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SRC Welcomes FIFA Ban On Zhoya... Wants His Enablers To Be Sanctioned

SRC Welcomes FIFA Ban On Zhoya... Wants His Enablers To Be Sanctioned

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has welcomed the FIFA ban on former ZIFA Referees Committee secretary-general Obert Zhoya over allegations of sexually abusing female referees.

FIFA, through its Independent Ethics Committee, on Friday banned Zhoya from all football-related activities for five years and also ordered him to pay a US$20 000 fine.

Addressing a press conference in Harare on Saturday, SRC board member Karen Mutasa said they want to see Zhoya’s enablers sanctioned as well.

She added that they were hopeful that the police would also expedite investigations on reports made against ZIFA board member for development Bryton Malandule who chaired the referees’ committee, while Zhoya was the secretary. Said Mutasa:

Obert Zhoya did not harass in isolation; these incidents are not peculiar to him alone, especially in football.

He operated in an environment and culture that enabled him to confidently and blatantly prey on vulnerable women knowing full well that his deeds would be covered up by his colleagues within ZIFA.

Those enablers must also be brought to account as they are accomplices.

Failure to act on allegations of sexual harassment was one of the reasons SRC suspended the Felton Kamambo-led ZIFA board in 2021.

ZIFA CEO Joseph Mamutse also stands accused of failing to act on reports by victims. Said Mutasa:

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) welcomes and endorses the decision of the FIFA Adjudicatory Chamber of the Independent Ethics Committee in its decision on September 1, 2022.

The Ethics Committee found that Obert Zhoya had breached FIFA’s Code of Ethics concerning sexual harassment and accordingly banned him from football for a period of five years, effective immediately.

Zhoya resigned from his post on the referees’ committee in April this year following pressure from the SRC.

One of Zhoya’s alleged victims claimed that she had been “humiliated, intimidated and degraded” after he reportedly asked her via WhatsApp to spend the night with him in a hotel. | The Sunday Mail

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Celestial 3 weeks ago

Pindula murume wekushata uyu hamuna pic rake ririnan hr plus ndibaba va @ dott dott mwana wekuraper

,,, dott 3 weeks ago

Celestial,, ziguvhu rinehonye , ndosaka iri mubva ndiripi

celestial 3 weeks ago

chama mhat a iwe wanya haifungi nyi ni yako

Chikumba 3 weeks ago

Mjolo wakurumbira wapedza madhara

Observer 3 weeks ago

One of Zhoya’s alleged victims claimed that she had been “humiliated, intimidated and degraded”'s evident from this pic

Amber 3 weeks ago

@Observer wataura chokwadi, kana neni ndaitoonawo sendadzikisirwa dai ndakanzwaro nemudhara uyu😂😂😂

Biden 3 weeks ago

If its a police case targeting known individuals why drag the whole football family into the case forcing fifa to suspend Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 jeopardising careers of thousands some who are now selling drugs, just to survive,


Tateguru 3 weeks ago

FIFA did well but I doubt SRC integrity in their baseless accusations. They want ZIFA, the real ZIFA executive out of way in order for Fifa to lift the ban on Zimbabwe. That is not the way to go.

Jason Ndlovu 3 weeks ago

What enemblers is SRC talking about?
What's got in SRC veduwe?

Jamutingo 3 weeks ago

Hurumende nekunyara kuti avana ground rekutambira ma international matches nesasi ravo rekuvaka nyika ndokuti bhora ngarivhagwe.this was a plan by zany to avoid the humiliation of playing home away from home.simple kwete zvese izvo

dispenser 3 weeks ago

Jamutingo, yu seem to be very reasonable. Humiliation against e mandra nyika inovakwa nevenevayo.

Doug 3 weeks ago

There is nothing to celebrate as this guy resigned in April and was not part of the FIFA ZIFA after that. He resigned possibly knowing he had a case to answer. It is not surprising that FIFA took this long to sanction him, just as it took long for it to suspend us from international football just as we thought they were not going to.

Muporofita 3 weeks ago

Good news. Ko wekubata Susan Mutami toita sei naye.b

pk 3 weeks ago

susan ari pabasa
hakuna munhu anogara pamba paVP asingaite zveIntelligence. akatowana nzira yekupinda nayo mumapato nemaOrganisation achiwana information yatirikuda kuno kuzanu


I want to thank FIFA for taking very strong action on Obert Zhoya for his role in abusing women referees.

But the biggest is still to come, that one of Felton Kamambo and others. Police and courts must expedite the completion of this case so that Zimbabwe is rehabilitated into the international soccer fraternity.

Secondly, Zimbabwe has no stadium currently suitable to host International matches. Officials responsible for stadiums must grab this opportunity and renovate the stadiums upto the international standard


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

Zhoya might have his own medicine to drink but the truth of the matter is that, Kamambo's board must be reinstated immediately so as to open the doors for our players. Zanu-PF's SRC must be disbanded for it being used to kill our sport by ruthless and destructive Zanu-PF.

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