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Specialist Doctors Arrive To Give 2nd Opinion On Injuries Suffered By Mahachi's Son

Specialist Doctors Arrive To Give 2nd Opinion On Injuries Suffered By Mahachi's Son

Two specialist doctors arrived at the Mpilo Central Hospital Paediatric ward Thursday morning, together with lawyers representing Kudakwashe Mahachi, to give a second opinion on injuries suffered by the footballer’s four-year-old son, Diego.

Mahachi recently returned to Zimbabwe amid controversy that followed the alleged scalding of his son while at his house in South Africa.

He is, however, denying any wrongdoing and insists that the child left South Africa while in good health. 

But his ex-wife, the mother of the child, has accused him of scalding their son with boiling water resulting in him suffering third-degree burns. Mahachi has engaged a law firm, Tanaka Law Chambers to clear his name.

His lawyers had been insisting on a second opinion from their own doctors so as to ascertain the extent of the injuries. Two doctors accompanied by his lawyer, Mr Nkosiyabo Sibanda visited the hospital. This was after they had postponed the visit twice since Wednesday.

Initially, they had informed hospital officials that they would be visiting the institution on Wednesday at 3 pm, they later changed the time to Thursday morning at 9 am before later shifting the time to 1030 am.

On arrival, the crew reportedly informed the hospital that they were consisting of the lawyer, two doctors and the father of the child (Mahachi). However, when they arrived at the Paediatric ward Mahachi was no longer part of the delegation.

Mahachi is also accused of denying his child immediate medical care and of smuggling him to Zimbabwe using a malayitsha (cross border transporter).

B-Metro recently reported that Mahachi, in the company of his wife and his lawyer, was able to see his sick child last week. 

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Chawabvunza 1 month ago

#Mutoriro Movement, this fact may have slipped through your mind. Doctors brought by Mahachi lawyers will be giving 2nd opinion. This child is in a hospital where he is being treated by doctors who have already given their 1st opinion. It will be upto the presiding magistrate to accept evidence from Mplilo Hospital Doctors or Mahachi's Doctors or to call both sides of Doctors to give evidence in court verbally. But I feel sorry for Mahachi because these lawyers and Doctors are draining him heavily.




Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Mazvokuda. Sei Mahachi ari kumhanya kumagweta nemaDoctor asiri kurapa mwana?imari iri kumuvava kana kuti pane zvaari kuda kuvhara

nhema ⚫ 1 month ago

saka mukuti Diego haazive munhu akamupisa?

Asalif 1 month ago

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Fatso 1 month ago

Zvimari zviya zvopera manje.2Spe****ts +Lawyers.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

By the time he wins his case he will be left broke,
Doctors and lawyers know how...


sizi sizi 1 month ago

but even though, someone should be in police custody.if the issue has pessimism why. and give peace of mind to the child detain the trio,

gogodera 1 month ago

achapuswawo kugehena

Tirikurwadziwa 1 month ago

Nonsense. Second opinion on extent of injuries inobetserei. We want to know akapisa mwana, where and why.

Nono 1 month ago

Kuda atya kuonekwa nemwana .Musiki haadhakwe

Gweta 1 month ago

Who injured the child is the issue here.Kwete zvimwr zvese hazvina basa izvo.

Spy 1 month ago

Poor investigation. They should manhandled the Malayitsha and interrogate him

chipo 1 month ago

Malachi ngaataure chokwadi mwari.vachamuranga
it would.seem the.child is out of the woods.but iye mwana knows.what happened

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Let us hope the doctors shall give professional opinion on the nature of the child's injuries.




Asalif 1 month ago

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Mutoriro Movement 1 month ago

I don't think they will do that again the man who is paying them on this task. In this case, there is a need for independent doctors to do the job, not those ones from Kudas's side. His Lawyer has a raid tried to prove Kudas's innocence, so they will this doctors. THER opinion will be "it's a rare cancer in form of skin disease".

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