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South African Musician DJ Tira Loses Passport In Zimbabwe

South African Musician DJ Tira Loses Passport In Zimbabwe

South African musician DJ Tira is reportedly stranded in Zimbabwe after losing his passport.

He had travelled to Zimbabwe for a show in the mining town of Gwanda on Saturday night. DJ Tira only discovered that he had lost his passport after his performance at Pheonix Night Club in Gwanda.

He flew into Zimbabwe on Saturday and travelled to Gwanda by road.

Taking to his official Facebook page on Sunday afternoon, DJ Tira appealed to anyone with information leading to the recovery of his passport. He wrote:

I have lost my passport in Gwanda, Zimbabwe if anyone finds it.

When contacted for a comment by The Chronicle, the promoter of the show, Junior Adious Moyo of Five Street Events, confirmed that the South African musician had lost his passport.

He said that DJ Tira was not sure if he had lost the passport in Bulawayo or in Gwanda. Moyo added that the musician will likely go to the South African Embassy in Harare this Monday for assistance. He said:

DJ Tira said he cannot find his passport. He isn’t sure whether it was lost in Gwanda or it was lost in Bulawayo. Perhaps he will go to the embassy in Harare on Monday so that they help him get travel documents.

Moyo also appealed to anyone who might have information or will find DJ Tira’s passport to call him on his cell on 0772 747 159.

DJ performed at the gig dubbed “A Night with DJ Tira Makoya Bearings”, where he shared the stage with DJ T Money, DJ Wyqlif, DJ Nicksoul and DJ Ajax.

After losing his passport, DJ Tira will likely miss his headline performance at Konka Sundays in South Africa on Sunday night which is featuring Pearl Thusi and DJ Stokie.

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Dj Noize 2 months ago

mamalade 😂😂😂😂😂

2 months ago

ndochinhu chaaifanira kuchengetedza pane zvese

. 2 months ago

akaivhomora aifunga kuti chidzutswa chema rands

chahototo 2 months ago

ngaauye timupinze nemuna Limpopo

Gogo 2 months ago

I hope you are now back home DJ Tira

THE PATRIOT 2 months ago

Ngarnde ku B/Bridge ano kroseswea nevakomana

dispenser 2 months ago

Hazvigoni here kungo depotewa


South African aluvah 2 months ago

Handidzokere south Africa kune nhamo

Ghetto Fabulous 2 months ago

Vakomana ve immigration batai munhu and deport him haana ma paper uyu bloody foreigner

Biebie 2 months ago

welx DeeJ@¥

tyra dj 2 months ago

i will be having an ETD by 1pm to b precise will fly back at 3pm today thank you Zimbabwe,thank you for the unwaverung support

abc 2 months ago

how can he be so careless to the point of losing passport?????????

tete 2 months ago

Akarara kupi, huye nani, akabhadhara fully for the services here?

ABSA 2 months ago

Asi hamuna S.A embassy muno ?

Me 2 months ago

These are not helpful to Zimbabweans

KIOXIA 2 months ago

At least its a SA, had it been a zim one, haaaa a nhamho yacho waiiona kutora imwe.

Sexologist Dr ZINATHA 2 months ago

sorry Mr dj

zvimba 2 months ago

ngabadare **** akarara naro mari yayo ozopiwa passport yake

Pïlãñê 2 months ago

aiva anakirwa kusvika pakurasa passport hre😂😂😂

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