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South Africa's ANC Records Worst Poll Result

South Africa's ANC Records Worst Poll Result

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) got less than 50 per cent of ballots cast in local government elections held on 1 November, the lowest it has ever received since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

There was low voter apathy characterised by low voter turnout with only two out of three potential voters registered. Of those, less than half actually cast ballots.

Widespread corruption, persistently high rates of unemployment, crippling power blackouts and ineffective delivery of government services were burning campaign issues.

In results announced on Thursday night, the ANC won 46 per cent of the vote, down from 54 per cent in the last municipal elections five years ago. It doesn’t look good for the ruling party ahead of the general elections in 2024. 

The ANC will now control fewer councils and have fewer mayors in big and small cities across the country.

ANC leader and South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, acknowledged that the party will have to form coalitions to govern key metropolitan areas. Said Ramaphosa:

If we are to make this a new and better era, we as leaders must put aside our differences and work together in a spirit of partnership, of cooperation and collaboration and common purpose in the interest of the people of South Africa.

Major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria have had coalition governments since the last local polls five years ago.

Nationally, the ANC lost a majority in even more regions, including in eThekwini metro in former President Jacob Zuma’s stronghold province of KwaZulu-Natal.

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Nkululeko 6 months ago

Jombo wahwa zvataugwa Na jet li ndizvo chaizvo ngatisavai selfish for the benefit yevanhu whether government kana minimality all those organizations are for the people and to serve people vanhu vakati ngatiisei library pane stadium kana kty paurikufunga kuisa stadium who are you to bulldoze idoita zvoda vanhu just repeat this statement jombo 'for the good of the people'

Jet Li🥋 6 months ago

In their coalitions, they agree with the other party they want kuti say in this area we will field a candidate from this party and so the other party or parties support the one.
MDC ALLIANCE, came into being because of this arrangement. They agreed to back President Chamisa in the last election.
Like ZANU PF you we won't field a candidate in Uzumba but will back MDC Alliance, candidate against say COP, ZAPU, ZUM, Mavambo. When the municipality or whatever is being made they make decisions of mutual benefit to the parties in coalition. Each coalition is differentgement depending on agreement.
So in Zim, the only coalition I know is POLAD in which ZANU PF swallowed a lot of other smaller naive parties.
Coalitions are for the mature, selfless and leaders with people at heart not greedy individuals. Greedy leaders feel threatened.

Nkululeko 6 months ago

In the interest of South Africa what a good language that's good statesmanship 'coalitions', I like that ,nyika kana uchitungamirira hauiti zvaunoda iwe uye haisi president we party hako chete I will try to reach out to chamwanda with this message,isu vanhu zve tisu tokuudzai vekuita navo ma coalition kwete ana mukoma Dougy

Madala Banda 6 months ago

Very true at least Ramaphosa anokwanisa kudzidza on some few gaps coz he acknowledge, kwete zvedu zvemuno kuti chandataura ndichocho

jombo 6 months ago

Mind u the coalition they are talking about here is at the municipality not government level.......And as matter of facts Zimbabwe has got such municipalities where ZANU and MDC work hand in hand a good example is Bindura council

Jojo 6 months ago

Saka vari kukwata mhepo iri kutenderera, ngaapinde hake mujaya

chibaba 6 months ago

Zanu pf the wave is coming

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