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SRC Approves Banda's Appointment As Interim ZIFA President

SRC Approves Banda's Appointment As Interim ZIFA President

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has announced the outcome of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) extraordinary general congress held on 23 April 2022.

In a statement on Wednesday, 8 June 2022, SRC board chairman Gerald Mlotshwa said the suspensions of Barbra Chikosi, Farai Jere and Sugar Chagonda have been lifted with immediate effect.

Chikosi, Jere and Chagonda are Zimbabwe Women Soccer League chairperson, Premier Soccer League chairman, and ZIFA board member in charge of competitions, in that order.

Mlotshwa also revealed that BDO Chartered Accountants have commenced their forensic audit into the financial and operational affairs of ZIFA. Pindula News is publishing the statement issued by Mlotshwa below:

The SRC hereby advises the public that following the outcome of the ZIFA extraordinary general congress held on 23rd April 2022, and the subsequent dismissal, with costs, of the appeals of Messrs. Mamutse, Kamambo, Malandule and Machana against their suspensions by the SRC by the Administrative Court, the Commission has resolved that:

(i) That the suspensions of Mrs Barbara Chikosi and Messrs. Farai Jere and Sugar Chagonda, have been lifted with immediate effect.

(ii) That the reinstatement of Hon. Gift Banda as ZIFA Vice-President, by the ZIFA Congress during its EGM at its extraordinary general congress of 23rd April 2022, has been noted – Hon. Banda was never the subject of any suspension from the SRC.

(iii) That the appointment of Hon. Gift Banda as Interim President of ZIFA by the ZIFA Congress during its EGM aforesaid is duly noted.

The lifting of the suspensions is based on specific undertakings given to the SRC by members of the ZIFA delegation in their meeting on 29th April 2022 with the Board of Commissioners.

Those undertakings have been reduced to writing and constitute an elaboration of a roadmap, previously made available to the SRC by FIFA on 6th December 2021.

The SRC Board Committee on ZIFA Restructuring is at a point where certain of its recommendations require to be placed before ZIFA formally.

The lifting of the ZIFA suspension will aid in this important process, particularly in regard to the implementation of key reforms.

BDO Chartered Accountants have commenced their forensic audit into the financial and operational affairs of ZIFA. Their findings will be made public.

The SRC has directed ZIFA to inform FIFA and CAF of these developments.

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Gringo 3 weeks ago

Ko kungoita Charles Mabika Zifa president?

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Now that the Administrative Court has dismissed Felton Kamambo's (and company) appeal against his suspension, it justifies the SRC's action. Furthermore the fact that the owners of the game, ZIFA General Assembly has fired some (the guilty) pardoned others, I await FIFA response. If FIFA continues to call for Kamambo's reinstatement, then I suspect FIFA is condoning maladministration. I also await with baited breath the audit report.

soccer fan 3 weeks ago

SRC & ministry of sports yakapusa... kamambo asarwa ne gore pa post pake. vaifanira kumirirra tenure yake ipere vozomusunga. zvorwadza sei kuona dzimwe nyika dzichitamba imi musiri.

chahototo 3 weeks ago

endaka kuSRC iwe wakangwarira paduri sehuku

Jamutingo 3 weeks ago

Nyika ye vene vayo haina giraundi rebhora.kunyepera confusion kutadza kudzosera kamambo,kusvoda kunotamba muri home away from home.munozviziva amuna kuzungaira imi

chief Nemauyu 3 weeks ago

is this Banda scandal free.

FIFA 3 weeks ago

Hamulume vapfanha murimabharanzi.Dzoserai Kamambo panyanga otherwise hapana dhiri apa


Night xul Graduate 3 weeks ago

Anyone who knows this achimwene Banda

zimyouth 3 weeks ago

Ndiye Mlotshwa wacho here ari papicture?

Steven Chidhumo 3 weeks ago

BDO yakanganwa chanezuro ne hope, Mr Vela is suing them nenyaya dzema forensic audit idzi. Izvi zvekuisa vana Banda dzangova nharo, as long you don't do what fifa said bhora haritambwe

Bhora 3 weeks ago

Todii manje

John Voigt 3 weeks ago

Confusion only in Zimbabwe the SRC like our Gvt enjoys being isolated from other nations. Football sactions, Economics sanctions. How long will our people be denied certain privileges and benefits tht come with being part of international bodies while people like Mlotshwa are smiling all the way to the bank. What exactly is their strategy in all of this,?

sekuru waBona 3 weeks ago

zvakaoma hama yangu at times l feel as if there is no God

the curse upon as a people takes a lot to comprehend

cry my beloved country Alan Patan wrote

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