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"South Africans, Unlike Zimbabweans, Won't Demonise Their Country Despite Challenges"

Zimbabwe’s former Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Obert Gutu, has said South Africans, unlike Zimbabweans, would never demonise their country even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The law expert said Zimbabweans need the Patriotic Act which will govern their conduct. He said:

There are unprecedented power cuts in South Africa. But we don’t hear South Africans demonising their country. In Zimbabwe, the usual suspects climb on rooftops & tell the whole world that their country is a failed state. Patriot Act is long overdue in Zimbabwe.

His remarks come as the ZANU PF government is trying to come up with the Patriotic Bill that has been viewed as an attempt to weaken opposition political parties and make some politicians ineligible to contest elections.

The Patriotic Bill which was proposed in August 2020 prohibits citizens from conniving with “hostile” foreign governments to harm the country by campaigning for the imposition of sanctions or related actions or speeches.

Critics say the bill will be used as justification to violate human rights as it gives authorities permission to snoop into private communications between citizens and officials of foreign governments.

Early this year, the issue of the Bill was brought up for discussion in the UK Parliament and legislators raised displeasure.

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4 months ago

Patriotic bill is a real thing.

Sir African 4 months ago

If you pass a thousand laws people will simply end up ignoring them. Zanu Pfleaders are just getting back what they are throwing to the people. Propaganda does not run a country but good leadership.

Chimgondiya 4 months ago

Do you live in south Africa Mr Minister???

Tickey 4 months ago

Obert is no longer a Minister. He was bribed by Mnangagwa. He is now a Commissioner somewhere driving a Mercedes

Sorojena 4 months ago

South Africa has no patriotic bill to reign on its masses , Malema and EFF could be heard vigourously criticising the ANC government. Zanu pf govt is not tolerant to criticism that is why it is resorting to enacting draconian laws to shield it against criticism. With or without this so called patriotic bill, the people will continue criticising the govt where there is need for change. Respect is not demanded, it is earned.

Machiavelli 4 months ago

Pity Obert Gutu hasn't heard Malema speak or even watched South African parliamentary debate

VYBZ KARTEL 4 months ago

👏👏👏well said Maxwero

Doug 4 months ago

Most Zimbabweans are from a Christian background, the Christianity that was introduced by the colonisers, and they always tell what is on the ground, be it good or bad. With modern ICTs, people in other countries know much more about us than we ourselves do.

Makelanwi 4 months ago

You are bootlicker for mahala.

Mugo 4 months ago

SA observes human rights and freedoms . You do not control people, you lead them. do good and people will naturally follow you

Nimrod 4 months ago

He is being economic with the truth. demonizing a country and demonizing a Gvt are different things altogether. Understood Gutu?

Mugo 4 months ago

Very correct. Also there has to be crafted an Integrity Bill which seeks to subject aspiring office bearers to a commission before they can assume leadership roles. Some people who are leading us have a serious integrity deficit

Sorojena 4 months ago

Intergrity Bill....I like your idea @Mugo. An intergrity bill that would subject all aspiring leaders to public scrutiny..becoz eish, we are being led by murderers, thieves and caricatures of all sorts.


rtgs 4 months ago

how much have they paid you,I mean the so called second republic, ur a fool kna uchibvumwa kushandiswa kut kuve ne bill inobvanyirira ma rights evanhu don't be fooled netuma rtgs utwo son

Obert Guti 4 months ago

I called you guti for you dont see clearly
Zimbabweans cry when there are power cuts because we have resources that can cater for our needs but are looted and benefit only a few

Wekunyanya 4 months ago

Ana Gutu singing for their supper..pliz compare salary ya teacher weku SA newe Zim before u compare anything else .maziromo

Maparamuro 4 months ago

South Africans have the right to protest if they are not happy with something and their gvt listens, Zimbabweans can't protest so have to seek help from outside and that's what you call bad mouthing the country.
Leadership should allow people to air their grievances and act on them and you will not need the patriotic bill. The only bill that is needed is one that severely punishes the looters because they are the reason for the suffering we are experiencing

mnhanga 4 months ago

Gutu uri ho. ro wakambogara SA here tse. k. du. zvi

Skalazi International 4 months ago

Gutu u ur a confused cockroach. Zimbabweans are enlightened. They refuse to be brainwashed. And even Kagame echoed the same sentiments. We are not happy and we will say so. And that's not demonizing. It's telling it as it is. Do u want us to go outside the country and lie that our leaders are honesty,that we have running water,and that electricity is available 24 hrs a day. That we don't get beaten for opposing the ruling party. And that noone has ever been kidnapped,tortured or killed. That people are never arrested for flimsy political reasons. Gutu u ur sick. Go get examined.

Anonymous 4 months ago

kkkk they cant demonise an undemonic country. A demonic country must be demonised. We migrate from a bad country to a good country. In other words Zimbabweans love their country but its of no use to be there. Nyika yakanokorwa tsoka

Mukanyapazvese 4 months ago


Sorojena 4 months ago

Gutu has never seen South Africans migrating to Zimbabwe on account of bad governance


I do agree with those who say Obert Guru is no longer a person to listen to. He is bitter that he was booted from MDC ALLIANCE.

He is now bootlicking His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa because he is now a Commissioner in the Commission which has failed to make headway in the Gukurahundi issue. Do not listen to him. All what he does now is to thank the President by bootlicking him.



Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Aratigiesi 4 months ago

I don't understand this patriotism nonsense. How can I be forced to be patriotic to a geographical location whose boundaries were marked by Bismarck at the Berlin conference. Mugabe left this joint for Ghana and the Mnangagwas left for Zambia and came back when the opportunity to rule arose.

tongo 4 months ago

which south Africa are you talking of, EFF have issues a statement to fire the Eskom CEO and COO with immediate effect. So which SA are you talking, munoiziwa here South Africa mukuru or murikungo ukurao pane vamwe

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