakhula lutho . Welcome to zimbabwe .

Zuze 1 month ago

Mr. President Sir, stop price increases.
Get the economic fundamentals right and the prices will stabilise automatically.

Kana mazvitadza siirai vamwe vanozvigona


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