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South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Vows To Jail "All Undocumented Foreigners"

South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Vows To Jail

South Africa’s home affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi has vowed to lock up all undocumented immigrants resident in that country.

His remarks come amid attacks on foreign nationals by vigilante groups under an operation code-named Dudula which claim to be targeting undocumented foreigners.

Motsoaledi was addressing an ANC regional conference in the Eastern Cape where the minister pledged that “unlike other coward ANC leaders”, his views on the scourge of undocumented foreign nationals running amok in the country will never be censored.

Motsoaledi said SA is the only sovereign country in the world where it is open season for “rascals” who have committed serious crimes in their countries of birth. He said:

One of the things that is contemporary in SA which is a big elephant in the room, and we are trying to run away from that elephant by keeping quiet, is the issue of immigration.

Why is the ANC keeping quiet and believing [this problem] will go away? It is not going to go away.

We must not be scared or embarrassed to mention the truth. I am in home affairs. I know what I am talking about.

Something is going wrong in our continent and SA is on the receiving end. When you talk, they take a big word and throw it at you and South Africans blink and run away. There is a word called xenophobia. Every time you try to show something is wrong, ‘xenophobia’.

We are the only country that accepts rascals. Even the UN is angry with us that SA has a tendency, because of something called democracy, to accept all the rascals of the world.

When people do wrong things in their countries, they run here. There is that guy from [Czech Republic] named Radovan Krejcir. He ran all the way to come and do nonsense here.

Motsoaledi said he was determined to see the undocumented foreigners thrown “in jail, locked in and the keys have been thrown away, then I will step down — only then.”

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Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

p.s. and station Aaron at Beit Bridge. In 2 months he will be a Multi-millionaire and will have stopped fulminating against Zimbos. Zimbos will bribe him into silence

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Cyril Ramaphosa, just re-deploy Aaron Motsoaledi and call him MINISTER OF ZIMBABWEAN REPATRIATION.

Ayatollah of Toxicity 4 weeks ago

that guy is foolish.......USA chaiyo the largest economy ma illegal immigrants anogara zvekuona vazukuru vevazukuru. what is Sausi Africa nxahhh..

tichapinda by ginya chete kusvika Madhongi amera nyanga

putin 4 weeks ago

ngavadzoke chero vakavhotera zanu ngavadzokeeepane kuita mbiri yekuba joni

Tom 4 weeks ago

hoo saka muchadarika nemumhepo kana moenda Congo

Chik 4 weeks ago

We will defeat you in your own country

Ramaphosa 4 weeks ago

You Zimbabwe people get out of my country or else we will kill you one by one through operation dudula . I am going to give you 3 months to leave or you will be killed


Tom 4 weeks ago

hoo saka muchadarika nemumhepo kana moenda Congo

Zelensky 4 weeks ago

Minister you wont manage to stop migration in this world .If we really investigate minister .One will be shocked to find out that his grand grand fathers they come from Zimbabwe .Ususphaphela talking too much .We are coming in thousands .Do not forget we are neighbours love your neighbour as you love yourself .We share a lot with you etc language culture so be advised

Bush 4 weeks ago

minister you are wasting your time .The problem was created by your government .We will fill up your jails until you don't have food to give us and you quickly relase us .We are thousands right now in the bush waiting for the sunset and we continue wth our journey .Uphethwe yikudlala minister especially next when you have cancelled permitts .Why don't put your energy on other things .ANC knows the whole story

Naruto 4 weeks ago

Let them come back to the village🌱

Mafirakureva 4 weeks ago

Maybe if the South African government gets serious about repatriating migrants, we may get 2 million more voters to unseat these geriatrics at The Old People's Home that are holding us to ransom at gunpoint

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

So you don't know that there are zanupf supporters in SA?

Mafirakureva 4 weeks ago

No, not 100% sure. But logic tells me that these people ran away or were forced to leave this country because of the current regime. I cannot see them voting for the same regime that made their lives in this country intolerable

bvanyangu 4 weeks ago

are you sure the majority of diasporans really favour the opposition?

nc 4 weeks ago

too late, there are millions of undocumented immigrants and there are still going, impossible to jail

Yebo 4 weeks ago

you will also burn this jailed Mr
Motsoaledi. That's NONSENSE.

Chee 4 weeks ago

so bad uuu

Tinmike 4 weeks ago

this guy overestimating his power, handei tione

🔒 4 weeks ago


zimboy 4 weeks ago

pathetic people blaming foreigners for their own failures

chikandamina 4 weeks ago

unozvingona here.

putin 4 weeks ago

ngavadzingweee vadzoke kuzovhotaaaa muno

hopewell 4 weeks ago

ichokwadi ichocho. ini pachangu handisi kuzovoter:)

bvanyangu 4 weeks ago

vanogona kudzoka vongovhotera zanupf kana wakakotsira.
you dont coerse people to vote bcoz you never know who they'll vote for in the ballot box.

Dr Hercules 4 weeks ago

it won't work ,he should consult former Home Affairs ministers Mongosuthu Buthelezi,Steve Tswethe,

Tk 4 weeks ago

He's playing ths one he wnt win ths cz these undocumented pple pass thru th border with police & home affairs receiving bribes. Pay yo police & hom affairs guys adequate salary if u want ths to stop

☣️☣️☣️☣️ 4 weeks ago

Is he a Freedom Fighter or He is 👑

Aiwa ka 4 weeks ago

Wise words Mr Motsoaledi, very wise words. It's time to clean your own house. Makaita basa makambochengeta maBoora ngoma

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