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Stones Follow Children To School

Stones Follow Children To School

A family in Masasi Village under Chief Marange’s area in Mutare District has had no peace for the past few years as an alleged avenging spirit has been wreaking havoc.

The Chikukwa family told The Manica Post that family members are being pelted by stones, while invisible beings are biting, pinching and assaulting them.

The invisible beings are also reportedly taking food from the children’s plates and setting mysterious fires on family members’ clothes.

Twenty members of the Chikukwa family, most of them minor children, have since left their homes for a small shack to protect themselves from the stones.

The family says when they are in their cabin, they cover their bodies with thick blankets to avoid being injured by the stones.

Speaking in an interview with The Manica Post on Wednesday, Webster Chikukwa (44), whose sons Wellington (20) and Washington (15) were the first to be attacked by the stones in 2019, said:

It started with pebbles. After a time, rocks followed Wellington, even at school.

The stones would destroy our home, including the roofs. The attacks are unrelenting.

We have been to a lot of prophets, but the stones follow us there.

In fact, the prophets who have tried to assist us have also been attacked.

We sold the only cow we had in an effort to solve this problem, but nothing has changed.

The stones have been following and attacking everyone wherever we go.

It got worse for Wellington and I had to leave my job in Mutare to come and be with my family in these trying times.

The stones are destroying our houses. As if that is not enough, our clothes also catch fire out of the blue.

Chikukwa’s two sons have since dropped out of school because other children at Masasi High School were caught in the crossfire. Said Wellington:

The stones would just rain on everybody, but the pinching, biting and assaults from the invisible beings were only directed at me.

I would cry out loudly and people would just stare at me without offering any help.

My teacher is the one who advised me to inform my parents of what was happening to me at school. I have never set foot at school again.

The classroom was torture for me. The attacks were worse in class, even for my younger brother. We both dropped out in March last year.

A teacher at Masasi High School, Matthew Rwanga, confirmed that the Chikukwa brothers were forced to drop out of school by raining stones.

The matter appeared before Chief Marange where it was revealed that Chikukwa’s cousin, Vincent Chikukwa, allegedly murdered the late Rimen Jaramani while panning for gold in Odzi in 2019.

It is suspected that Jaramani’s avenging spirit is causing the problems in the Chikukwa family.

The Chikukwa family’s patriarch, Benjamin Chikukwa, reportedly paid an admission of guilt fine of three beasts to Chief Marange.

However, the alleged avenging spirit is demanding seven cattle and five goats from the Chikukwa family. Headman Nemasasi confirmed the issue. He said:

The Chikukwas have agreed to appease the avenging spirit. I gave them two days to do that and they should be back here on Saturday because they are being attacked by the stones day and night.

We all fear for their lives. Something needs to be done as soon as yesterday.

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Marcus 1 month ago

mm mm mm mm this is srs pakaipa apoo

sugar boy 1 month ago

it's a lesson to zanu-pf.dont kill pipo this can happen to you

queen 1 month ago


Dubs 1 month ago

Ginious wava kuda kukuvadzisa Magaya seizve. Anobva yasara yava yake nemabwe acho iwayo.

Chareka 1 month ago

Haa pakaipaa

Ginious 1 month ago



Ginious 1 month ago

Endai KwaProphet Magaya.indaaa makapusa mhani.

The Bush Lawyer's Nephew 1 month ago

🤔what a scary story

Bibi 1 month ago

But Vincent chiona zvawakonzeresa manje

😏😏😏 1 month ago

boo here mu upstairs mako umo usatinyangadza

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

Shona vs ndebele 1 month ago

Linjani **** othu..... Lamande enksi

𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗮𝘇𝗮 1 month ago

....𝗔𝘁 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝗸𝗻𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻.

Jinx 1 month ago

So, a human life is worth seven cows and five goats, according to this 'spirits' logic 🤣, ****in hell

ngozi inoda kuripwa 1 month ago

the earlier the better,do as per instruction
if u keep being evasive ,going to churches,consulti g prophets u are doing no attention to th problem at hand
u have to sit down the whole clan mobilise the livestock and surrender

STALIN 1 month ago



😁Linjani MaShona lama Ndebele

Bleh 1 month ago

ko maporofita hagoni kuzwipedza here

h 1 month ago

gegege seka zvangu hanzi vanorapa manyoka nekusunga misuri

Jimmy 1 month ago

haaah manje ma 1

terry 1 month ago

mukurapa manyoka nekusunga musuri bambooo
iyo ingozi inoda kuripwa simple
chivanhu chinopera nechivanhu

gweru 1 month ago

haa pakaipa

mukwasha weBocha Mafararikwa 1 month ago

Mr Mathew Rwanga is our neighbor in Mutare i phoned him he confirmed that ,ngozi dziriko anhuwoyee

Felistas 1 month ago

ndinokumbirawo number yavo i need to help

people 1 month ago

pakatoipa manje

mukwasha weBocha Mafararikwa 1 month ago

yes,kutozvimba chaiko ,hanz vaitofuga musoro coz aisvika kana nekumeso

People 1 month ago

Do the stones physically injure them???

people 1 month ago

prioritize to Pray

ABSA 1 month ago

Strange things always happens in manicaland

mubocha wekwaMutare 1 month ago

zviro zvachooo

mubocha wekwaMutare 1 month ago

maiwee arumeka zviro izvi zvinode kukasikirwa chaiko ngekuti chiro chinozi ngozi hachizi kumira musheba usatamba ngekutemwa ngemapuweba arume zvakaoma

263 1 month ago

kkkk language iyi inondikomborera hangu kkkkk

chanzy 1 month ago


Kaunda Itimu Abraham 1 month ago

Mmm, pakaipa apo.

Asalif 1 month ago

anaMutape vazviita zvekare zuro ndizuro vamwe vaidyirwa sadza poto dzeiraswa ngemasauce haaa ndiSekuru Ndunge wakude zviro zvavo

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