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Stealing From The Poorest Of The Poor: Ex-minister Kagonye Found Guilty

Stealing From The Poorest Of The Poor: Ex-minister Kagonye Found Guilty

Former Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Petronella Kagonye has been found guilty of stealing laptops that were meant to benefit schools in her constituency in Goromonzi South.

Kagonye was on Wednesday found guilty of the charges she was facing. She was remanded in custody for sentencing.

In convicting Kagonye, Harare regional magistrate Vongai Guwuriro said the former minister failed to account for the twenty (20) laptops donated to her in 2020 during the course of the trial. Said Guwuriro:

Her defence that she donated them to the less privileged is a far-fetched argument that does not make any sense.

It was in her mind to think they were for less privileged ones. She failed to account for the other 17 and accounted for three, which does not tally with the explanation she gave in court.

According to documentary evidence, 20 (laptops) were for two schools and they were left in the hands of the accused for distribution.

She sent the first begging bowl saying that she wanted to donate the laptops to schools and the court is in a quandary as to what makes the targeted beneficiaries change.

The State led by Zivanai Macharaga called for a custodial sentence saying by stealing public funds, Kagonye committed a serious offence. Said Macharaga:

Accused is accused of stealing public funds which is a very serious offence and Zimbabwe’s ranking on corruption is very bad and the reputation of misappropriating public funds is very bad.

These laptops were meant for rural schools in Goromonzi South where the poorest of the poor learn and she was responsible for social welfare.

The people of Zimbabwe had entrusted the welfare of the poor into her hands and she was the last hope of the poor.

She took advantage of that trust and stole from the poor. I have not seen, possibly in our society, that a minister responsible for the poor steals from the poor.

Through her lawyer Rungano Mahuni, Kagonye pleaded for leniency saying she was a first offender and a breadwinner in her family.

Mahuni argued that Kagonye never stole the laptops in question saying they were donated to the intended beneficiaries.

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Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

HE, the fish rots from the head

Seed Loaf 3 weeks ago

Kkkkkkkk anozviti breadwinner wokudiiko nekudhura kwave kuita chingwa.

dispenser 3 weeks ago

That's not what we want to arrest people bz they are no longer part of the system.Are yu saying today there are no ministers involved in corrupt activities . seriousness is by arresting those who are aligned to current gvt to show commitment

Legal Eagle 3 weeks ago

Its true that we have become a nation of thieves. Chinoendesa vanhu kujeri is not ma likes, social media reports and strong sentiments.You need to lead the evidence in court.
Convictions for corruption are few because courts required irrefutable evidence.

Prestige 3 weeks ago

Get it from me
- 12bnUS was never an amount gotten at once as some think
-12bnUS was the total amount of money Zim got from the sale of minerals primarily Diamonds followed by Gold from the period 2009-2015
- large amounts of this money were traded by the State in exchange for the Hard Cash that was in circulation
- So basically Former Finance Minister Biting and his then team of technocrat did not realize that they were hood winked by their masters into believing that the deal was okay yet it was just milking the Country's resources

Well I know bcoz I'm a ZANU-PF supporter muchati I hate ccc asi chokwadi ndicho ichi

Bcoz we had no local currency 💹 the only source of it was to buy it. But how do you buy without Cash? You Swap with what you have iya inonzi Barter Trade.

The other chunk of it went through payment of civil services salaries, government other programs including the 2013 elections as we all know kuti that is the most expensive thing

Musapikisa bcoz hamuzive

Wakeup guys Let's support the Zimdollar thru thick and thin. Ngati shandise Mari yedu as is without listening to politicians they just want power unlike economists

Cable Guy 3 weeks ago

Strong words so areu saying in essence now the mineral s are in short supply what does mean to the ordinary zimbabwean today


Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

These are good examples. Former Minister Kagonye must be locked up for a long period. She is not the only one. Citizens now look forward to seeing and hearing the Kagoros, the Mupfumirais and the Moyos sing the same song in court.

ğŸ‘ŽThis is what good citizens say:




mai simba 3 weeks ago

*The difference between $1 RTGS and US$1 is so huge that, even if you earn $1 rtgs per day, you still won't have US$1 in one year.*

ZimCitizen 3 weeks ago

What an observation. At the rate that it is depreciating, no one will catch up with the US$ in his lifetme.

Bones 3 weeks ago

20 Laptops?Translate us$15 Billion “iya yakazongonyararwa “to how many Laptops?

Zim 1 3 weeks ago

kagonye angoitawo munyama wake hapana arinane muZanu PF

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

ngavasiyane ne musikana uyu mhani madhara aya! zvingani ko zviri kubiwa munyika muno since 1980. $15 billion yakango rova zvikapera zvakadaro ana Marry varikurwara asi hapana ari kumbo sympathizer naye kubvira kumurume wake ne vese vaaidya navo. Ana Gono vakaba zvingani ko and all those fat cats in zanu pf. Pettty ndiye abva anyanya kudiiko nhai? haiwaaa tibvirei apo .What a failed system!

Dirigsme 3 weeks ago

She will be given a suspended sentence. And the other part of her sentence will be served at Chitepo School of Ideology. Gwara remusangano. She will be in the same class naChebundo naRirian Timveo. God bress the 3rd first redhi.

User 3 weeks ago

A breadwinner in her family....singenaphi thina?

mafirakureva JoJo chenjera 3 weeks ago

why charge corrupt people selectively

noone is bigger than Zimbabwe s laws
first charge and put in prison all those who looted diamonds in chiadzwa 15billion can revive our country
arrest those smuggling gold chrome and platinum out of the country instead instead of just pleasing a donor to fakely arrest one of your own
sungai mbavha chaidzo murikukwata kaa ....citizens know amungavhare vanhu kumeso nyaya chaidzo mukuviga mukai arisi vana vadiki tiri kukuonai

SC 3 weeks ago

Obviously most of these were given to relatives who are in school or in business. Are we ever going to have a patriot in Zimbabwe? A person willing to put the well-being of Zimbabwe or the interests that benefit the nation at large before family, friends, the rich etc

ppp 3 weeks ago

no to corruption,no to abusing public funds(for the poor the bad part of it)
hatina tsitsi chokwadi

Observer 3 weeks ago

The quality of our ministers leave a lot to be desired like our MP's who have failed the people. Let's hope she goes to jail.

The Adjudicator 3 weeks ago

Sacrificed on the political alter to cover up for the big fish.If this had happened to Chihuri, Mupfumira,Mpofu, Obediah Moyo, Henrietta Rushwaya, Delish NGUWAWA,Karoro etc it would be commentable.

Advocate 3 weeks ago

Very true.Mr president has to be serious on this one.Every currupt Minister mujeri pasina rusarura haaaaa vanenge vagona.Manje sooo

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