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Stella Chiweshe Deserves National Hero Status, Says Clive Malunga

Stella Chiweshe Deserves National Hero Status, Says Clive Malunga

Jenaguru Arts Centre founder and musician Clive Malunga says the late mbira music queen, Stella Rambisai Chiweshe, popularly known as Mbuya Chiweshe, should be accorded national hero status for her contribution to the arts industry.

Malunga described Chiweshe as Zimbabwe’s global music ambassador who popularised mbira, marimba, hosho nengoma. He said:

Mbuya Chiweshe was the Zimbabwe music ambassador and world-class artiste, who popularised mbira, marimba, hosho nengoma across the globe.

One of Jenaguru Music Festival’s founding members, Mbuya Chiweshe was a strong pillar for women musicians in Zimbabwe, who represented women at most major events for artists.

In appreciation of her prowess in music, Mbuya Chiweshe was crowned queen of mbira music at Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield, Harare, and was honoured with a 21-carat gold star.

She was also to be conferred with an honorary degree in 2002 by the University of Zimbabwe through a Jenaguru Arts Centre initiative.

The queen of mbira music deserves national hero status, as she was a patriotic cadre of Zimbabwe. May her soul rest in peace.

Chiweshe was born on 8 July 1946 in Mujumi Village in Mhondoro.

She succumbed to cancer of the brain on 20 January 2023 at her Kuwadzana home in Harare. She was 77.

Mourners were gathered at Mukwesha Homestead in Chinyika, Goromonzi, Mashonaland East province. | NewsDay

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2 weeks ago

I totally agree with you Clive There is this music guy who was made a provincial or liberation war hero who I think when compared to mbuya Stella Chiweshe is nowhere near her

2 weeks ago

Soul Jah Love!

sound bwoy 2 weeks ago

nuff respect Clive!
the challenge is the definition of a hero according to the powers that be...
did she sing praises to the elite/ruling oligarchs, party?
like Soulja love?

Fred 2 weeks ago

Praise the ruling class /party to get hero status

Doug 2 weeks ago

She will be given the honour after she is buried. We will be told that the request for the status was delayed.

Nzou🐘 nyangwe irere hombe ihombe 2 weeks ago


Sorojena 2 weeks ago

I think artist must set up a burial site to honour their artistic achievement rather than politicizing their names when they pass away. ZIM has failed to honour most of her heroes because of bad politics, it's an insult to honour mere musicians ahead of our gallant unsung heroes..

Dispenser 2 weeks ago

According to Zimbabwean philosophy a national hero is a war veteran. The reason why we are advocating fr change. Misinterpretation of terms is e reason why we backward as a nation. We want a scenario where if someone feels he or she is constrained, simply step aside and others a chance. Not to sing e song of sanctions without solution.


Snr 2 weeks ago

Arsenal vs man utd how far

fan 2 weeks ago


101111 2 weeks ago

man u 4_****nal 2

H 2 weeks ago

Inga makwikwi

gora 2 weeks ago

May soul rest in eternal peace zororai murugare gamba remagamba

gora 2 weeks ago

May soul rest in eternal peace zororai murugare gamba remagamba

2 weeks ago

Final result Arsenal-3 ManU-2

H 2 weeks ago

Aaah inga Arsenal iri serious this season

2 weeks ago

Brain Cancer =Bute .

Siyoyo 2 weeks ago

all musicians angori magamba, Sauro {Ngwendeza} akanzi igamba wani😁😁

chimusoro 2 weeks ago


Tee1 2 weeks ago

If jah luv was a provincial hero vanofanirawo kutarisa pana gogo ava

Gwen yaMbira 2 weeks ago

why would we want to associate her with that blood thirsty lot?

dee~tales 2 weeks ago

Though i don't believe nezve heroes acre hangu, but u cannot say Stella is a hero ne song yake 1 iyoyo

Forichman Gwenukwenu 2 weeks ago

Stella chiweshe is comrade

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