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South African Hip-hop Star Riky Rick Dies

South African Hip-hop Star Riky Rick Dies

Award-winning South African hip hop artist Riky Rick, born Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, has died.

Makhado (32), reportedly committed suicide at his estate home in the north of Johannesburg on Wednesday morning.

Sunday World reported several sources as saying Makhado hung himself with a rope after suffering from severe depression.

He was reportedly found by his management team at his house at about 8.30 am who then rushed him to a nearby hospital as he was still alive. He however passed away en route to the hospital.

Riky Rick was the founder and owner of the record label Cotton Club Records. He was well known for fashion and setting trends.

He is known by several other names including Boss Zonke, Master Makhado and Minister of Energy and King Kotini.

More: Sunday World

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nkosi 2 months ago

RIP makhado AKA king kotini

fujinator 3 months ago


Khalifa 3 months ago

Register to vote 🥇🍌🈷️

lngdck 3 months ago


Qolani 3 months ago

Lala ngoxolo mfowethu we will always rember you, in times to come #boss zonke

siliba 3 months ago

is this true guz


king 3 months ago

eish rip to u boss zonke

Swinfen fundisi 2 months ago

RIP to the king

Zvazvanga zvingori 3 months ago

Kutsime kwakabva pfuma kwakange kwaripwa here coz 32 to have managed to entertain depression is no easy buy for me.This is the moment he should have been enjoying life and . Owning a record label meant mixing and mingling with tthe who's who from all walks of life.If he had personal problems these were the very people who could have offered advice.If the money came from the underground IMF then problem.It has set and strict conditions attached to it.Its equally stressing to make money from the underworld knowing very well that say next year or 3 years later you will be a Deadman.Especially the last year will be horrific

Coole 3 months ago

Rest In Peace Ricky ,is so sad losing broe .Loved ur song with Big Zulu (imali eningi)

Dhuterere 3 months ago

Some said its fake news...

Yellow Nation 3 months ago

Damn jus like that

Shobele 3 months ago

Let go drug

Live longer

Nkalankatha 3 months ago

Kade wenzani loGenius.Ginimbi died a horrible if not pathetic death for a man of his calibre.Fame and fortune are the devil's trap for the lazy.If you work for the devil u won't get paid.its deception,manipulation and destruction.

Gray 3 months ago

Hapana mu Zimbabwean involved here?? pretty sure a Zimbo gave him the rope or maybe the idea 💡.. dark humor..

Cable Guy 3 months ago

My rapper Rip my bro LM so sad will be missed dearly

Shadows 3 months ago

Painful death. R i p

Rwadzi Gunsmoke 3 months ago

Rest In Peace KING KOTINI...

Suicide haaaa zvorwadza vasara muridzi anenge aenda toti famba zvakanaka Hama...

Depression is a Serious{mental disorder} disease resulted in Suicide kazhinji kacho munhu akashaya wekutaura naye ndiko kwazvogumira koz Brain{Pfungwa} dzinenge dzatoti kufa is the only option BT asingazive kuti Hupenyu hwakakosha...

Ukawana chakunetsa wana munhu ari close kwauri{fmly n frnds} then share your Story unowana cancelling n help fast

Zorora murugare BOSS ZONKE only Jah knows

Draco 3 months ago

Dang kwaze kwakubi

😴 3 months ago

Money is a spirit and if you don't know how to put it in check it will diabolically molest you till you die.

Jinn 3 months ago

Lala ngokuthula BossZonke

Jinn 3 months ago

Yah money can't buy you happiness

3 months ago

zimboy 3 months ago

money can't save nana...go well boss zonke

. 3 months ago

Tinenge tichitofunga kt if u got money and fame u got it all izvo vanhu are wallowing in depression. May your soul RIP

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