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"SRC, FIFA Suspensions Still In Force," Despite ZIFA EGM

The majority of ZIFA councillors on Saturday, 23 April, voted to recall the association’s president, Felton Kamambo, and two other board members, Philemon Machana and Bryton Malandule.

The ZIFA Congress, however, retained the rest of the executive committee and appointed Gift Banda the acting president.

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was presided over by ZIFA lawyer Chenaimwoyo Gumiro. 45 of the 58 Congress members attended the meeting.

Kamambo, Machana, Malandule and Stanley Chapeta were all invited to answer to charges levelled against them but they did not turn up.

Premier Soccer League chairperson Farai Jere, Women’s Soccer League chairperson Barbra Chikosi as well Sugar Chagonda were asked to respond to the charges levelled against them and were all spared the axe.

ZIFA vice president Gift Banda, whose suspension by his colleagues on the board had been lifted a month before the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the ZIFA board on 16 November 2021, also survived the chop.

The availability of Banda, Jere, Chikosi and Chagonda would ensure that ZIFA would continue to be led by a duly-elected board as the four officials are enough to make a quorum.

Gumiro, however, said the SRC and ZIFA suspensions are still in force. Said Gumiro:

This was an internal process which does not change much regarding the situation on the ground.

The SRC suspension remains in force; the FIFA suspension remains in force.

So what now needs to be done is to ensure or convince the SRC to first lift the suspension of the executive committee and also convince FIFA, because, remember, there is a condition on the FIFA letter that they can only lift the suspension (of Zimbabwe) upon the reinstatement of the Kamambo-led board.

The ZIFA Congress is expected to write to the SRC this week to inform them of the latest developments.

After that, SRC will review the situation before any re-engagement with FIFA happens.

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Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago

Kamambo must be reinstated full stop

tkt 3 weeks ago

haa ndezve chihwai izvo, kamambo kamambo kudii kwacho, viva srs viva #kamambo must go. PERIOD PERIOD PERIOD

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Hauna simba racho Dhokotela

Kamambo 3 weeks ago

Itai henyu zvamunoda muchanditsvaka ndisinga chabatiki kunge chitunha che covid 19


Dzvamu 3 weeks ago

Do the honourable thing SRC withdraw your suspension of zifa and reinstate kamambo and his board. Let kamambo finish his term. Surely his image is shattered. He will never win a second term. After he finishes his term you then file criminal proceedings against him without putting the whole football fraternity into jeopardy.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

@Chidhumo & Co. ZIFA has lost faith in Kamambo. He was voted out by 43 of 45 ZIFA delegates. That's democracy at work. Why should FIFA go against the 'owners of football' in Zimbabwe?

The issue of SRC does not arise here. SRC suspended ZIFA because it couldn't account for funds disbursed by the Government of Zimbabwe via SRC. That matter is with the courts an therefore sub-judice. And that issue I'd not under discussion here, ad are matters if harassment.

So my dear friend (unfortunately you chose an alias of a criminal), I understand the basics. You don't understand the basics.

FIFA, from it's own acronym (Federation of International Football Associations), should deal with associations and not individuals such as Kamambo. ZIFA has said Kamambo is out. Its not the SRC that has fired Kamambo. Don't confuse issues.

Steven Chidhumo 3 weeks ago

@Machiavelli I think it's high time you understand basic stuff, what's required by FIFA should be don't, if you decide to do otherwise the country's football will be dead. Why not bring back Kamambo and his team back? SRC should be disbanded

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Kamambo is intransigent, combative and not remorseful. There's no room for Lone Rangers like him. He thinks Kamambo is bigger than football, bigger than ZIFA just because he has FIFA backing.

I'm waiting for FIFA's response bearing in mind that it has stipulated that reinstatement is based on "Kamambo-led Board" The majority of the board is back in place bar 2. And the kingpin Felton is not in there. The issue then is FIFA going to insist on Kamambo being reinstated or accept the ZIFA board without Kamambo.

In the event that FIFA insists on Kamambo, then surely FIFA is developing a cult that individuals are greater than institutions.

#Kamambo must GO.

Hi Kali Linux 3 weeks ago

Ndozvega apa

Nimrod 3 weeks ago

@ Dzvamu. lt surprises that so called men and women of letters do not have common sense. Football is suffering at the hands of people who have never kicked a football in their lives.

Mambo 3 weeks ago

That's all 🤝

Fifa 3 weeks ago

Non event

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