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Stanbic Bank Donates A Solar-powered Borehole And A 10K Litre Tank To A Hospital In Wedza

Stanbic Bank Donates A Solar-powered Borehole And A 10K Litre Tank To A Hospital In Wedza

Stanbic Bank has donated a solar-powered borehole and a 10 000 litre tank to Mt St Mary’s Hospital in Wedza, Mashonaland East.

The donation is part of the financial services provider’s commitment to complementing the government’s health delivery services obligations.

The Standard Bank Group subsidiary’s Head, Brand and Marketing, Palmer Mugavha, said the donation was in response to a call by authorities from Mt St Mary’s Hospital who were facing challenges in accessing a constant supply of water. Mugavha said:

It is a fact that the non-availability of running water can heavily compromise service delivery within our health institutions because running water is critical. As Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe we appreciate this fact and hence we committed to the provision of an independent water source that would ensure the Hospital operations are never disrupted due to lack of water.

Last year alone Stanbic resuscitated a maternity operating theatre at Sally Mugabe Hospital as well as refurbished the recovery room. We handed over a haemodialysis machine to Gwanda General Hospital and 400 blankets to Harare Children’s hospital as we continue to support  the growth and sustainable development of public health services in Zimbabwe through Ruyamuro-Usizo.

Over the years, Stanbic Bank has supported the nation’s health institutions through its flagship health initiative, Ruyamuro-Usizo.

Mt St May’s Hospital Doctor-In-Charge and Wedza District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Herbert Bandiki, expressed gratitude adding that the water would be used in the various sections of the health institution.

Dr Bandiki said the 140-bed hospital attends to over 89 000 patients from Wedza District, Masvingo and other areas.

He said while every department needed water, the maternity wing is the worst affected because the institution offers free service in that section.

The demand for water is very high given that over 13 clinics in and around Wedza refer their patients to the Hospital.

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Sabhuku 3 weeks ago

Ma scarf anga asipo here......? Hohhh zviya haasati aamunyika LOL

,. 3 weeks ago

...Arikumbotorwa ma selfie na Blair naana Drogba kuKigali

@stanbic bank 3 weeks ago

musatambise mari uko.ipai CCC mari iyo kwete kutambisa mari.mbwa dze vanhu.

Mdara Odza 3 weeks ago

140 beds for over 89000 people? Our nation is underequipped as far as health institutions are concerned

Roman Catholic 3 weeks ago

The hospital in Hwedza is Mary Mount Mission Hospital.
Mount St. Mary's Hospital is in Rushinga right next to the border with Mozambique

Chigondo 3 weeks ago

I am Catholic but apa watinyadzisa
Mount St Mary's is in Wedza.

hyt 3 weeks ago

ummmm @ Roman Catholic warasika mt st Marys ndoyekuhwedza the Mary Mount ndoyekurushinga

Chamhamha 3 weeks ago

@ ko ukateerera zvirikutaura vamwe vako nhai ndobva paMazowe Bridge apo. Kuno kuMt Darwin kune Mary Mount. ZveHwedza handingazive

Roman Catholic 3 weeks ago

@hyt ndiwe warasika munhu waMwari


Chigondo 3 weeks ago

Haunyare kuita nharo nezvausingazive.
Marymount is in Rushinga

Mary.. 3 weeks ago

Ku Wedza ndiko kumusha kwa Jenerari, vanovazve Minister of Health vachivezve Vice President venyika ye Zimbabwe.

hyt 3 weeks ago

@mary mt st Marys itori munzira kuenda kumba kwajenarari

Gwedu 3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

PVC 3 weeks ago

ndopatakadzidza kuwedza

Sabhuku 3 weeks ago

this is nothing compared to the money they steal from the public

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