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South Korea & US Launch Eight Missiles In Response To North Korea

South Korea & US Launch Eight Missiles In Response To North Korea

South Korea and the US launched eight missiles on Monday, in response to a volley of ballistic missiles fired by North Korea the previous day.

South Korea’s president Yoon Suk-yeol said his government would respond sternly to any provocation from its northern neighbour. Speaking at a war memorial event in Seoul, he said:

We will make sure there isn’t a single crack in protecting the lives and property of our people.

According to Yonhap, he also said North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes “are reaching the level of threatening not only peace on the Korean Peninsula but also in Northeast Asia and the world.”

The US and South Korea regularly hold joint military exercises, which often anger North Korea.

Early on Monday, hours after North Korea had fired several missiles off its east coast, the two allies launched eight surface-to-surface Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) – one from the US and seven from South Korea.

Analysts say the moves are South Korea showing off its muscle, with the aid of US weaponry, according to BBC.

It is the second retaliatory display from the US and South Korea in as many weeks, with a similar move made last week after Pyongyang fired a series of missiles in the immediate aftermath of US President Joe Biden’s visit to the region.

Such displays had been rare under South Korea’s previous administration.

President Yoon, who was inaugurated last month, has pledged to take a more hardline approach to North Korea.

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Tkt 3 weeks ago

@Vybz... Uriyo hr mwana waBaba.
Kune uyo Ari Zim will be Free mmm mwanakomana I don't think you are telling the truth but rather seeing the direct opposite of the story

Yes ✔️ the end is nigh but hazvireve kuti chamisa achahwina
Handingazvi rambi hangu bcoz vakuru vanhu vakati "nemazuva ekupedzisira madhonza makuru acharemerwa ndima yozo pedziswa nemadhonza maduku"

Spiritual Voices are very tricky haa nzwisisike zvoku mhanya,
Vane nzeve vanzwa

🤷 3 weeks ago

tax payers money 🤷🤷

Imwe Mbeu 3 weeks ago

Any update on the Russian Rocket rataona muno muJoburg

Ttm 3 weeks ago

Vachati rugare asi haungavipo

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

The end is near watch this space .But before the end Zimbabwe will be free after a blood shed CCC win win and Zanupf will reject and the unexpected will happen CCC will retaliate this time . Ndapedza hangu ndokupedzisira kutaura nhasi .I go 🤐🇿🇼

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

New generation vs the old generation the world will shake someday.

There can never be peace without justice 😂
the young are hungry and the old are very rich...

iii 3 weeks ago

matotanga kunetsana mangwanani akadai?


Vybz Kartel 3 weeks ago

Biden the war monger

Dragon 3 weeks ago

Inda kuToilet

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