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SPANS Family Mental Health Training

SPANS Family Mental Health Training

A local non-governmental organisation SPANS, working with the Ministry of Health and Child Care is offering a course in Family Mental Health Therapy. The course title is a Diploma in Systemic Family Therapy and Family Developmental Counselling in Maternal, Paternal, and Child Mental Health. It will be offered in Harare. Here are the details as provided to Pindula by SPANS:

The right training at the right time. World first professional training in Family Mental Health Therapy. A unique, much needed, sensitive, positive and comprehensive approach to family issues.


Entry qualifications:

At least five ‘O’ Levels including English Language. Also open to all who have a passion in the counselling profession.



2 years (Block release, Lectures one full week per module after every 2 months). Weekend classes also available.

Registration for the November-December 2021 cohort is in progress.



Attach certified copies of Birth certificate, National ID and Educational certificates on the registration form provided by SPANS. You can get the forms online and resend them once completed.

Please note that this course on Mental health is on demand and early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.


Registration Venue:

SPANS Head Office Ruwa Clinic. Goromonzi District, Ruwa.
Registration can also be done online on 0739948297 / 0774061881

For Further details contact: +263 774061881, 0739948297, +263 778 912 271


About SPANS:

Society for Pre and Post Natal Services (SPANS)’s mission is to be strategically positioned and to provide an effective clinical practice of family therapy/counselling, psychological support, research and education, thereby not only to saving lives, but to health-care utilization, quality of care and improving quality of life locally, nationally, regionally and globally.


Summary of relevant work:

Sound mental health and social well-being are important factors enabling people to live useful lives, contribute actively to community living, maintain, plan and care for their families. Maternal mental health is a widespread public health issue that impacts the wellbeing, emotional, the psychological balance, the attitudes and livelihood of many mothers making coping with the many tasks of child care, their infants and their families difficult. In order for the baby to be properly cared for, the baby needs a physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally capable mother, in addition to a supportive environment provided by the father and extended family. This may improve not only their own mental wellbeing, but also provides better conditions for the optimal development of their babies.

SPANS, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to realise the global goal of reducing by one-third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and wellbeing by 2030. SPANS also aims to engage with mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be to empower them, provide support and practical help on child development in a psychologically, therapeutic manner.

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Mushongahande Elector 4 months ago

How much are the fees,iam very much interested,i have a passion in counselling

Natasha tanatswa zembera 6 months ago

Am interested want information how to apply

Amos Muzeza 6 months ago

How much per semester and how many semesters

Brenda Sakarombe 6 months ago

Very much interested ne counseling This program is good for our society.we need such programs and l will be happy to be the part of it

Masvingise Grace 6 months ago

Can you please contact me I would love to study

Lorah Shayanowako 6 months ago

Can u please contact me would love to study


Maidei Mutara 6 months ago

A very good program to our society
Im interested

Adelide Makurira 6 months ago

I really love this program and will be happy if l get in November and December

Pamela chirashanye 6 months ago

M intrested in this course i will be glad to get enroled

Blonde Mutaiki 6 months ago

I am interested in this program hw much per semester

Dliwayo Sikhuphukile 6 months ago

Hope you will consider me.Im in need of this diploma.

rekai archford mashatie 6 months ago

I really lm need this Programme

Johannes Timothy 6 months ago


Kudzanai chuma 6 months ago


Stephen Moyana Matambo 6 months ago

I love 💕 this program l m a nurse assistant and l was looking for something like this l m great l just got it iiii zvofadza izvi

Muchaneta Mashona 6 months ago

I like the program

Mazarura Sekesai E 6 months ago

The program is good and educative on mental health need to join and train as well

Sibonile Chishaka 6 months ago

A good course on Counseling

Chipochashe Mundandi 6 months ago

We really need this program

Progress Emerita Ndarambwa 6 months ago

This program is good.lam interested.

Progress Emerita Ndarambwa 6 months ago

This program is good.lm interested

Yvonne Dombo 6 months ago

How much per semester

stanley chasima 6 months ago

a very good program

Pamela Dzinomarira 6 months ago

Great program indeed and how much is t per semester and also wen r the 1st classes starting

Tatyana Tinotenda Chigwada 6 months ago

How much fees

Nyatanga Precious 6 months ago

A great program indeed, how do I register and how much fees per semester?

Govani Caroline Listar 6 months ago

More interested and greatly appreciated in program I prefer it , hopeful for a favorable response & wish to be in November & December class

Amanda Mwedziwendira 6 months ago

An interesting program .How much fees is needed.l would like to be part of it

Winnie Mashiri 6 months ago

How much is the course per semester

Patricia chiwara 6 months ago

very interesting program can i have all the details and fees to be paid per semester and when are the lessons commencing.

Moleen Jakare 6 months ago


Martha Mushongahande 6 months ago

Great initiative. how much fees

Maurleen Sonamizi 6 months ago

IAM happy about it.please provide the registration form

Sarah Kumbula 6 months ago

Much interested in with the programme , not very popular in our community. How much is it per semester

Elisha Moyo 6 months ago

Thank you for coming with such a program am really impressed and looking forward to be in the November/ December class.

Lissa Shamiso Masawi 6 months ago

Great program i am interested

constance Chataringwa 6 months ago

Very interested ne counselling how much per semester. Tirikudawo

Vena Chakanyuka 6 months ago

This program is good for our community members as well as to others .lt is an admirable profession.l would prefer it to any other programs.

Hope Tariro Fakazai 6 months ago

To whom it may concern.

I greatly appreciate your organization's initiative to introduce this much needed program in family therapy.As a health worker myself I feel a lot of ground can be covered in the health system if health personal know more about the family and how it affects the health department.i would love to be part of the program and hope you will consider me favourably.

Joana Murevanhema 6 months ago

How much fees and how many semesters per each year

Felie Moyo 6 months ago

We seriously need those programs

Hazel Nyota 4 months ago


Nengomasha Mavis 6 months ago

Spans Registration

Tatenda Suwale 6 months ago

This program is good for our community we need such programs

Nengomasha Mavis 6 months ago

SPANS registration

Really Makainganwa 6 months ago

I want to attend the course.Why.because people associate mental health with witchcraft thus neglecting their relativesand friends

Molly Chisvo 6 months ago

Great initiative would like to register.

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