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'Spirit Medium' Dies After Being Stung By Bees At Shrine

'Spirit Medium' Dies After Being Stung By Bees At Shrine

A spirit medium died after he was stung by a swarm of bees at a shrine in Tsholotsho last week.

Milton Tshuma (80) of Mpucuko Village, Tshayile Line under Chief Matupula, and rain-makers, known as ihosana, had gathered at the shrine to perform some rainmaking rituals (umtolo) when they were stung by the bees.

Tshuma was rushed to hospital after being stung by the bees and died at Tsholotsho district hospital the following day. He was buried on Monday.

His young brother, Morgan Masaka Tshuma, who is headman for Tshayile Line confirmed the incident. He said:

This is something new and shocking. Spirit mediums are set to meet on Sunday to deliberate on the issue and select people who will visit the main Njelele Shrine to consult because this could be a sign that something bad has happened.

They were supposed to have an umtolo (ceremony) at the shrine when he was stung by inyosi zelinda. The shrine is a sacred place and only ihosana are allowed to enter.

When he entered the shrine intending to appease the spirits, he was also attacked by the bees and the other elders ran away instead of rescuing him.

Tsholotsho Rural District ward 6 Councillor Mthetho Sikhosana Tshuma said the now deceased was later rescued by his family members who rushed to the shrine after being told of the incident.

The shrine, located a short distance from Chief Matupula’s homestead, is referred to as little Njelele because it is believed to have a link with the main Njelele Shrine in Matopo, Matabeleland South province.

The significance of “Little Njelele”

The shrine has a small hut located at the centre and is surrounded by big trees.

Swarms of bees called inyosi zelinda, have stayed for many years within cavities of two trees at the shrine.

No unauthorised people are allowed in as the shrine is used for traditional ceremonies and rituals.

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Tkt 3 months ago

Woow this is great, i am not ammused with this news circulating that i am dead, honestly i almost died yesterday i cant say much, whoever posted that if any was saying the truth.

But i am stilm alive guys just reading and avoiding head-ons with use less people pano paplatform

👽 3 months ago

Sorry my ndebele bros but you should take better care of your elders allowing an 80 yr old man to Be stung to death is horrible muchingotarisa muchirecorder kuti azopinde pama comic awards chete.. was it worth it you buffoons

Tshaka Zulu 3 months ago

Don't worry,ehh Ndebele guys you saw how the Shona guys insulted us on this story.I encourage all my Ndebele loyal friends to wait for a Shona story.Soon we will deal with them,stories are coming guys.Relax.

Pindula stop deleting Ndebele comments,i personal commented where you deleted.

Bright 3 months ago

Kuromba kunenge kwakaita munhu ukaona uchiti ukuita zvemidzimu worumwa nenyuchi plus yekuti hee mundevele kuchiweshe kune akamanikira mubako aiva mundevele hery???

Maisiqoqodoesacentauqethusaqedauqethusaqethukaegcekeni 3 months ago

Pindula you deleted my comment because it's a Ndebele comment,you leave these Shona guys insulting our elders like that.Satanists

Mulongoi 3 months ago

Nyuchi idzi dzadii kumbovhakacha dzakananga kustate house🐝Dzingati nunure chokwadi🐝


TSHUMA Golide thing 3 months ago

Rest in peace khulu

Ginious 3 months ago

Back to sender.vaida kuroya vanhu zvino zvakaputikira pavari.siyanai nazvo izvi Tsvagai Jesu



👽 3 months ago

Mandex ahana kukwana 🤣🤣🤣 80 years uchienda kugomo kuti mvura inaye urimwari here iwewe 😂😂😂 mandex so kusafunga kwacho kwakanyanya.kutosiya sekuru vachienda mugomo kunoti wakuda kunayisa mvura 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 haa mukwane mhani ezvinezvi afa apa mvura yacho yakunaya kuno kuchiweshe

👽 3 months ago

Chihera mukonde we****

Chihera mukonde 3 months ago

Mandex kudiiko isu mashona toita mukwererera inga wani seiko usingagoni kutaura nway may his soul rest in peace

Jimmy Machende 3 months ago


Tkt 3 months ago

So if Christians ask God for long life, good health n rain will it be regarded as ****?

