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South African Truckers Push For Abolition Of ZEP Grace Period

South African Truckers Push For Abolition Of ZEP Grace Period

The South African All Truck Drivers Forum (ATDF) has demanded the abolition of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) 12 month grace period, which expires on 31 December 2022.

ATDF wants all foreign truck drivers working in South Africa to be banned from working in the neighbouring country’s trucking industry.

Zimbabwe Community in South Africa chairman, Nqabutho Mabhena on Monday said they expect the South African government to protect the rights of migrant workers. Said Mabhena:

The truckers have the right to raise the issues affecting them, but we remain guided by the position taken by the SA government on November 24, 2021, that ZEP holders will have a grace period of 12 months to stay in that country.

The SA Labour minister Thulas Nxesi was clear that the rights of migrants must be protected and we expect the State to protect migrants who are in South Africa.

If the South African government bans migrants from working in the trucking industry that would be a different issue, but currently those with permits are allowed to work in the trucking industry.

Meanwhile, groups of truck drivers handed over a memorandum of demand to the offices of the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry.

ATDF general-secretary Sifiso Nyathi said they will engage Nxesi and the Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi over their demand to have ZEP permits abolished forthwith.

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Jerah Choko 4 months ago

Kkkk kkkk don't tribalize this issue guys,all foreigners are no longer being tolerated as truck drivers in SA (both Shona and Ndebele), NB: Ndebele is not Zulu but is just a Zulu fragment kkkk ayaah ,they are not SA nationals as you may think *** foreigners are preferred by truck owners mainly because of cheap labour and automatic exploitation due to desperation kkkk,we aren't more skillful than SA nationals but Zimbabweans don't bother about wage/salary increment due to desperation caused by Zim background

4 months ago

Vybz Kartel 4 months ago

Mandere munozikanwa ne kutengesa nyika pamusaka pe suga mumoghona kuzvidzokorodza kujoni ikoko

Vybz kartel 4 months ago

so when you say ulus and ndebeles( zulu are not the only tribe in Sa) havent done anything for the SA economy ,are you suggesting that shonas are the ones who make the sa economy prosper?kkkkkk you stupid imbecile,what have shonas done for their country zimbabw ? corrupt useless people zimbabwe hasnt developed a single inch in 43 years of power
stupid tribe, if you say south africans are lazy how is that your problem?, why dont foreigners be hard workers in their countries ?

Mark 4 months ago

South African drivers don't even know how to drive even if it was in Euro Truck. These people should definitely not even consider taking a career in truck driving coz within a few years other countries will be demanding for South Africans to not even be near the border of their countries.

In my entire life, I've never heard of a South African specialist working in Zimbabwe or actually bringing anything of significance. All I've heard is just foreigners dominating areas where South Africans are. The reason why that country is up because of White people's money and hard work by Foreign nationals.

I hate to sound racist but Zulus and Ndebeles haven't done **** for the South African economy coz it's only been nothing but foreigners uplifting it for years.

If all foreigners and all whites left South Africa, I give it only 10 good years that it will fall to ****

Nkust 4 months ago

Vanhu huyai munyika medu please makaoma hamo asi muchanaka otherwise murikutoomesiwa nekusava kwenyu munyika dzokai


Putin 4 months ago

Divided we fall,united we stand
Lets stop tribalism

Zvimbazi 4 months ago

There is no tribalism here.

vybz Kartel 4 months ago

amashona othuvi

Vybz kartel 4 months ago

the truth of the matter is that southafricans dont want zimbabweans out...they want shonas out
in southafrica you will never see southafricans bothering a ndebele speaking person...they dont even know the difference we are their brothers
shonas must go to zambia and malawi

Vybz kartel's rival 3 months ago

that's is why your f o o l i s h father Lobengula sold the country,, ndebeles are very stubborn n useless ........we don't need you in Zimbabwe

Zvimbazi 4 months ago

Talk is cheap mother F

Zvimbazi 4 months ago

Ndebele people kkk jokestars. Your language is not permit . They are going to request these permits. Talk s h i t
**** you cunt

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