Those guys were asking from God.. they're just buh Messengers, aren't e ones who make rains

Terminator 😎 3 months ago

Thank for the eye opener.Yazara pano CIO ndoiri kuti longumu Shona leli ndebele liya hlupha .We have moved away from discussing the possibility of a great future for all Zimbos.We must Shane these agents we know yo agendas to disturb this platform .We will not stop telling the truth Zanupf u will never win this game.Chamisa went to Bulawayo and thousands thronged the venue sorry to say Zimbabweans came in their thousands on their free will .Ndebeles,ndaus,kalangas,vendas,Tongas and many Zimbos from all walks of life .They wanted 1 thing to remove the regime.Shonas , Ndebeles ndaus kalangas let's go with 1 thing in mind .To win our freedom back.1love 🤙

Mface WaFadzai Mahere 3 months ago

Mvura inonaiswa naMwari fullstop

👀 3 months ago


Jinx 3 months ago

Rain making ceremony kudii.... 🤣...Nyuchi hadzizvizive izvo. Even if you give them some fancy name (Inyosi zelinda), they will still sting and kill
Ma spirits aiswa paasinga kwane. The rain will fall when it wants. Zvino wafa lmao

Jinx 3 months ago

@Mbibva... don't make it about tribe. Zvabva nepi?

Mbivha 3 months ago

Ma Ndere haazvigone izvo

The Servant of Jesus 3 months ago

Tribalism is witchcraft, it is an act of Satan worshipping.Tribalists do have the symbol 666 in their spiritual forehead (mentality).Tribalism,racism and phobia is in the code of conduct of the Illuminati society.Watch out you might be a satanist unawares.

Jesus Christ loves you all
Repent for the kingdom of God is near.

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ana blessing

inini 3 months ago

dai nyuchi dakurumai mandex mese ikoko makaura

Prophet passion 3 months ago

Kule vakamama avo shrine kitasei
Tsvakai jesu achawanikwa

Sangoma 3 months ago

Very few ppl will enter the kingdom of God 🙏...

inini 3 months ago

yahh makaura mandex hamunzwe sterek

inini 3 months ago

manya yahhh mukugaya midzimu yalobaz ichikushanda here

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

👽lier you simple don't know what you talking about.Have you ever met rain makers?

No Shona No Ndebele 3 months ago

Tribalism has always been Zanu pf's secret weapon,it has been their useful weapon in their divide and conquer strategy ,they used tribalism in the 1980 until the early 1990s ,during that time the main opposition was Zapu which had a strong ndebele support base but was received and supported all over the country including mashonaland Joshua Nkomo was loved by both ndebeles and shonas and came to be known as father zimbabwe he also had a shona nickname ,Realising that his rule was at risk Mugabe fabricated lies about nkomo keeping weapons and said nkomo was planning a rebellion ,He used that propaganda and sent a north korea trained army to unleash terror in matebelaland claiming 20 000 lives ,Even Putin's invasion of Ukraine is no match for what mugabe did and shonas believed his propaganda and supported him gukurahundi he virtually ended the opposition in zimbabwe and solidified his rule until 1999 when the mdc was born

fast forward to 2022 Zanu pf still realises the power of tribalism that is why they send individuals to pindula to peddle tribalism and distract us from discussing the real issues affecting us.we now spend all our time insulting each other and promoting tribalism instead of dicussing fuel prices,politically violence ,corruption
.lets stop entertaining these state sponsered individuals...Tribalism is zanu pf
if you are tribalist you are a Zanu pf supporter

Ghetto Yut 3 months ago

Well said

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Tkt is dead

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

@Zvimbazi, I received the news about Tkt's passing on with immense shock. May the dear soul of Tkt rest in eternal peace. He will be sadly missed.

Zvimbazi 3 months ago


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